Operation Warp Speed Recovery

YES! Yes! Yes! Let’s get America going! Get off your ass and go back to work! All of you kids, get dressed and get on the school bus. You teachers get back to the classroom. In other words, let's get the world back to normal, like it was before this Covid 19 thing.

All you scared folks, stay at home until next year or when they produce a viable vaccine. Even if you aren’t afraid, use common sense, if you are elderly or have an underlying health issue, avoid crowds and even grandchildren.

Our economy is dying and so is the world’s. We will always have naysayers who wail derision about people dying. The news media sources scare us on purpose. It is their job to foment the direst circumstances imaginable to earn their salary and increase their notoriety. The more salacious and doom inspiring the print the more they muster.

We know stuff now! Kids aren’t prone to get this or are asymptomatic. Young parents can get it but it’s no worse than a common cold. The older you are or if you have a malady then you are more susceptible to being burdened with this flu like virus but most of you will weather it just find.

I have been watching the states reopen bars and beaches and seen the young people enjoying themselves again. They get it, they recover or never show the first symptom. The meat processing plants are down not because their people are dying but because they tested positive and are quarantined at home. It is sort of like the parents of old, if a kid got measles, then other parents brought their children over so they could catch it and be done with it. Better now than later in life.

If that meat processor is afraid or that waitress or the cook or busboys, let them stay home. Hire someone who wants to work and is not afraid occupy his or her job. Train them to replace the others. There is no guarantee that when we get a vaccine that it will absolutely work with no side effects. The world may end up like “The Walking Dead”

I listen to the scientist saying it’s good to open the states, but we need stricter guidelines. Ridiculous! What is right for a rural county or city is not right for more populous environ. Common sense is the “Core principle”. I get my haircut by appointment and it’s one on one. Same with the doctor or dentist. No crowded waiting rooms. Let the hospitals start doing the colonoscopies and hernia surgeries, let them go back to making money. Outside dining is just a change in culture, though I can’t imagine eating outside in Laredo Texas in the summer when it’s 110 Degrees. But we will adapt!

In other words, the world can survive this pandemic without quarantining everyone. The older population needs to be super careful and diligent is all. Families with elderly grandparents should use super caution until there is a vaccine. Let us assume that after you get it and recover then you are immune (no evidence yet). Then by God! Go out and get it,then get over it! But don’t give it to any old people or physically infirm people. Stay away from them, avoid them like the plague. You don’t want to kill them so take responsibility and steer clear of anyone you might expect this virus could kill.

I read this article to my wife and she didn’t agree. “We don’t want to spread the virus” she said. I said “No! let everyone get it and get over it. Just protect the old people like us”. She puffed up like an irate hen and stormed out. I yelled behind her “Only Old People Are Dying”. She came back and re-engaged and said, “but kids are also dying.” I said, “3 kids in New York honey and not from Covid but something related!” The news media is scaring America again. It's insane! There are 29 million residents in Texas and we have had 2000 deaths, that's.000046 % mortality. Florida has 21.5 million and 1347 deaths which is .000093 %.That is nothing compared to 10 million abortions, so get off our backs!

People! Our country is slowly dying! Just think! All these people who are issuing these guidelines and mandates have not missed a payday. They are all governmental and unionized. None of them are suffering like the blue-collar workers of America. All of us retirees haven’t missed a check. The new democratic bill: Another trillion dollars to states and cities. Just like Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus. No shovel ready jobs. The money will bail out their pension liabilities. Poorly run liberal progressives’ states and city governments getting a bail out and rewarded for bankrupting their cities and states (New York and California). States have more revenue than the federal government. Texas and most states don’t need this money, but they will take it. Like Laredo, the city will pay their police, firemen and city employee pension liabilities which are insolvent again and will be insolvent again in a few years unless they change their retirements to 401s. In a 401 it is your money and in your account and no one can rob or embezzle it! A city or state pension is in a general fund.

I haven’t looked yet but I would bet Pelosi is still trying to fund abortion with taxpayer dollars again. It’s never ending. The democratic playbook: Throw Money at It and blame the Republicans. Class Warfare! You aren’t hurting because of Covid 19, you are hurting because of Trump, the Republican Party and white people, they did this to you. In short, everyone in America will probably end up contacting this virus, it's that communicable, but 99.99 % will recover or be asymptomatic. Get a grip America!