De Pelos!

De Pelos!

The above title is Spanish for feeling unhinged. It is a word that I feel is appropriate for my state of mind. I am still smarting from being censured by Face Book yesterday. I am literally gun shy to publish anything fearing those “Independent Fact Checkers” will find my content unfavorable to delicate liberal ears. A better word would be “Incensed” but I over-used that particular word a lot yesterday. The fact that there were no facts in my blog post to object to, infuriates me. I voiced some conservative opinions which was the crime for which I was condemned. I will, from this point on, refer to them as the “Brown Shirts” of the liberal media.

I guess I will proceed and irritate them some more. I may never be able to publish again since I have gotten my name in their McCarthy files. They probably have a bigger dossier on me than J Edgar Hoover and the FBI. Enemy number one, a dangerous Christian Conservative. I also drink, have a carry permit, and stand while the National Anthem is played. I can pray to my God out loud and insist that “Under God “remain in our pledge and on our money. God! Those liberals hate me.

I was anxiously awaiting the launch of our astronauts today but that was postponed. I am glad America is again back in the Space Race. I am a Nationalist and I am America first in everything. I like winning. I like being the best. I will reframe from mentioning the President that took America out of the Space Race. I will reframe from feeling ashamed that America had to pay Russia to get our astronauts to the Space Station at 86 million a ticket for the past decade. I rounded that off and said 90 but that would be “Fact Checked” so I corrected it.

America! It is the liberal press that skews everything according to their political bias. For Instance: These past weeks we saw where the black man was killed(murdered) while jogging by those “Red Neck Country Rubes” from Georgia. It was racial and a hate crime which most people will agree. Today we saw video of those white officers holding down a black man who was again saying “I can’t breathe”, and he later died. The point I am making is: Both stories made national news and there is the racial injustice sentiment attached to it. Yes! Two black men died, one was murdered and the other was resisting arrest and we don’t know the whole story yet. If you are 6 foot 6 and weigh 300 pounds and it takes several policemen to get you down, then yes! They will stand on you.

What infuriates me is the media and black community ignoring the fact that 39 black men, women and children were wounded in Chicago, 10 died. One was a 16-year-old boy. I fact checked the news and couldn’t get a number for Detroit for this past Memorial Day weekend. It must have been bad because seven were killed Saturday (1st day) in Detroit. Two of the victims were a pregnant mother and an 8-year-old boy Oh! But that was black officers shooting blacks and blacks shooting blacks but yet there is no outrage. The outrage comes from a white killing a black and that makes it newsworthy and furthers the liberal media’s class warfare narrative. America! I am sure there are similar numbers for Minneapolis and Indianapolis and Philadelphia. Blacks shooting blacks but not a word from the liberal media. This is the outrage. It has to be racial to make their print.

Well, Its 6:00 PM and time for a beer. No drinking before 6, a standard I set for myself. About 9:00 Pm I will have a whiskey or rum and coke (Cuba libre). If I watch a late movie on Netflix, I will have another and stumble to bed happy and sleep like a bear in hibernation. A senior person’s routine. I have been painting over the past 5 weeks and my daughter said I should display them so I will attach a few of them to this post. Ya’ll Enjoy!