Drats! You can kiss my derriere!

I feel very insolent / impudent today which is just a contrite word to describe my attitude. I will re-frame from being polite and discrete and say what is irking me. Damn the torpedoes!

I will begin with saying I am homophobic, and I am not apologetic. I resent the current dialogue and acceptance of male homosexual behavior. I Am Not Woke! I am old school, biased, prejudiced, and non-conforming to the current acceptance of homosexual behavior.

What has gotten my dander up you ask? The Boy Scouts of America having to file bankruptcy (chapter 13) to protect themselves from the in-coming bombardment of lawsuits pertaining to homosexual scout leaders being predatory and abusing their scout troop members. You got it! Grown men seducing young boys, some raping their charges and threatening them if they disclose their abhorrent behavior.

Isn’t it enough that the world was made aware of the same circumstances in the Catholic Church? Those homosexual priests who became ordained just so they could have access to young boys. Their parishioner’s children, their charges, altar boys, who they abused and sodomized. Subjecting them to their deviant behavior and threatening them so they would remain silent. Gawd! There is a place in hell awaiting them.

The liberals will say that they are just sick people and they can be rehabilitated but research proves this to be untrue. Even castration does not cure their aberrant behavior. I am not talking pedophiles here. Those deviants are even more vile.Today's view is that homosexuals should be equated with normal heterosexuals.

I will share with you that I too was abused by these abhorrent individuals and that is part of my anger. Growing up poor was part of it. My family didn’t have an automobile. I was forced to walk or ride the city bus as was my family. I learned to hitch-hike early in my adolescence (11 or 12 years of age). I can’t relate the untold number of homosexuals that gave me rides. Always being suggestive, even offering money to partake of their sick behavior.

I have literally had to open the car doors and get out of moving vehicles to avoid their advances. As I grew older, I would threaten them with calling the law. I matured quickly and would later threaten them with spilling their guts if they touched me. Yes! You could see the sickening lust and uncontrolled behavior as they sought to grapple with you, trying to feel your crouch. They even offered me money. Thank God I had common sense and never succumbed to their suggestions.

I might remind Americans that the disease of Aids was introduced to Americans by homosexual men. I had a coworker who didn’t believe me, so I told him to do the research. Yes! Homosexual behavior was the 1st instance, then drug users and needles and then bi-sexual men introducing it to their wives and girlfriends and thus it became prevalent in the heterosexual realm.

I know that it isn’t vogue to be anti-homosexual in today's venue. It seems today’s view is to be accepting and understanding. You hear it everyday and see it on TV in commercials. It is explicated that you have a right to love whomever you chose. All the politicians have acquiesced to same sex unions and same sex couples adopting children or having children by intro or surrogate mothers.

I am not evil. I am not naive either. I know homosexuality has been around since the beginning of humanity. I don’t want to punish anyone for their sexual orientation. I am basically at ease around these individuals. Gay women(lesbians) don’t threaten me at all. It’s the male homosexual, testosterone and their caddy behavior that upsets me. Stay in the closet, don’t ask, don’t tell. Be like Raymond Burr, quiet and discrete. Don’t ask a priest or the clergy to give you a church wedding. There is no religion anywhere that condones homosexual behavior. Religious people accept them and love them but will never accept their behavior as mainstream. God, faith and the natural order of things is male/female and offspring. Anything else is a perversion, queer, odd, etc.

I was a Boy Scout in my youth. Thank goodness my Scout leader was not a predatory deviant. I and my church sponsor a Boy Scout Troop and they are led by the boy’s fathers. Maybe it was the Scouts that gave me my work ethic, my faith in God along with my mother. The Scouts gave me a foundation being I didn’t have a father to instruct me. Maybe it was all those tenets I memorized as a Scout that made me who I am today. “A Boy Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent “I can still recite them as well as my Scout Oath. Those same tenets are reiterated in my church and taught in my Masonic ritual.

Now we even have a homosexual candidate running for president of the United States, Pete Buttigieg. I can with assurance say that he has probably sodomized a pubescent young man. He likes being sodomized and sodomizes his partner, his husband/wife, whatever. He has licked his partner’s anus and done so many more things that most of us would consider perverted and disgusting. I heard Pete quoting scripture in the last democratic debate. To quote “What part of the Bible doesn’t he understand?” Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, basically ever faith condemns homosexual behavior. Gawd! I see a decathlon winner, Bruce Jenner, who is half and half, in transition advertising Fresh Laundry detergent on TV, God Awful! I see homosexuals advertising toilet tissue” to make you extra clean, the kind of boy you take home to see your mother” Really! A cleans anus makes you acceptable!” I am literally sickened sometimes but usually laugh at the courageousness of it all!

Okay! I have vented now and feel somewhat better. This probably won’t be published. They (Face Book) has filters that will censure this article most assuredly. It is a shame because they are censuring free speech. I didn’t curse or use profanity, but I am discussing what liberals deem as taboo, politically incorrect but I am saying what a lot of Americans think. Enjoy!