Pandemics, A Brief History

Yes! I am bored, as are most of you. To placate myself I piddle at this computer and research a variety of subjects that itch my curiosity.

At first, I inquired as to how many of our recent viruses originated in China and why they did. Many of them have originated there. I discovered the Chinese like live animals to cook. They think the animals taste better freshly killed. Thus, the Chinese have the live and wet markets. They buy the fish still alive or the chicken, take it home, butcher it and cook it.

Europe and America, we don’t do this, we buy it frozen at Kroger, Winn Dixie or HEB. Some epidemics don’t arise in the country after which they were named. The Spanish Flu didn’t begin in Spain.

I would encourage all of you to look up the history of epidemics. I found it quite thought provoking.The first profound fact you will see is: Today's pandemics are not near as tragic as those of mankind’s past. It’s apparent we have better medicines and procedures for addressing such in modern times even though we are part of a global society.

I will point out some of those epidemics of the past to illustrate my point. Diseases like smallpox, cholera, measles, typhoid, malaria and such have always been around and burdened populations in certain areas with different degrees of severity but the real killer has been the Bubonic Plague or Black Death, which killed approximately 75 to 200 million people between 1331 to 1353 worldwide. Staggering isn’t it?

Realize that over 500 million have died worldwide since 1900 of Smallpox. As recently as 1918-1920 over 100 million worldwide died of the Spanish Flu. In 5 years, 1855-1860, 12 million Indian and Chinese died of the plague.

In recent memory around 700,000 have died of the H1N1 Virus between 2009-2010. All the while small infections of the Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola and such have plagued various countries with small individual outbreaks. We have defeated some dreaded diseases such as Polio, Typhoid, Malaria, Yellow Fever and such but they are coming back due to ignorance and a lack of inoculations. Will the present pandemic of Corona Virus be as staggering as those of the past? I don’t believe so, but time will tell. One thing I can prophesize, this one will not be the last. Like AIDS, we don’t have a vaccine, but we can now manage it. The word AIDS became a household name so I suppose COVID will be equally infamous.

What should really scare you is that there is a thing called Biological Warfare. Nations around the world have developed biological agents that can devastate mankind. These weapons are stored in arsenals around the world and are atop missiles and projectiles ready to be launched. Not only biological but gases like Mustard, Racine and Nerve Gas. They also have the old ones like the Plague and Anthrax. Scary Huh?

So, there is a lot out there to scare everyone and our News Media thrive on their exploitation of them, sensationalizing them to their max. I was just listening to President Trump give the usual update. The news media absolutely suck! There was a black news lady(correspondent) who asked President Trump to clarify his Hannity interview in which she quoted him as saying this crisis would be over in two weeks. The President became mad and pointed out she was trying to frame a “GET YOU” question to cast dispersion upon the President. He called her out and said exactly that. America! Please review my interview, “I said” “I think” My advisers inform me, and I put it in the 1st person “I” but it’s really “we think”. He stated he didn’t say it would be over. The President stated he is advised and gives a summation of their findings. He then scolded her and told her to sit down even though she had another question.

This is a travesty of how the News Media Hate and deplore this president and disparage him at every opportunity. America sees this as clearly as I do unless you are the tireless liberal progressive, socialist loving partisan politician like Nancy Pelosi. That woman has clearly become unhinged by her Trump Derangement Syndrome. She is almost a slobbering blubbering talking head ranting about the President.

Damn! It was the Democrats that delayed the passing of the bill for three days. America! Please watch FOX News or The BBC because the others are hugely prejudicial against this President. I know FOX leans conservative but at least they present both sides and you can make an informed decision. You can’t beat Neil Cavutto or Dana Perino or Greg Gutfield’s satire. Almost every segment present both a liberal and conservative or Democrat verses Republican. They report, You decide, unlike the other Never Trumpers News Media. I don't like Hannity and I am growing tired of Chris Wallace pursuing the GET YOU GAME.

Enough said, I will retire to watch The Five. Hey! Out Numbered at 11:00 Central has the best-looking legs you’ve ever seen. Yea! I’m still a male and notice such things. FOX does have some(most)of the gorgeous and beautiful news correspondents, all of them smart too(lawyers) and mostly faith based with traditional family values. Liberal progressive democrats I deem less, less and even more less. Enjoy!