My fellow Americans,

Just yesterday I was wounded in spirit by a Masonic brother. Not Really! I have a pretty thick skin. This brother is just a dear friend of mind but seems to be infected by a rather virulent pathogen that is currently affecting approximately 50 percent of the populace of America.

I must insist this is in part my fault. I am a Christian Conservative and my Masonic brother is what I would categorize as a Progressive Democrat. But! I would also give the prognosis of having a case of Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. Why would I offer this opinion?

I just posted two blog post on my website of www.thomasgmoore.com that I named “I Tire” and “Boulderdash”. I had politely told my brother I would unfriend him on my Facebook Page so he wouldn’t have to read my conservative posts since they upset him so severely. But Alas! I received a text yesterday attacking me and basically saying “he was tired of my irrational diatribes (Republican Bullshit) and that I could certainly dish it out but that I couldn’t take it (whatever “it” is) that he didn’t want to hear it so tell it to the herd”. I promptly reread my article to address his issue.

In my post, I derided our nation’s politicians. I wasn’t and didn’t favor either party, Democrat or Republican. I pronounced them all as “a pit of vipers, evil incarnate”, who were only interested in their self-righteous selves and who could care less about the American people. I then gave my prospective about the latest News Scandal which was Jeffery Epstein and his web or network of young underage girls who he offered to celebrities and politicians at several of his mansions all over the world. A very rich man incurring favors from very rich and powerful men. The question the news media was asking was why he got such a sweet deal from Florida Prosecutors? It was and is very evident, it was because of powerful people. Here was my mistake! I mentioned a Democratic Icon, Bill Clinton. But I also mentioned other womanizing presidents, namely JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. My Bad! Three Democrats and only one Republican. I guess I should have mentioned the presidents that weren’t adulterers; Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Ford, the Bushes and Barrack Obama. Was JFK’s affair with Marylyn Monroe any more scandalous than Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky or Donald Trump with Stormy Daniels? Boulderdash!

I am not sorry. I liked Good Ole Bill. I voted for him the second time but it is pretty self-evident that he was and is a notorious bohemian and skirt chaser. Really! Twenty six trips on Jeffery Epstein’s private jet without his Secret Service Staff. To unknown destinations but most certainly to Jeffery’s Island Paradise while he was supposedly visiting Haiti after the Earthquake. I was born at night but not last night! But this seems to have impugned my brother’s sense of decorum and propriety. I am a little incensed because I even said I had problems with Trump’s personality and incessant tweets and his disparagement of people. He is what he is and America knows who and what he is, but it’s not applicable because he is the president, he has the bully pulpit and dang it, he will probably be re-elected


I quoted some Biblical verses to substantiate the behavior of congress but that too might have aggravated my brother being I don’t know his attitude toward religion or if he is affiliated with a church or involved in religiosity. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior! By his strips I am healed! I am a follower of Jesus Christ and his tenets and principals. I believe in the Lord’s Prayer at school and all events. I believe in standing for the national Anthem and reciting Pledge to the American Flag. I despise those who disrespect our flag and country, our veterans and law enforcement. I believe in traditional family values. I believe in our nation’s sovereign laws and borders. Yea! I like the rule of law and respect of individuals. If you read my blogs then you pretty well know who I am. My motto: For God and Country, Duty and Honor!

Donald trump has stated some pretty racial and radical things, like defaming the Hispanic Judge, telling AOC and the other three to go back to their counties of origin, Impinging McCain for his military service, etc. etc. etc. but do I believe he is a racist? No! He has prejudices and biases like all of us. He says outrageous things because he speaks off the cuff. Do I like him? No! Not personally, but do I support him and his policies? Yes! He is a businessman, he builds things on time and under budget. Does he want a legacy? Yes, of course! He wants to build it and have a monument to his presidency. Does he want a parade to celebrate America? Yes! Is this man a leader? Yes! Would I follow him? Yes! Because every warrior knows that it’s offense that gets you out of a bind. Hunkering down and talking about it gets you killed. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” “Walk softly but carry a big stick” “Trust but Verify” America has gotten away from the principals that made us outstanding and exceptional. America is now experimenting with too many things. Socialism! Mandating equality, gender identity, LBGTQ, reparation’s (guilt), and carbon footprints.

To my friend and masonic brother. Don’t read my stuff! Because my stuff is Christian loving conservative stuff. Down home country loving common sense, pragmatic and deducible thru the scientific process. If I see it in Mother Nature then that is the way I figure it should be. I think that it’s God’s plan, God’s blueprint. The strong survive and everything eats something else. Every living thing takes a shit and that my brother is a lot of shit in this world. Enjoy!