What Bewilders me

I must digress, the word “bewilder” was the first word that came to mind when I began this post. I looked at my drop-down of synonyms and found a bevy of other applicable words that I could readily substitute in its place: Baffle, Confound, Mystify, Perplex, or just deliberately confuse. What am I talking about you ask? The inane hilarity of our current news cycle. I suppose it isn’t funny to everyone especially those who are infected with the “Trump Syndrome Malady”. I can see them gnawing at their fingertips and slobbering in hysteria as they listen to the current news especially if it concerns President Trump.

Let us consider the news from the royal family in England. That fiasco which is erupting over Meghan Markle’s dissatisfaction with becoming a wife of a royal. Meghan is American and ambitious. She is not content with being rich and living in castles and being an icon, whose only job is to look pretty and give rise to royal progeny. She has her own cosmetic line and wants to market her label and be famous and rich in her own right. Just imagine “Royal Face Cream” which is against royal protocol. You can’t be commercial if you are a royal, heck you can’t even have an opinion or vote. Meghan is basically being a spoiled home wrecker and refuses to be 2nd behind William and Kate.

Let us continue with the assassination of that Iranian general, Soleimani. Just ask yourself why he was in Baghdad? Please don’t be naive and say it was diplomacy. The Shiite militias had been protesting outside the embassy for days and had even broken thru the outside perimeter of the compound. The Iraqi government and military were doing nothing to prevent the assault. Trump sent 100 more U S Marines to help defend the compound. General Soleimani arrived there to organize the numerous Shiite Militias to storm the embassy and have a do-over of the Iranians storming our embassy in Tehran in 1979. Nothing like a sensational exploit, holding 50 Embassy personnel for over 440 days while then President Jimmy Carter incompetently obsessed over what to do. Now all we hear is the Democratic talking points about how Trump should have consulted Congress so they could leak it to the press. I don’t believe they objected when Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. President Obama fired over 200 Tomahawk missiles into Syria in 2014 and was the ultimate user of drone attacks but that President was a hero. God! The hypocrisy!

Gads! Aren’t we Americans tired of this impeachment crap. Even Democrats should be weary of all the brinkmanship. Just think, all of Congress playing “King of the Hill” and trying to push their opponents off the hill and back into the swampy quagmire of politics. I am literally ashamed of our government and their inane childlike behavior. Let It Go! Vote him out of office this year if you can! I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but I will in 2020. Why? Because I made close to 15% on my investments, my 401 performed admirably. The economy and the United States are doing great. Trump is not a politician. He is a contractor and businessman. He likes to pour concrete and build things on time and under budget. He isn’t a polished speaker, he is rough, pushy, and plain spoken. The whole problem is or was Hillary Clinton losing an election that was hers to lose and she did. The democrats can’t get over that fact and they seriously believe she was robbed, or the election was stolen. A simple truth, the Democrats refuse to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.

How about the Democratic slate of presidential candidates? I believe there will be a “brokered democratic convention” Bernie will not go away which terrifies Democrats, because America will not elect a declared socialist / communist. Joe Biden will also hang around because he has all the black support. Buttigieg will probably be there because of the LBGTQ support, but how can America vote for someone who has been sodomized and liked it and in turn has probably sodomized young pubescent boys and basically sucks you know whats. In addition, his record as a mayor is dismal. That leaves Bloomberg and Steyer who are spending millions and can buy an election. Oh No! Not another businessman as president. What will the Democrats do? Another four years of Trump will drive the Democrats manically insane. Yet everything in America is basically doing great. Trump is keeping his campaign promises, building the wall and negotiating new deals. It’s his forte!

What else is there to discuss. The Democrats want to elect a minority woman which rules out Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar. Michael Obama and Oprah Winfrey aren’t running so what are they to do? That leaves Marianne Williamson who causes me to smile. She is running on love and if elected would create a “Department for Peace”. In her own words she is “A Bitch for God” You go girl! I sort of like Tulsi Gabbard also, a U S military veteran and a Hindu and surfs.

About terrorists, I will grant you that most Muslims are normal everyday God-fearing individuals who love their family and want peace. What disturbs me are the Muslims in our government, namely IIhan Omar and RashideTlaib who demean and belittle our American way of life and support the Muslim advocacy, insurgency and destruction of western ideals. I mistrust their loyalties. Do they really think Somalia and Lebanon have a better form of life and government? They continually debase the United States, republicans, conservatives and President Trump. If they think there is a better place to live, then move there, instead of inciting discord in America.

Okay! Enough of my beleaguered bewilderment. I will sign off and go purchase some beer with which to watch the collegiate National Championship tonight between LSU and Clemson. A masonic brother asked me if I would be at lodge tonight. I just stared at him in amazement! Are you on drugs? No! I will be in front of my TV watching the game and threatening to destroy my cable TV network if they mess with the game. I really don’t have a horse in this race because neither are Alabama nor FSU are in it, but both are southern teams and of course, the SEC rocks, so, Go LSU! I like Joe Burrow because Ohio State rejected him saying he wasn’t good enough and then he went to LSU and won the Heisman Trophy. I can’t never could!