A Moralist In Disguise

I consider myself a literate man with an exceptional ability to arrive at a pragmatic and logical solutions to most metaphorical dialogs and or allegorical questions. I am well acquainted with the political hyperbolic diatribes of our clever political leaders. I consider myself an adherent of Samuel Longhorn Clemens, aka Mark Twain, in my ironic sarcasm of our political elite.

I wish to point out the outlandish differences between our political parties. Actually, I find that there are few subjects or ideals that differentiate them. I found that most Americans agree on most topics but owe their allegiance to their political party. I have found that our political parties vie for the power to rule above all else. Our nation’s political parties are bi-metrical,180-degrees out of sync. If one party is for something then the other must be against it, bi-polar antagonists. In other words, they refuse to agree or mediate nor meet in the middle. I wish to point out some of these poignant fragrances.

It is at this juncture that I must admit I failed. I had listed about 17 items that I thought were insane and ridiculous. I was writing a book, a maniacal tirade, about what was upsetting me, so I stopped and deleted the 17 paragraphs. I will now proceed to condense my summation.

I refuse to apologize for being a Caucasian, a white person. I am an English/ German/ Scottish/ Scandinavian American. I am above all else, a United States Citizen. I was dirt poor. I found a new word “Descamisado” A person without a shirt. But I had a work ethic and I had ambition and I succeeded. I raised a family and retired well. I have never owned a slave nor for that matter been a bigot or racist. I am a Christian Conservative.

I salute our nation’s flag and I stand for its anthem. I served under those colors in a war and that flag will drape my coffin at my death. I will never take a knee or disparage my country. I love my America. Our country is fallible, hindsight is 20/20 but we evolve and improve. What is happening to my country saddens me, but it also makes me angry. I am a warrior and I will fight for her against Anarchism, Marxism and Communism. Push me hard enough and I’ll be in Socialism’s face. There! Maybe Face Book nor Twitter will censure me.

If you are still reading then let me describe what my hero, Mark twain, said about politics. If you will read history instead of trying to erase or sanitize it then you will realize that political nonsense has been prevalent in our nation since its conception.

To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to ensure bad government and the sure and grounded deterioration of the public moralAutobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3

I couldn’t have said it better Brother Twain. And yes, Mark Twain was a Free and Accepted Mason as is yours truly and a fraternal brother. What really got my ire up or as Twain would say” My dander” was the debacle in the House of Representatives whereas Jerry Nadler, who chairs the “Heresy Committee”(Pun Intended), deleted the word “God” from the oath used to swear in witnesses. He stated “There would be no more religious tests” He was confronted by a member and asked if they would please pole the witnesses to see if there was an objection to using God since It had been used for the previous 250 years since our nation’s inception. That member was gaveled to cease and desist, to shut up. My! How far we have come?

“I am quite sure now, that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics, a man’s reasoning powers are not above a monkey.” Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3

There you go again Mark, calling our and your politicians idiots. I have always liked Twain’s quote about dirty diapers and politicians needing to be changed often. The Democrats in the House of Representatives nullifying God in the oath! Unbelievable! Unless there is a "So Help Me God” in it, it means nothing. Lie all you want and hope they don’t prosecute you for lying or perjury. Mason’s understand this totally! You have to acknowledge Deity, doesn’t matter which one. You have to acknowledge the spiritual, that which resides within you. Good luck you democrats in eternity, Ha! Maybe there is actually one but of course you don’t believe.

“ In Religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten second hand and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the question at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinion about them were not worth a brass farthing” Autobiographical Dictation

Now wasn’t the last quote appropriate to today’s political theater? Everyone re-posting and re-tweeting without vetting the validity of the post. That is actually a contagion, a plague, today, so much information, so readily available for our consumption on our iPhones. Please people! View more than one news source for information. I will aver and attest to the fact that almost all our news sources are radically opposed to President Trump. They only present their one-sided narration and disparage him. The National News Media abhors President Trump, yet he supplies them with an insurmountable amount of news.

Just a few more outrageous tidbits that are tugging at my cape. The President commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. Wow! They are letting people out because of Covid and you Democrats want to put an 87-year-old man in. He was convicted for lying and jury tampering. Big Deal! Everybody in Washington lies! I remember Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell holding up those vanilla folders and saying they had definitive and unquestionable evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. They had Zilch!

Just a reminder that President Obama pardoned a murderer and cop killer and terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Bill Clinton pardoned a man on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” after his wife donated 10 million dollars to the Clinton"s Charitable foundation. WOW! Facts Hurt, don’t they? Hillary also got 180 Million from Russia for doing something for them. Now that’s the swamp!

I want all those people tearing down those statues to” Bite my A&#$! Those statues are of great men who did great things. Those men weren’t perfect, none of us are, we are imperfect, and they were men of that era and age. They weren’t evil nor are we for being white. Every nation on Earth has had slavery in its past. It’s history, it is not who we are today, and I’ll bite your damn nose off if you push my button.

To wrap things up; I am White, but I’m not a racist, nor a bigot. I am not any of those things they are calling me. I admit I have never walked in a black man’s shoes and maybe I don’t have the empathy I should. I was poorer than most, no father to speak of but a good Christian mother. I have faith, ambition, and hope. I have a work ethic and have a stiff neck or backbone, I don’t quit! “Can’t Never Could” I am a warrior, a spit in your face foe. With my last breath I will grapple with thee! I can also love unconditionally and can be your best friend though I’ve never let that many people that close. I am a human being with all my failings, but I am True and Straight! One last quote from my fraternal Brother, Mark Twain.

“Yes! You are Right! --- I am a moralist in disguise: It gets me into heaps of trouble when I go thrashing around in political questions.” Letter to Helene Picard, 22, Feb 1902

PS! 99.9 % of police are good men. No policeman gets up in the morning with the sole purpose of persecuting a black person. Our nation evolves! We have police vest and car cameras. Now we get better training and lists noting bad policemen. We can’t do away with their immunity clauses that protect them from civil and legal suites. You can’t go around bankrupting and suing policemen for doing their jobs. If you don’t break the law, then you will never have a problem with Law Enforcement.

The black community needs to clean their act up. Inner city neighborhoods are brutal. Crime is rampant, abuse is scandalous! Police don’t like going into those neighborhoods for fear of confrontation or ambush. But it’s those neighborhoods that need policing the most. A Conundrum! Black fathers need to marry their children’s mothers and support their children. Break thru that ceiling, leave that culture. There are no opportunities in the ghetto. Join the military, don’t do drugs, don’t be a Gangsta! Become a Policeman!