The More Compassionate Me

The people that know me will laugh at my title, Why? Because I am a hawk, a warrior, a hunter, and predator. I am in no way a suffering hero or sacrificial lamb, nor an inclusive progressive, “it takes a village”, individual. I have a critical eye and a pragmatic view of my world. I once heard this description of me: I view the world through a police officer’s “Ray Bans” in that I only see wrongdoing. I am so judgmental, and I have a commonsense answer for almost everything. But I am not evil. I can also love unconditionally, and I am loyal to a fault. For better or worse, I am full of righteous indignation. Enough of this self-reflection.

Today I am watching the George Floyd Memorial services in Minneapolis and in Manhattan. I am in my element and celebrating, with our nation, this man’ life. When I hear those African Americans say "this ain't no memorial, it’s a Going Home!” That is what I celebrate, “I can Breathe Now!” Yes George! The trials of this transitory existence are now over and Him who sits thereon will say “Welcome! Thy good and faithful servant, enter thou into the Joy of your Lord” You see I have an abiding Faith in God and this Earthly home is not my real home, I have a spiritual home beyond the confines of this body and this Earth. The day will come when I too, will cross that frightful ground and voices of loved ones gone before will welcome me home, to my real home. I wrote a poem about it. My brother standing at the border of that dark forest, holding a candle or lantern aloof, to light the pathway thru that frightful place until I gain the light on the other side. Yes George! You can Breathe now!

I am actually pretty depressed after this past week of riots. I celebrated the Space X Launch of our Astronauts and their rendezvous with the International Space Station. I was bursting with pride and exultating to the point of tears, tears of elation and pride. But all that jubilation was destroyed, wiped out, erased, by the death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots, looting, and burning of my America. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. I wrote an exceedingly long post about all of this racial fiasco, but I will not post it. Instead I chose to write this one.

America is asking itself what we can do to fix what our African Americans perceive as an ischemic and pervading injustice perpetuated upon African Americans by white policemen. I do not doubt that the Black African Community believe this with all their hearts. Al Sharpton is now speaking, and I cannot suffer that Race Baiting Political talking head who makes his living by inciting racial discord and disharmony. But Let Us continue! I wish to point out some evident facts that African Americans and the liberal left will not agree with, but they are facts none the less and need to be understood.

  1. A policeman being shot by a black man is hundreds if not a thousand times more probable than a policeman shooting an unarmed black man.

  2. There is an unproportionable number of black men incarcerated in our prisons because American justice is biased against Black African Americans. This is only partially true. Our Justice system doesn’t single out Blacks. The fact is: blacks are responsible for the majority (over 50%) of America’s crimes and murders and they are only 13% of our population. A FBI statistic.

  3. I grew up never personally knowing any Black African Americans. Yes! I am from that age of segregation. Though in my later years I have known many and been friends with many Blacks. My job, my Church, and my Masonic Lodge. I have asked these blacks if they are or have been harassed by the police. To a fault they said “NO!” but they had heard of other blacks being harassed. This accusation has circulated among the black community forever. I am assured some injustices are creditable, but the instances are over-stated.

  4. I am positive, beyond a doubt, a policeman does not get up in the morning with the sole intention of harassing and arresting a black man.

  5. This George Floyd incident is causing more attention to be paid to policemen. America, we can’t tie the hands of our police. They enforce Law and Order and they are in constant danger from criminals. Police now have vests with cameras and stun guns. They have cameras in their cars and America really tries to hold our police accountable. We well remember the past eras of “drop guns” and police loyalty, protecting their own (The Blue Code)

  6. Someone still needs to be arrested in this incident. The incident was caused by one of those individuals in George Floyd’s car. One of them passed a counterfeit $20.00 note in that store and the clerk called the police and pointed them out. The police were doing their job. Yes! Doing their job! The depraved indifference of the officer pressing down on his neck was horrific. I watched all the videos. The bystanders yelling at the officer “He ain’t moving”, “You’ve Killed him”, “Let him up” The ambulance that arrived really was literally his hearst!

  7. Would he be alive if he were white or hadn’t resisted arrest? Yes! They say George Floyd was cooperating, but I watched the videos. He resisted a little being handcuffed but settled down and was sitting quietly in handcuffs when the second police car arrived. The ruckus occurred when they placed their hands on his head to avoid bumping his head getting in the back seat of the police car. He then resisted arrest and was wrestled to the ground by the officers. George Floyd was a big man just like Rodney King, and Eric Garner. If the police have to wrestle with you to arrest you then they will pin you and immobilize you even if you are handcuffed. You can still spit, bite and kick. Those officers had all experienced just such as this. The depraved indifference of that one policeman is absolutely intolerable and he will be punished.

  8. Everyone is asking what we can do to improve the station of the Black community. One demand is for police registries naming bad police officers. Fired bad police officers just can’t move somewhere and get another police job. I agree with that! Better training is a given, but policemen have to act quickly on instinct sometimes so don’t tie their hands. Without the police, there is no law and order, there is only chaos. Also, Police Unions protect their members as do Teachers Unions, not allowing the bad members to be fired

  9. The liberals want better education in our black communities. We all do! I disagree with their plan! Throwing more money their way isn’t the answer. America spends more money per child on education than any nation in the world. The problem is inter-city public education. Those urban ghetto city municipalities breed discord. Please watch some recent Netflix movies: “John Henry” and “Inside and Outside” That inter-city culture is brutal. Every Black kid wants to be a “Gangsta”. Beat downs, robbery, drugs, trafficking, you name it, It’s there.

  10. I’m a Republican and I like Charter Schools as do a lot of African Americans, but the liberals and teacher unions resist them with a vengeance. Why can’t a concerned black parent want a better education and life for their child. Education is the key, to excel and be recognized, it leads to wealth and ambition. It breaks that culture of Black Gangsta.I heard a Black Conservative on FOX News say "African Americans should join the Republican Party. We love bright educated blacks with ambition, our Party is the roadway to success and wealth".

  11. I want to opine here. The Republicans freed the slaves (Abraham Lincoln) and tried to ensure their progress and evolution during Reconstruction(Grant). The Democrats and the KKK regained control with their intimidation and cross burning, again suppressing the Black community and subjugating them until Martin Luther came along. Yes! Democrats want a minority population they can point at and accuse conservatives of discrimination. Abortion changed the South to Republican, but the democrats still maintain their posture of caring for blacks. What the Democrats want is for blacks to remain just where they are, a suppressed minority, so they can use them to condemn the right and as a voting bloc. My opinion!

  12. The real tragedy is the Black family. 75% of Black children are born illigetimently with no father figure in their lives. If I were Black I would be ashamed. This is a societal pathogen. Why? Our Federal government and the War on Poverty corrupted the Black community. Black mothers having welfare babies,four kids and four different fathers. Black men making babies to feel viral and masculine but won't support their offspring. Mothers becoming grandmothers and foster caring for their grand children, again for the foster care checks. To the rest of American society this is an abomination!

Now we close. I am pleased that our Nation’s Department of Justice is going to unmask a lot of people over this ANTI-FA stuff. I hope to hear about Democratic Congressmen and donors, who communicated with the ANTI-FA militants. Those militants had support from somewhere. The DOJ wire tapped a lot of conversations, so I hope heads roll whether they be Congressmen, White Supremacy, Russian meddling, or Chinese subversion. You can’t burn down and loot my America. I want pay back! I hear some cities are talking about doing away with their police departments, un-funding them. I will await that with anticipation to watch the outcome. Enjoy folks!