Faith is What is Hoped For!

I am feeling a little pensive about several things, which can also be described as contemplative or meditative. A variety of words for an indescribable mood. A mood in which one tries to put into print that which he or she is feeling. It can also be portrayed as brooding, delving into one’s innermost emotions, plausibly, about fears for the future, reflective.

I am an old man who is “long in the tooth” and has weathered many years fraught with the maelstroms of events that have come and gone in this saga of mankind. I have seen so much, possibly too much in my lifetime. I have cheered when Americans landed on the moon. I witnessed the assassination of a President. I fought in a war and survived its horrors, along with a divorce that nearly killed me. No bullet is as lethal as some things. I have witnessed 250,000,000 people killed in tragic blow delivered by a Christmas tidal wave. I have observed the horror of wars fought all over the world. Enigmatically I have observed a kaleidoscope of world events.

I was born dirt poor with none of those blissful remembrances displayed on “Leave it to Beaver” or “Father knows best” or basically any present day sit-com. My life was one of hard work and achievement through a sound work ethic. There were no helping hands, no father, but only a devout mother who I remembered cried most nights. Concrete floors and block walls with no windows. A tin roof and roaches, always the roaches. No family car, just a city bus or my thumb hitchhiking. Being harassed by homosexuals and sexual deviants made me tougher and meaner than most men. And Yes! I am homophobic and not ashamed of it. Yea! I was raised on the other side of those tracks.

So! What has me mulling over things which I have no control over. Well, it’s what is hoped for and what will come to pass. A faith that my premonitions of what lies ahead are portents or omens pointing to a better or possibly a dire future. What is this medley of emotions? I have children and that is the proverbial oxymoron.

I am a parent and always will be. This I emphatically expressed to one of my children and she emphatically emphasized that she was a middle age adult and didn’t need my advice nor my worrying. She declared that she has a grown son and she is letting him be his own man. All the while wringing her hands over his getting a simple cold and being obsessed with every picture of him or any text referring to him. She is a parent just as I am. We never relinquish that duty. Even in death, I perceive we are hoovering fades or wraiths on the other side of the veil staring on in anxiety. Our children will forever be our babies until eternity.

This coming presidential election may well be my last. If I live till November, I sincerely hope this President is re-elected, much to the derision of this child and the other half of America. I agree with her that again, there are no real good choices. I read a sign that said, “Everybody sucks so we are screwed in 2020” My daughter states she can no longer abide this President. I guess that is the rub that is irritating me. She has broken ranks with her family and her culture and became a liberal. I can hear her protesting as we speak. I attribute this to her moving to a foreign country and being influenced by a love interest. I would surmise that she has been acclimated into globalism or “it takes a village” philosophy. Watching CNN, Reuters and Al Jazeera will do that I suppose. While I on the other hand watch FNC almost exclusively with a little BBC thrown in. Unlike NBC, ABC, MSNBC and ABC, FNC has both liberal and conservative commentators, “they report, you decide” All the other media sources are basically Trash Trump Cabals. I understand her concern, This President is definitely a bombastic narcissus hurling retaliatory tirades at everyone. I get it but he has also been wrongly accused of collusion and persecuted by democrats and the media for three years. I would be mad as hell myself and no way conciliatory.

You Democratic Joe Biden voters. Is he what you want? A kinder socialistic progressive and a more liberal government headed by a senile man who can’t complete a coherent sentence. Joe Biden has lost a step. Joe Biden is not all there anymore and ya’ll gonna vote for him. Damn! I can’t believe it! The younger people of today are being deluded. Democratic Socialism doesn’t work nor has it ever worked.

Now we Americans come to a real oxymoron. If America recovers quickly from this Covid thing and our economy re-emerges strongly then the President will probably be re-elected. If America stays in quarantine with our economy staying in the dumps, then Joe Biden may win. So, the Democrats are hoping for this disaster to persist until November in hopes of unseating this President. I think that is tragic in and of itself.

I don’t care if you don’t like this President. I don’t want to go back to the calm sedated back slapping comradery of the Washington, DC elite. I want results and this President gives them. He is a businessman, a contractor who gets things done on time and under budget. He is thick skinned. He is a nationalist and an America first advocate. American citizens first, illegal aliens second (simple isn’t it?). America first, the first to rise like a phoenix from Covid, the first back to the moon and first to Mars.

I am a learned individual with a lot of common sense. I realize that a nationalist can turn into a fascist: like Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, or Tito. Those despots brought their countries from depression and defeat to world prominence but became dictators. I don’t believe this can happen in America with our republic. The other alternative is more likely, class warfare and revolution with a bureaucracy that consolidates power and introduces Socialism, mandating equality or so they preach and implementing totalism. That is where your government knows what’s best for you and that you are too dumb to decide, also called authorism. That is why I am pondering our future. If you are still reading, I will close and put the rest of this in several other posts. Enjoy