My Refuge and Fortress in times of trouble

I was listening to Franklin Graham, the late Reverent Billy Graham’s son, about the current crisis. He stated a very pertinent truth when he said” God will never leave you nor will your God forsake you.”

I have known the truth of this for most of my adult life, but I nevertheless paused to ponder the thought. Often, when I recollect a person or idiom, I presume I am being prompted to act. I usually call that person or in this case write a post.

What of those who have never acknowledged God in their life. If God is not there, then it’s impossible for him to leave. If your refuge and fortress in times of trouble is your government, then government is your God. There is no salvation to be found in your government. Mankind will eventually let you down.

We are fortunate to live in a country which can aid its citizens and businesses. What other countries

are shelling out trillions of dollars to bolster their economy and citizenry? Alas! At what cost we need to ask ourselves. America doesn’t have the money so we will borrow it. A burgeoning debt and deficit that can never be quenched.

Mankind is so fickle in that his greed overshadows his common sense. The Democrats say "it’s not enough, triple, quadruple the stimulus." The bureaucratic cure all, “throw money at it”. America still had money in its coffers that was allocated for” S.A.R.S.” and Ebola, which Trump tried to use but was lamented; that money was for that and can’t be used for this. Totally ridiculous! I would plead with all of you to research the “Pork” that was piggy backed on this bill by the Democrats. Self-serving and special interest being satiated by our dear Nancy Pelosi. How can she stand there and say “it’s not trickle down economics but bubble up for humanity.

Has America finally reached that Socialist totalitarian society that shuns God and indoctrinates its citizens to look to their government for their salvation and redemption. Karl Marx and Joseph Lenin have become Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

I am not a religious man though I pray fervently and attend church regularly. I have an abiding faith in the Creator and Maker of the Universe. My God is the same GOD as that of the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian and Jews. There is but one God and mankind certainly eschews their description of The Maker and Creator of the Universe. My God is a little bigger than this Earth, this solar system or this galaxy.

There are too many humans on this Earth. This pandemic is just Mother Nature (GOD) doing its thing. There will be another plague or epidemic in our future or any of a dozen other catastrophes which I prophesize will and can eliminate mankind. Your government will not always bail you out and when you are dying, plead to your political party and your President for your salvation. Your God will not be listening because you ousted God from your life.

I recall a phrase “Let not the world me love, for my hope and treasure lie above” Only a person who has surrendered themselves to God and said “ here are my problems and here is my faith and trust in you,” that moment we realize we can’t do it all. Nether can your government, there is a spiritual element in each of us because God is within you. “That which is within communes with that which is without” Our spirits(souls) is God within us. Acknowledge your spirituality. It is also called Hope.

There, I obeyed the prompting. “Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of the Lord!”