I Miss the Serenity and Pine for Eternity

Tagasode: a genre of Japanese love poetry. A Japanese word that translates into “whose sleeves?” a Japanese Anthology, an elegy addressed to a poet’s dead wife whereas he smells the scent of her in her folded kimono beside their bed. It is also a form of still life composed of folded kimono patterns reflecting the idea that personal objects contain a person’s spirit even in the person’s absence.

I am from an age not long past. An age of remembering kinder and gentler things that sooth my soul. A whimsical narration of things that belong to me, those of my age and era. I travel back in time where I soak in a nostalgia, envisioning in my mind’s eye a gentler repose in which I languish in the folds of my younger years, a naivety, unburdened of worldly intellect. To feel loved and protected and at peace in the ambiance of that bygone refuge and fortress of family and faith. The white steeples of churches and hymns sang from somewhere deep in my soul, my being. The propriety of individuals who worked and served for the good of society and their neighbors and most of all, their nation.

I reminisce about quiet nights and the croak of rain frogs and the chirp of crickets. I bath in the emerging daylight of dawn and bathe in the morning smells and sounds. I exalt in the going down of the day, the skyline softening, turning to dusk. I stand in a stream and listen to the water ripple and am mesmerized by its pirouetting eddies and the chittering’s of birds. The back and forth of a fly line cast and the silent smiles of love ones and friends. To hear the pant of a dear pet, long gone, to remember the feel of its fur. The following is a poem that I wrote long ago about these said same things, The Old Porch Swing, By Thomas Gregory Moore.

Quiescence is a word that’s best understood

When I hear creaking chains and weathered wood.

The sound of idle laziness and peaceful repose,

Relaxed southern leisure while eyelids doze.

The aroma of magnolia so faintly coursed,

Genteel politeness so meekly rehearsed.

Iced tea and parched peanuts was our fare,

Familiar affections wafted gently in the air.

The calm pentameter of the porch swing sighs

Of our mother’s embrace and childhood lullabies,

Peaceful remembrance came so easily then

Discourse about God and salvation, echoed Amens!

On cool mornings as oft in afternoon’s twilight,

The family gathered to our mother’s delight.

Quietly we swung to the ancient rhythm of life,

Warmth and love soothing our emotional strife.

In the swing under the live oak tree I did confess,

That God’s sweet mercy had healed my hopelessness.

Oh! But could I once more sit with them there again,

With my mother and brother in that old porch swing.

Ah! Remembrance! I am rudely awakened from my journey by a siren or a honked horn of impatience as I sit in traffic. Such is the present narrative of a congested society of rude and abrasive people and their political tirades. Oh! The vitriol and rhetoric of our political talking heads has reached a crescendo of amoral and scandalous finger pointing and blame assignment. I am sick to death of it all! America needs some respite, to go to our respective corners and tone down the rhetoric. America is basically over-heated and we are about to rupture a gasket.

America is grieving over the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso but America can’t even morn or feel sorrow because of our political parties pointing their fingers and trying to assign blame. Please? Just tone it down, turn your temperature to low and simmer, if not just turn your political bias off. The Democrats blaming the President for everything, Advocating the hatred of white supremacy and white nationalism, wage inequality, racism, bigotry, class warfare, endorsing Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fa, anti-gun legislation, gender equality, LBGTQ activism, wage inequality, Police brutality, etc., etc., etc. Basically espousing all that is wrong with America.

While the Republicans point their fingers at them and accuse democrats of being un-American, hating the USA, disparaging our military, law enforcement and border patrol. Being un-patriotic by not standing for the pledge to our nation’s flag and basically atheist for banning the Lord’s Prayer at our schools or public arenas. Being anti-God, anti-religiosity; supporting abortion, even full term. That progressives are killing more babies than are being born. Shouting with megaphones about the invasion of our southern border by non-Americans. Giving aid and support to non-Americans while our veterans sleep outdoors. Demonizing our military and downsizing our military by sequestration so that our military couldn’t even deploy a carrier on time in our last administration. The establishment of sanctuary cities and the protection of illegals and gang members and child traffickers from ICE and deportation.

Yea! It’s everywhere. Both sides, left and right, democrat and republican shouting maniacal insinuations. So you see there is a lot of finger pointing and blame assignment. Just cool it! The other night I mentioned to my progressive liberal democrat masonic brother that now would be a good time to negotiate a deal. The democrats want more gun control, most certainly after El Paso and Dayton, now there is certainly a climate for it. The democrats sent a bill to the Senate that they say is bipartisan but it isn’t. One republican deserts and becomes an independent. Those guys in congress need to hash out something that is truly bipartisan if they expect any result but no! They keep sending stuff that is strictly down party lines. What is needed is called “deal making”. It is their jobs for Pete’s Sake. Trump is famous for his “Art of the Deal” Trump wants to accomplish things and here is the atmosphere. Give Trump something like dealing to change the asylum laws and make them more pertinent. Give him a hundred miles of wall. You see! It’s called negotiating solutions, making deals. The democrats could get universal background checks and “Red Laws” on mental health and do away with bump stocks and high capacity gun magazines. Let’s do something constructive; let’s make a deal!

You know what my progressive liberal democrat said.” The border is a different thing than gun control. We aren’t going to give that asshole anything, I hope he rots in his own excrement” There you have it my friends! Not an iota of reconciliation for any type of negotiation, just hatred! The democrats just can’t get over the fact that Trump won and Hillary didn’t. Not one American is guilty of collusion according to two years of investigation and thirty million dollars. I am a conservative, A Christian conservative, a fiscal conservative and a moral conservative. I want everyone to know that I AM A NATIONALIST. I am Caucasian, so that makes me a White Nationalist. YEA! I am all American! I want America to be first in everything. I want us to have the best military, the best athletes, the best schools and colleges. I want to beat China and Russia to Mars and again to the moon. Yes, I want America to outperform and out do every nation on this planet. I want America to be the greatest nation that has ever been, even surpassing The Roman Empire in antiquity.

I am not a white supremacist nor am I racist nor is the president. He says and tweets outrageous stuff, we all know that, it’s who he is. He doesn’t want to harm or hurt this nation, he wants to build something and leave a legacy. He loves this nation as much as you or I. Gads! The Senator from Hawaii, Gabbard, accused him of aiding and abetting Al Qaeda, how insane is that! I will blame the democrats for one thing. They have certainly wasted three years objecting to, hindering and demeaning this president when they could have worked with him and accomplished so much more. The democrats literally cut off their noses to spite their faces, the fire calling the kettle black. Just because their candidate didn’t win. Four years wasted! Shame on you!