Yea! Unfortunately, I got busted being outside without my mask on. I do thank God and Lady Luck that I was not given a citation for my transgression. Of course, I am being satirical in my usual curmudgeonly manner. Let me expound.

My neighbor, who lived across the street, decided to sell her home because her husband had passed. We were good friends and shared house watching duties for each other. She was from Germany and had no nearby family, so she decided to move to San Antonio.

The new neighbor moved in just before the Covid 19 crisis occurred. Everyone in the neighborhood went into lock down. I viewed the new neighbors occasionally but from afar. I was outside cutting some fresh flowers for my wife when I noticed most of them sitting out in front of their home. On impulse I decided to walk over and say hello and welcome them to the neighborhood.

I crossed the street and stood at the curb and literally shouted “Howdy neighbor” I told them “we weren’t bad neighbors or unfriendly”. I stated, “I was sorry for not having introduced ourselves earlier but with the lock down and all, it had been inappropriate”


One of the young men walked about halfway down their driveway and spoke up. He stated most of them did not speak English and had not understood what I had said. ( I live in Texas and the people across the street live in a $400 thousand plus home and don’t speak English) We casually talked and I introduced myself. I then gave him a rough description of their neighbors and what they did to the best of my knowledge; The young man explained that his father ran a business in Freer, Texas, selling frac sand to the oilfield companies.(Could be drug cartel people living on the better side)(Oops! That’s the neighbor down the street on the corner)

I commented it must be hard to have bought a new home and then your business go bust over the oilfield shutdown and the Corona Virus crisis. It was at this time an unmarked white suburban pulled up beside me and lowered his window. I saw at once it was a policeman and he informed me I should be wearing a mask and not be talking to anyone no matter how far they were away from me.

My first impulse was to argue with the officer being I was in the middle of the street and talking to someone who was at least twenty feet away but I curbed my rebuttal and said “Yes Sir, You are correct!” I immediately turned toward my house and patted the hood of his car as I went by. I was expecting to hear a summons to return and receive my citation, but I fortunately did not. Of course, I was chewing on my incrimination and muttering all sorts of ambiguities under my breath but thankful at the same time for not incurring the wrath of an overly eager civil authority.

I would suppose all of you reading this, feel the same way I do. At this juncture I wish to opine. I feel oppressed, to say the least. We Americans are not meant to be confined. We are a free people and It is risk that makes us who we are. I will not argue with you over the pros and cons of all that has happened. I am having textual wars with several people who literally live in fear and would be happy if we were quarantined forever. Locked in our darkened dungeons we call homes and being fed infectious gruel by our government jailers. Gads! We fought a Revolutionary War to free ourselves from oppressive dictates.

The real enemy here is the press, the news media, who frighten us with their incessant tirades and portents of impending doom. Why can’t the government practice common sense? It does not matter what the President says, it will be construed as wrong by our omni-potent and unscrupulous news media. If he says it’s the first of May, it will be too early. If he says the last of May, they will say it’s still too late and scream he is literally killing people. If he waits until August, September or November, it will be too late for some and still too early for others but absolutely too late for our country.

The argument over who has the authority is ridiculous. It is a goal to be sought. It is contingent on where you live. Big metropolitan areas are more critical than rural environments. Common Sense people! When Trump closed travel from China, can Los Angeles or Seattle say no? Can one state have abortion clinics and another not? Our Federal government has the final say on big decisions, but State governors have authority in lesser things.

It is the press that sensationalizes absolutely everything. America! You can observe it every day at the Presidential updates. The media does not do battle with the liberal governor of New York, Cuomo, but they absolutely assault the President at every opportunity. The press is evil and unscrupulous. The press used to have respect for the office of the Presidency but no more. It started after Eisenhower, the Presidents being persecuted by the press: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and now Trump.

It seems the press was in love with Barrack Hussein Obama, he was their ideolog. He was a liberal progressive minority black man who catered to their ambitions of minority ascension and mandated equality. Destroying traditional family values and faith. His pursuit in search of sexual experimentation/orientation and the professing of Islamic fundamentals, the debasing of Christianity, our military and law enforcement. The sanctioning of murdering millions of unborn children. The injustice for incarcerated black men and the parole of drug offenders. Almost all perps plead to a lesser charge so most of them are real criminals, but I suppose you can find an occasional injustice(DNA), but it is not the norm. Our legal system works for most of us. You cannot argue with factual statistics. Blacks comprise 13% of America’s population but perform 55% of the crime. Why that’s so is for academy to figure out. I am not being racial or biased nor am I a bigot. I read and I know things and I have an over abundance of common sense. As we Masons say, “to know the right of things.”

Lastly! I feel for the democrats! Whose fault is it? No Ones! We have the Covid 19 crisis and your presidential candidate can’t campaign. Joe Biden, Really? I like Uncle Joe, but we have all watched him. He hasn’t got it anymore; he hasn’t known what state he is in at times. Is the DNC going to prevent him from debating Trump? Trump will destroy him in a debate and America knows it.

Who will he select for a Vice President? A black woman probably; Abrams of Georgia or Harris of California? A woman who would and could actually run the country when he slides into dementia. Could it be Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, or Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts? Face it, the DNC will be Joe Biden’s handler. Pelosi and Schumer would be pulling the strings of their puppet, King Makers!

I will leave you with a Quote: “The Greatest analgesic, soporific, stimulant, tranquilizer, narcotic and to some extent antibiotic—in short, the closest thing to a genuine panacea, known to medical science, is work!” Thomas Szasz, author, and professor of Psychiatry.

Let us get America back to work before it’s too late. Quarantine old people and large metro areas but let rural America loose. Please look at India and what they did. It is a good example. As far as the rift between Trump, the governors and mayors goes; Trump is a genius, as I have said. Think People! Think Tom Sawyer and the fence. He said “he would” and they said “you can’t”. He then puts down his bucket of paint and brush and they paint the fence for him. He lays down the federal guidelines and they obey when their states meet the criteria laid down for opening up the economy and country again. As I have stated, he isn’t a politician, he is a doer. Gets it done on time and under budget, a businessman with a bottom line.