Political Insanity, Please Read!

I have really tried to admonish myself, this morning, from opining about the political atmosphere and its ramifications. I was recently bruised mentally by a friend of mind, a masonic brother, who is a progressive democrat. He basically said I was uninformed and unenlightened and that my Christian conservative views were asinine and unintelligible. He is entitled to his position and his point of view but I must inform him and other progressive democrats that I am entitled to my views and over half of our American citizenry will agree with me and support my traditional family values, tenets and precepts.

What is it that has gotten my ire up, what has ruffled my demeanor? It is the insanity of our current political environment. I would inform people that I do perform my due diligence and research that on that which I opine. People who know me, know who I am. They should re-frame from reading my blogs (which upsets them) because I would presume that they know my stance on any of any number of topics.

This morning I see that the democratic progressive liberals and blacks are calling for the policeman who was in the confrontation with the black man in New York City, a few years back, to be fired and prosecuted( I'd use persecuted) for the death of the said black individual, a Mr. Garner. Why has this incident raised its ugly head again after it had been summarily dismissed by New York City’s prosecutor as well as the Federal prosecutor who had considered it as a possible "Hate Crime"? Because our democratic presidential candidates brought it up in the debate Monday and Tuesday nights and basically demeaned every policeman in the United Sates. Yes! I watched the debates and the Mueller interrogation by Congress. Yes, I watch these events because I like and I am intrigued by politics because politics run the world. I am informed and am by no means illiterate.

I would remind everyone that this black man, Mr. Garner, was in front of a store, in New York City, selling illegal cigarettes. The store also sold cigarettes (legal ones) so this black man was hurting their business, so the store called the police after the man refused to leave. The police arrive and there are several policemen as you can see by the videos. The sergeant in charge was a black woman. Please note that Mr. Garner, the black man and perpetrator is very tall and very big. Please watch the video people, he is two heads taller than any of the policemen. The policeman had to jump up to grab him by the neck to bring him to the ground. This man, the black man, was resisting arrest. It took all the police officers to get him to the ground and handcuff him. Please avail yourselves of the video and see for yourself.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. The man was saying he couldn’t breathe. Every perp who is being handcuffed complains that they are hurting them, be it woman or man. The point is: The perps are resisting arrest! I will concede that the choke hold was determined to be illegal and shouldn’t have been maintained but I am with the policeman in that I would have basically used any means possible to get this man down. The man, the black man, Mr. Garner, died later at the hospital, not from strangulation, but from heart failure. This whole incident is obscene because this black man, Mr. Garner, was a convicted felon out on parole. He had been incarcerated 29 time for various offences. He was performing an illegal act and resisted arrest. I rest my case!

But our democratic presidential aspirants have made this an issue. Every person on that stage during the debate demonized the police. Thank God they didn’t pick on our military or I would be more upset than what I am! We see the policemen in California being doused with buckets of water. We see them having garbage thrown at them, spit upon and called unspeakable names. WHY? Because our progressive democrats have labeled them as evil, excessive, strong armed and literally mean and cruel, equivalent to the Nazi SS. The platform of this New Far Left Progressive Democracy is lunacy. Even Barrack Obama, the idol of the Democratic Party, would be considered a moderate democrat and un-electable by this new far left led by Bernie sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC and the other three. I am almost speechless while I watch what is occurring.

The presidential candidates and the blacks are calling for this policeman to be fired and prosecuted and the Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, is leading the charge. This policeman has already been vindicated so what happens now. The moral of the NYPD will assuredly be destroyed. The police union will get involved and maybe, just maybe, the policemen of New York City will go on strike. Can you imagine the city of New York without law enforcement? I will support them and all the law enforcement of the United States, especially the Border Patrol, who are receiving likewise ill regard from these president candidates as well as our progressive democratic congressmen and women like Elijah Cummings, AOC and the other tree along with Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, etc., etc. These deplorable democrats spouting unverified incidents like women having to drink from toilets or kids sitting in their own feces. Unsubstantiated lies. Maybe a kid had a dirty diaper or their bottled water was sitting atop a toilet. All the pictures you have seen of the cramped conditions are from the Obama Administration and aren’t current. I am sure the conditions are cramped being there are so many of them but the Border patrol hasn’t allowed current photos to be taken. The congressional visitors and news media tour the facilities without cameras or microphones.

As a footnote. I researched Elijah Cummings after this tiff between him and Trump. Cummings has a political science degree and served in the state congress from 1983 to 1996. In 1996 he won a congressional race in Maryland and became a Congressional congressman. His salary as a Congressman is $193,000.00 a year. His district is half of Baltimore and half of Howard County, Maryland. His net worth is between 12 and 13 million dollars. When he was elected to Congress he was rated near the bottom in wealth of all the congressmen. He has now ascended into the upper tiers of wealth. How could he do this? Elijah Cummings, like the Clintons, created a charitable foundation, run by his wife. This foundations receives millions of dollars from special interests groups. Why do they contribute to his foundation? Because he performs favors for them especially the transportation unions of which he is the chairman of the committee on transportation. Yep! And that is political ambiguity in its blatant entirety. This is not strange,it is how our Washington DC bureaucrats become rich.

Congressman Cummings is a famous civil rights figure and member of the Black Caucus. If he wasn’t corrupt then, he is now. Washington DC will make you corrupt. All these years leading Maryland and even though he isn't responsible for local government, his hometown, Baltimore, is as stated, a cesspool of poverty and corruption. Don’t listen to the talking heads. Just recall all the excesses of Baltimore. The riots, the burning down of their own neighborhoods.Remember the blacks looting the CVS store. Remember Marion Barry, the past Mayor of Baltimore, being caught in video, an FBI sting, snorting coke with prostitutes and all the fiscal corruption but the blacks of Baltimore reelected him again and he did the same thing and then went to jail. How about the scandal of the inmates of the Baltimore City Jail running the city and drug trade and protection racket from the city jail. Even Cummings stated in 1996 that Baltimore was drug infested cesspool, his own neighborhood.

Congressman Cummings is presently under investigation by the FBI for his involvement in the Right to Vote Scandal. Remember the IRS, under Lois Lerner, targeted the conservative rights groups. Mrs. Lerner plead the 5th and resigned with full retirement benefits. She is also under the same investigation because she allegedly fed Elijah Cummings confidential IRS information about those conservative groups and he then attacked them by congressional committee. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. Congressman Cummings, and the other Maryland congressmen, plus the State Senators and the numerous mayors of Baltimore, almost all democratic, have let this city languish in poverty and indecency for years regardless of all the billions of dollars from the stimulus and elsewhere that have been poured into it but siphoned off by corrupt politicians. I rest my case again!

Baltimore has received 2.4 billion in federal and state assistance between 2003 and 2013, the last date of record. As of late 26.5 million for crime and 467.1 million for education. The city of Maryland spends $16,578.00 per child on education, 50% more than most American cities but has the worst graduation rate. 60% of the households are single unmarried women and more children are aborted than are being born. Please look up the statistics! I did! Yet I am accused of being narrow minded and unenlightened.

Simple logic my friends! If you tear down the intercity slums and build new government subsidized housing, plant trees, create parks and basically beautify a neighborhood and improve their lives and standard of living, you have accomplished nothing but move the slum into new housing. The graffiti will return, the drug dealers, the broken windows, the new businesses will move out because of being robbed, looted or burned down. Soon, your brand new renovated neighborhood will again become a crime and drug infested slum. You must radically change the people.

The federal government has made an entire minority dependent upon the US government. LBJ's War on Poverty crippled an entire race and they aren't much better off than our Native Americans living on Reservations. Let the government take care of you and see where that gets you. If you continue to demonize your police then they won’t come when you call them because you hate them. Baltimore is just one of the numerous big cities(Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Los Angles, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth,etc) that have been run by progressive democratic mayors for years. Too much corruption, keep the minorities poor and keep reiterating class warfare. Those rich white folk made you poor but we will take care of you, we will make them pay their fair share but alas! My poor constituent’s, you will remain poor and ignorant because we democratic progressives need you to be that way so we can play the race card , class warfare and white supremacy. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! tolled the town crier!