1. Boulderdash: Noun, bird shit. When a bird drops a splash of white crap on a rock. Crap.

  2. Balderdash: Adj. Nonsense.

I am asking my fellow Americans what, if anything, they learned from watching the Congressional interrogation of Robert Mueller today? Like the Progressive Insurance commercial on TV with the detective and his side kick,Emu bird: Absolutely Nothing! Again the idiocy of our elected government accusing people of crimes, misdemeanors and complicity when they are so-o-o-o corrupt themselves. I will point out some things I deduced without really trying.

Robert Mueller didn’t write the report, which was extremely evident. Mr. Mueller seemed distracted and even disoriented and basically said; “If the report says it, then I stand by it but I can’t elaborate. Mr. Mueller’s 19 Democratic lawyers, who donated to the Hillary campaign and attended her fund raisers, actually wrote the report. Mr. Mueller’s staff in other words. A conflict of Interest most certainly!

This has to be a huge disappointment to the Democrats being they thought this Congressional inquiry would somehow put the nail in Trump’s impeachment proceedings and lead ultimately to his demise. Wrong! Poor Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell of California, who have been f-o-r-e-v-e-r saying that there was clear and present evidence of collusion and obstruction of justice are now choking and sputtering. They had Trump in prison, then in jail, and then under house arrest but ended up just whimpering about ethics.

Mr. Mueller wouldn’t comment on the Fisa Warrant or the illicit dossier which started this mess which is appropriate because that is now part of another investigation by our present Department of Justice. In other words, there will now be an exhaustive investigation into the investigators, which will be another drawn out fiasco.

We learned that Mr. Manafort was indeed a dark and seedy character. He was attempting to enrich himself by being a mediator between Trump and Moscow. He tried to make himself indispensable to Trump with his connections to the Ukraine and Moscow. Simple greed and he went to prison for it. Remember Trump was trying to build a Trump Towers in Moscow so of course he talked to Russians. Trump was negotiating one of his deals and of course you would have to have Putin’s consent and grease the palms of some Russian oligarchs. That was business and wasn’t about the election unless you were curious to know what was in the thirty three thousands emails Hillary Clinton destroyed. Ha! We even found out that one of Mueller’s staff lawyers actually helped Hillary Clinton destroy her devices. Now that was news! Can you really believe they said “there no political bias on Mueller’s staff?” Unbelievable!

There was all the talk about greed among Trump’s advisers but that is everywhere in our government. Even Joe Biden was stumping for his son in the Ukraine and got his son a forty nine million dollars deal by using his influence. Let us please not forget Hillary Roddam Clinton, who got 180 million dollars from some Russian Oligarchs. People, Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Russians just didn’t just give that to her for nothing, she did something for them.

Please America. Robert Mueller’s report definitely and categorically states (avows/ avers) that no American colluded with the Russians in the election. Yes! Trump ran his mouth and tweeted about loving Wiki-Leaks, He stated he wanted the Russians to publish Hillary Clinton’s destroyed emails but he paid no one in Russia for anything. That is the definition of collusion! The Russians wanted Trump to win and used Facebook and tweets to enrage Americans but Trump didn’t ask them to do that nor did he pay them.

As to the charge of Obstruction of Justice. Trump didn’t hinder Mueller’s investigation one iota as testified to by Mueller. Of course he said a lot and tweeted a bunch but he didn’t hinder anyone. He is a businessman and rewards loyalty as we all do. When he asked James Comey to go easy on General Flint certainly can be misconstrued. Wanting the FBI to go easy on US Army General who had served his country for thirty years is to me admirable but I can understand seeing it as the most powerful man in the world asking you to do him a favor. Who would say no? Trump certainly relies on those around him, his immediate family and close friends and he is loyal to them as well. I would hate knowing there are those who will stab you in the back.

So! America! I think the impeachment crap has been laid to bed. I believe Nancy Pelosi will gather her brood about her and continue with business. Her biggest problem is the squad of four or as Trump has named them: AOC and the other three! Politics are politics and politics run the world and the politicians do the politicking. Let us get back to normal where its Democrat verses Republican and let America solve our border crisis. Trump wants those four women to be the face of the Democratic Party. There is AOC saying “it’s all about freedom! Everyone ought to be free and able to come to America and find a better life” and America should pay for it all: with Medicare for all, immigrants included, free education, $20.00 minimum wage, forgive educational debt and make higher education free as well. Do away with fossil fuels so we can walk or ride a donkey and build bridges to Asia and Europe and do away with airplanes. Who cares, AOC says the world is ending in 10 or 12 years so buck up American! Gads! I love it!

I will leave you with a poem or fragments thereof by Leale Umansky. It is called Desire. I am unabashedly Pro Life but like most people can understand abortion in certain circumstances but not for convenience and there should be restrictions and never full term or partial birth. Think of this poem being uttered by a baby not yet born;

Desire, by Leale Umansky

I am a promise, awake and knowing,

Waiting at the edge

I thank you for the desire

I hold that desire.

I am afloat in the desire,

The desire of me.

Till my eyes open

To the white of the sky.

To the point isn't it . A life aware and awake with a beating heart. Kicking around to get off the Mother's backbone. Sensing the light and a tune to sounds yet there are those that will kill it. I do not judge women because I haven't walked in their shoes but I do judge those that condone it with no restrictions, even full term.