Curious Indeed

As I watch the events evolve concerning past Vice President Joe Biden, I find myself intrigued. I will predicate this post by first stating I didn’t vote for Trump nor Hillary in the last election. I consider myself an independent but conservative. I abhor abortion so that puts me on the political right

. I like Uncle Joe because of his amiable character and flashing smile. He is the epitome of the friendly politician, baby hugger and girl kisser. He has been in politics for forty years, so we know who and what he is. As with all politicians, he will say whatever is appropriate, flip flopping and denying with that smiley candor of his. He is the typical elite politician.

So why is this woman, Tara Reade, accusing him of sexual misconduct 27 years after the incident? This is the intriguing part because she is a self-proclaimed democrat. She stated she respected Joe Biden and held him in high esteem and that was why she never went public with the allegation. The Republicans didn’t find her nor offer her anything for coming forward, so why has she done so now?

The Republicans look in askance and deem they had something just fall into their lap. As Governor Rod Blagojevich would say “Priceless,” or “Golden.” Retribution would be a concise word, payback another, because of the way the democrats treated Supreme Court Justice, Bret Kavanaugh. The democrats literally tried to destroy Justice Kavanaugh’s life with every device they could muster. They intentionally tried, with malice, to destroy him, his reputation, and his family. It certainly angered most Americans at the demagoguery the democrats used on Justice Kavanaugh.

Personally, I don’t desire to see Joe Biden dragged thru the arena of political diaspora. Joe is running on having the moral high ground, of bringing morality back to America. In other words, he is a saint compared to Trump. How dare this woman impugn his character is what I hear from the Democrats.

Joe Biden can only blame the democratic party because of their treatment of Justice Kavanaugh. The democrats are screaming that Biden has been fully vetted being in congress for forty years and being the vice president. We could say the same for Justice Kavanaugh, a Federal Court Justice with impeccable credentials.

The democrats are saying "this isn’t right" and all this hoopla should be ignored, but the old adage comes full circle “You reap what you sow” and the republicans and America wants a little payback for the Kavanaugh debacle

. Joe Biden made his first mistake this morning when he said he would not release his Delaware Senatorial records. Ergo Joe, you are hiding something, is what America will think. Ms. Reade said she filed a complaint when she was on staff and it should be in those records. Dang Joe! Complete transparency is a must! Remember what the democrats demanded of Kavanaugh, even to what was written in his high school yearbook and personal diary. Come clean Joe Biden!

Now! For a summation. My thought is, maybe she wants notoriety or money. Money probably, which she might get from the republican party or like Ms. Baisley Ford, a “Go Fund Me account.” Ms. Ford received over a million dollars in contributions to make her allegations against Bret Kavanaugh. Ms. Reade states she will still vote democratic even if Joe Biden is the nominee. So, what gives? Why is she doing this? Intriguing to say the least!

I am always the conspiracy theorist. I am looking at all these women preening for the Vice President slot; Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Abrams, Elizabeth Warren, and Gretchen Whitmer. Might one of these women take Ms. Reade’s side and say “I believe her” thus ousting Joe Biden and perchance win the democratic nomination. But that would certainly destroy her chance at being chosen for VP. Elizabeth Warren is certainly considering it. She would secure the far left and the Bernie Sanders supporters. OR? Would you bide the time, knowing that Joe Biden will not be able to function, and you could seize the reins of presidency?

Interesting and intriguing for sure! Hillary Clinton is still there in the wings waiting. She has the organization, backing and the Clinton machine at her beckon. Does she still think she can rush in and save the Democrats and win a rematch with Trump? You know she does!

Never-you-mind America! In my opinion, Trump will most likely win re-election. This Covid 19 thing certainly has hampered him and brought a roaring economy to a standstill. The democrats might be able to steal the election by the measures they got passed with the stimulus bill, vote harvesting, and mail in balloting.

Just imagine the democrats going door to door with ballots or going to retirement homes and saying sign here, you’re voting democratic. Just think of the millions of mail-in ballots without proving who you are or if you are even an American citizen. The prospect of voter fraud is incalculable. Just go to a cemetery and put every name you find on a democratic ballot. Of course, the republicans can do the same, but they don’t have the reputation for doing such. The democrats are hoping to keep Joe Biden sheltered and quarantined from doing any debates with Trump. We all know that Joe Biden has lost a step and wouldn’t perform well in a debate. Admit it America, Trump would destroy him.

Joe Biden certainly prolonged the whole thing with his denying his Delaware Senatorial records be released. Makes him look like he is hiding the fact that she did file a complaint and it’s there. The phone call by her mother to Larry King and her friend stepping up to declare Tara Reade confided all of it to her is a lot more than the Ford woman’s testimony. Not knowing what year or where it took place nor the friends she named as being there all stating it didn’t happen. Not one piece of evidence, yet we were told to believe her. Believe her for no other reason than that she was a woman. That it took great courage for her to come forward and face the scrutiny. The whole “Me Too Movement” was initiated by the democrats. Every democratic woman in Congress stood with Ms. Ford. along with most other women.

Will they stand with Ms. Tara Reade now? These are the people I despise! All these VP hopefuls and every democratic woman in America and a lot of other women, Republican and Conservative, voiced their opinions and said Ms. Ford should be heard and believed without one shred of evidence proving her allegation. Now we have another woman, Ms. Reade, a democrat, who has at least some collaboration to her allegations, being spurned by these said same women and the democratic party. All of them have already stated they don’t believe her and instead, stand with Joe Biden. What a bunch of flip-flopping bitches! So! America, we now know it was all political. The democrats tried to destroy a good man and ruin his life for purely political reasons. Damn you Democrats! You better pray for Redemption!