Exasperated Flesh

  1. Exasperate; Verb, to irritate or provoke to a high degree. To annoy greatly, especially because you can do nothing to solve the problem.

  2. Futility; Noun, Uselessness, with little or no positive outcome. The quality of having no useful consequence.

  3. Chrsocracy; Rule by the wealthy.


There is a faith that weakly dies

When overcast by clouds of doubt.

That like a blazing wisp of straw

A vagrant breeze will flicker out.

Be mind the faith whose living flame

Shall pierce the clouds and banish night.

Whose glow the hurricane increase

To match the gleams of heaven's light. By A C Parker

I have spoke often of my irksome poetry sprite that annoys my dreams with its incessant needling. The little prick was in my dream the other night and thus the phrase “Exasperated Flesh” was bestowed upon me. I am at present downright peevish and irksome with my own disposition and our ever-present state of quarantine. In essence, I feel as if I have been shunned or expunged from society. Sort of like having a Biblical disease such as plague or leprosy. It is a repugnant feeling. I am having trouble describing it, though my handle is “The Wordsmith”

Like all of you, I entertain myself as best I can with any number of pursuits. My only forays or sorties to the outside world are to the grocery and liquor stores. My doldrums are intermittently placated by yard work or honey dues for my wife. My OCD (Obsessive Disorder Complex) is becoming exemplified by mundane impulses not normal to humankind. I have organized everything in my world. My refrigerator is clean and organized as is my freezer. The pantry has been emptied, cleaned, and arranged to the tenth degree. I am a paragon of organization and neatness. I refuse to amuse you with my other intrinsic abnormalities. I can see myself and laugh inwardly because washing and waxing your lawn mower borders on insanity.

That was the first half of this quarantine, but I have now come full circle and have a “Don’t give a shit/ Rat’s Ass” attitude. I query myself “has the rest of the world reversed themselves as I have?” The local news stated there is a rise in domestic violence, Go Figure! I imagine everyone has reached that apex point, being exasperated, which is, by the way, the title of this post.

My life has not changed dramatically. Being old, which I am, my interests are not that varied, basically the Grocery Store, Liquor Store, Church, The Masonic Lodge and occasional forays to Home Depot or Lowe's. I do miss the family dinners after church on Sundays.

I have regressed into a boring routine of sorts. I paint with watercolors which I deem to be the hardest of any art medium and unforgiving. My anal retentiveness makes me insane being I am not satisfied with any of my paintings. About 6:00 PM I have a beer or two or three, which enables me to pee. About 9:00 PM, I make a rum and coke (Cuba Libre), vodka martini, or bloody Mary. I continue the mixed drinks until my libations make me sleepy. I then stumble off to bed and fall soundly asleep though temporarily. It is always temporary because of my insistent bladder.

I have a most ardent desire to sleep soundly because I have always had trouble shutting down my mind. I tend to ponder or turn my thoughts over incessantly. I guess not being able to sleep soundly is one of the most aggravating things in my life. It is not insomnia; it is more like my brain never gets tired. My body is exhausted, but my mind is always wide awake.

I have started unfriending my progressive liberal friends on Face Book. Not because I dislike them, but I tire of their political views(irritating). It seems there is nothing out there but “Hate Trump” and the “White Supremacy” crap. I feel Trump has done an adequate job with this Covid Pandemic. The USA must get back to work immediately or our nation will be permanently injured. Our Federal government cannot bail out the whole of our nation. How insane is that?

I listened to Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Newsom of California wanting federal handouts for their states. REALLY! Think for a second America! States have more sources of tax revenue than the Federal Government. State and local sales taxes, property taxes, licensing, bed tax, permits, and most states have their own state income tax, not to mention the federal dollars going to schools and highway maintenance. I heard Governor Cuomo say they could not pay their police, firemen, state and municipal employees because of Covid. WRONG! They cannot pay their pension liabilities! President Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill got them current last time and saved their asses. Now the pension plans are again in arrears and they need a bail out to keep them solvent AGAIN! California is 180 Billion dollars in debt and New York, about 140 billion dollars. It is not our fault America! These states are run poorly by free spending progressive liberals. The populous states of Texas and Florida are not in this kind of trouble. Think America! Regardless, it is again above my pay grade, so devil be dammed. Do not do it Congress!

I am not a bail out sort of person. No company is too big to fail. America should not have bailed out GM. Ford got through it. America should not have bailed out the banks after the financial crisis. America should not have bailed out Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac for their bad housing loans. All the elites (Chrsocracy)(CEO's and Congress) are doing is helping themselves to the national treasury and protecting their interests, the big dogs. It is shameful!

I think the States and cities must declare bankruptcy and come back new and improved. They must put their employees in 401-profit sharing portfolios. It has got to be done America! You cannot keep promising federal and state employees 90% retirement wage packages. They must contribute to their own plan and save their own money and the city or state match a certain percentage and share in profit in profit sharing. It is the way of the world! Ya’ll know I’m right! These pensions are paying up to four generations of retired employees 90% of their working salary and the wife gets it after they die. No wonder they are broke! I can hear the crying and wailing now.

Just think of Greece and the EU. About 60% of Greeks work for the Government of Greece, the other 30% are in the tourist industry, etc. Everyone retires after 20 years, everyone working gets 90 days or nearly the whole summer off and all are on cradle to grave social security until they die. Greece went Bankrupt and the EU or Germany had to bail them out with a loan, but they still will not accept the austere measures to make them solvent again. This may be America one day. After your nation goes bust, then socialism will blame capitalism and a dictator will emerge and your nation becomes a socialist or communist dictatorship. Enough! Enough! I’m angry! Let me out! Let me go kill something or destroy something! Americans can’t be penned up! We are a free people! We thrive on risk! Quarantine the old people like myself or kill us. Let’s get America rolling again before it’s too late! Enjoy!