Alas! My Fellow Americans!

Alas! my fellow Americans! Aren’t we all, every one of us, weary of all the political recriminations that our political parties are incessantly flinging at each other?

What are we to do? I attempt to listen to the news to know what is transpiring, to be knowledgeable and informed. I am reminded of Samuel Longhorn Clemens’s (Mark Twain) ironic and sarcastic quote. “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, then you are misinformed” Our newspapers are becoming obsolete so we must rely upon our modern sources; TV, Yahoo, Google, etc.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t hear the current news. The death of the six-year-old little girl in South Carolina really upset me. We can all guess what transpired. She was abducted by a sexual pedophile from her front yard. She was probably abused and raped and then murdered to keep her from identifying her assailant. What that innocent young girl suffered at the hands of this deviant rends my soul. Yet we have people in our nation that say this pedophile can be rehabilitated and returned to society. No! No! No! I would assume he felt remorse and killed himself or it could be the assailant killed the man they found after he discovered what was transpiring. We will eventually find out.

Oh! The hypocrisy! I swear the democrats want to impeach everyone they despise. Please remember that all the political sensationalism is just brinkmanship. One party trying to discredit the other. I am incensed that the Dems are calling for our nation’s DOJ, William Barr, to step down over the Roger Stone scenario. Really? What about Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch for President Obama? Might I remind you of Robert Kennedy and John F Kennedy. People! Just think for a minute. All the prosecutors can do is recommend sentences. It is a judge that determines sentences according to guidelines. Preposterous! Why the four of them stepped down is beyond me unless they were paid by the democrats to make a political statement. You don’t quit a job unless you have another job to go to.

Some things do cheer me up like Trump getting America back into the Space Race. President Obama took the USA out of the Space Race because he said the money was better spent at home. President Obama was fine with letting the Chinese, Russians and Indians lead the way back to the moon and onward toward Mars. NOT ME! I am a nationalist, I am caucasian(white)(pink actually) so I guess that makes me a white nationalist. BUT! I am not a racist or a supremacist. Those are the labels the democrats assign everyone who they don’t agree with. I want the United States of America to be first in absolutely everything. I want the USA to be the New Rome and rule for a thousand years. YEA! YOU GOT IT?

This nation is divided my friends, right down the middle. I see it this way. On one side we find conservatives who are faith based, 2nd amendment advocates and believe in traditional family values. We don’t hate people that are different but side with Mother Nature and what is the natural order of things. We have backbones and are obstinate in our beliefs. “We cling to our guns and our Bibles” We adhere to common sense as our fundamental guide.

What we have in America, at present, is a Democratic push for socialism, if not downright communism. Joe Biden is the only true moderate and he is sinking fast so what the democrats will inherit is a brokered convention and Bloomberg will buy the nomination with his billions. If I were a moderate democrat I might be pleased. Bloomberg is a businessman like Trump and would run America like Trump. He is not a polished speaker and he is short. Another sensible leader and not a far left socialist. Even though he is apologizing now for “Stop and Frisk” he has a commonsense approach to our justice system. He does hate the gun lobby although.

Democrats! Please don’t get your hopes up. If our economy is still booming in November, Trump will be re-elected by a landslide.Really! Gasoline is around $2.00 a gallon and has been for 3 years. Really! I hope so because I want there to be no innuendos about collusion or any other idiosyncrasies. Really! The Democratic front runner, Bernie Sanders wants “single payer” “Medicare for All” medical care. He is for free education, forgiveness of all student debt. And advocates the looting of America’s rich but that includes all of us.Really! He used to speak highly of Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela but now is touting Sweden and the Netherlands. You Democrats must be joking right. You want Bernie? Really!

What America wants are remedies for what ails us. America should be paying what the world pays for prescriptions. Why are Canadian and Mexican drugs or the world for that matter, cheaper than in America. Fix it! Most of Americans (90%) are covered by employer sponsored insurance. So, there is about 10 to 15 % who have no insurance. It is the same amount as before we got the ACA (Obama Care) so what gives? Obama Care was supposed to fix that. We have about that many illegal aliens in America so that might be the problem. If you had come to America legally then you would probably have a good job and not be living in the shadows. Preexisting conditions! Insurance companies can’t afford their bottom lines if they must insure people with renal failure and dialysis and such diseases. Put those people in a separate category and put them on Medicaid, Its capitalism people. Insurance companies must tend their bottom lines and protect their investors. People don’t invest in unprofitable companies. President Trump isn’t for letting people die with preexisting conditions. Ridiculous! He wants a sensible solution to their situations regardless of the democrats screaming about his supposed negligence. President Trumps loves this country just as much as the rest of us do. He is doing want he thinks is correct so get over yourselves.

These things are life's realities, but far left dreamers want some sort of socialistic utopia that will mandate equality for everyone. Really? Absolutely everyone is equal and make the same meager salaries because you will give most of your money to the government and they will keep care of you from cradle to grave. Of course, the Socialist Party leaders will then be your rich and they will eat the caviar. Americans! Be careful what you wish for! You may inadvertently get it! The world according to Greg Moore.