The Immensity of the Sea

I must admit that I have been remiss lately in that I have been neglecting my needling, ever insistent poetry sprite. That insatiable little imp that periodically tugs at my lazy, laid back in my recliner, demeanor. That irascible and insoluble character within me, with its insistent nattering that I write down my thoughts before they evaporate into the senile ether of old age.

I was nudged into contemplation yesterday by the sermon I’d heard at church. It was from a visiting pastor who was chaperoning a youth group from Ohio. They were in Laredo, Texas aiding the indigent and ever increasing multitude of immigrants pressing the perimeter of our southern border.

The pastor quoted a French philosopher who stated; “ If you wish to inspire a boat builder to be a master builder then you must not only teach him the trade of ship building but you must also instill in him an awe inspiring sense of the immenseness and mysteriousness of the sea.” In other words your trade secrets and talents must go hand in hand with your imagination, philosophy and creed.

This self-reflection, recrimination, caused me to again to peer into my own character. I don’t consider myself a “Good” Christian” I am far too pragmatic to be categorically lumped into any specific paradigm. “As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one” Romans 3:10(KJV)

I attend church every Sunday religiously (pun). I attend Bible studies when convenient. I pray “unceasingly” but I don’t volunteer for all the “do good/feel good” committees” When asked to do something, I comply without complaint but I avoid the politics of the church. I am stand-offish and aloof from the entanglements of my church. When I pray, I acknowledge God and I ask for wisdom, (to know the right of things.) I do not pray for healing or material things as I deem these are inherent with being human.

This brings me to the nexus of this post. I crave the “Immensity of God.” I yearn to know the infinite. To be one with God, The Creator, The Maker. I yearn to be absorbed, to dissolve myself into “The Great I Am.” Death is not the end of things but simply a new beginning. Mankind is spirit, as is all that is living, we are eternal, ageless. I do not believe in heavens with streets of gold or a paradise with 70 virgins or any of the other idyllic afterlife be they Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian.

God is not a bearded white haired old man reclining on some billowy white cloud on some remote planet in our solar system nor in our galaxy. My God is the Creator of the Universe. My God is bigger than anything mankind can imagine. My God is not definable or measurable, my God is basically unexplainable. I am even remiss in using the term “he” being God, in my opinion, is not gender specific.

Again I am a simple man. I pray for wisdom, to know the truth of things. This too can be a burden if you will avail yourself to reading Chapter 7 in Ecclesiastics: verses 16 “Be not righteous over much, neither make thyself overly wise lest thou destroy thyself.” Verse 25 “I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.”

I have common sense, I am pragmatic and I deduce things thru logic and the experimental process. Politics run the world but politics and politicians are corrupt and insensible. I could use a hundred examples but I will only cite one. For example;

Voter ID. It is required to accomplish any number of hundreds of tasks and procedures but not required to vote in some states. Ridiculous! The lack of a picture ID allows people to be rounded up and bused to voting stations. This is so prevalent in the large cities where Indigent and illegals can vote just because they give a name and address. They are then paid with a meager reward (bottle of Mad Dog 20/20) or ten bucks and then bused elsewhere to vote again and then again.

This example represents the insanity and inane political war between our opposing political parties. Yet my democratic friends continue to opine and aver that a voter ID requirement disenfranchises minorities from voting. I can name a dozen other issues that illustrate my views but I will defer.

I tire of all the turmoil! The Democrats have accomplished nothing in the three years of the Trump Presidency except hinder a president who is keeping all his election promises. That is, in itself, a remarkable achievement since most politicians just say crap and promise you everything just to get elected and then recline for the rest of their political careers. What a waste! The political parties could have worked together with this president on fixing the ACA and prescription drug costs. They could have initiated infrastructure spending. They could have addressed the asylum laws and ended this migration crisis at our borders yet they choose to oppose and obstruct rather than accomplish any of a myriad of solutions. It is very sad indeed and I can only see turmoil and chaos in our future.

Trump will be re-elected as the incumbent or the republicans will make an elected Democratic President’s reign impotent. Pay back will be so horrible! So Sad for everyone and our country, all because one party was a sore loser because their candidate was supposed to win but didn’t. It was her election to loose and she did just that because she was a poor candidate and thought she had it all wrapped up. Fate is Hell!

The World According to Garp / i.e. Greg Moore