Democrat's Utopian Ideal

For all my Democratic acquaintances and friends. I hope you can genuinely look at Venezuela with some modicum of common sense and realize the perilousness of your endeavor to repeal or disenfranchise Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

This happens with acute regularity and accuracy around the world. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez was elected democratically by the people in 1999, which America applauded. Chavez then instituted his socialist agenda. Venezuela’s following elections were corrupted and infused with ballot tampering thus ensuring his continuing dictatorship. As a socialist, he continued to consolidate his power. He nationalized the nation’s petroleum industry and seized absolute power. He did this in 2012, using the socialist mantra of gun violence and innocents being murdered by guns. Chavez instituted an amnesty measure for people to voluntarily surrender their arms but then demanded the surrender of all private firearms or face arrest and imprisonment.

Hugo Chavez then died in 2013 but anointed his number two, Madura, as his successor. This ensured his legacy and the socialist regime. In the most recent Venezuelan election, Juan Guido was legitimately elected and recognized by most Democratic nations as the legitimate new leader of Venezuela.

Now we arrive at the ultimate crisis of a socialist dictatorship. The people of Venezuela can’t overthrow their oppressive socialist regime because they have no weapons. Like Syria’s Assad, Madura refuses to step down and has requested the assistance of his communist and socialist enablers, Cuba, Russia and China. Syria all over again!

Cuba has sent over a hundred advisers and strong men to prop up Madura as was witnessed by the recent failed Guido coup. They suckered Guido in by pretending that he had some military support in government for the over throw. It was just a tactic to force his hand and now Madura knows who all the coup leaders and instigators are. Now will begin the cleansing, the imprisonment of his opponents and agitators who will simply disappear while in prison. The standard socialist blood bath, thousands will die at Madura’s behest.

Here again we will have a cold war standoff between the USA and the Russians. The Russians want a military base in this hemisphere. Venezuela has one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves and this garners Communist China’s attention because of their lack of oil reserves in an escalating and vibrant Chinese economy. Just a reminder, Jimmy Carter gave the Panama Canal back to the Panamanians and they in turn sold the canal to Red China. Yep! Another socialist debacle, Panama’s leaders selling out the Panamanian people for cash. Red China now controls both ends of the Panama Canal.

Venezuela will descend into revolution and America will supply the rebel patriots with weapons. I sincerely hope the USA will not intervene militarily or take part in another protracted war. America doesn’t need another failed “nation building policy” The USA is already in the same predicament in the Ukraine, facing down Russian expansion. Remember the Russians seized Crimea from Ukraine without firing a shot. Now they continue to press the Ukraine to reestablish the old Soviet Union. Russia is also pressing in Estonia and Latvia in the Baltic. If America does nothing then Putin gains a footing in our back yard. Are we willing to let Russia and China continue their hostile expansions? China is building artificial islands in the Pacific and militarizing them. China has a Navy and Air Force equal to ours and an Army bigger than ours. China has a plan take over world leadership in the near future and they are succeeding. The dollar will be replaced worldwide by the Chinese currency. Sobering isn’t it?

I watch TV and see all these Democratic hopefuls endorsing Socialism. All the rainbow promises of a better and kinder government. A nation of equals with socialist services like Medicare for all, Free education, guaranteed wages, college debt forgiveness. We see Bernie wanting to do away with corporate farming and giving the land back to the small farmers. Ask Rwanda how that worked when their socialist leader, Mugabe, did exactly that. Ask those nations with single payer medical systems how long the waiting times are for treatment.

Why should we worry? These same hopefuls are saying the world will end in 10 or 12 years due to global warming and climate change. Again, the pipe dreams! Sure, America, Canada and Western Europe have the capability of changing but the rest of the world will continue to pollute. The worse thing is the killing of our oceans. You destroy our oceans, you destroy mankind! It’s the same with a lot of things such as the honey bee which pollinates our food.

Drats! I’m being doleful aren’t I? There are too many people polluting our planet. Mankind does not have the wisdom to exist much longer. It will always be mankind’s “me first attitude”, “let them eat cake” apathy. There are corrections coming to be sure. A global kill off of mankind, science fiction come true. An earthly do over!

I tend to support a worldwide pandemic, a walking dead type scenario or for certain more wars, perhaps a global one. Worldwide death, starvation and pestilence, “mankind’s inhumanity to man”. I am old so I am not too concerned, Mankind can and will adapt to almost anything. Too many people who can’t get along with each other. Socialism has never worked but yet our Democratic aspirants advocate just that. Promise all the people all the free stuff to get elected and then you get to rule. It’s all about power. These presidential candidates have colossal ambitions, it is about them and their egos. Our country comes in second.

Please remember what progressiveness means; that your government knows what’s good for you, they are wiser and more astute than you. They will decide for you. A huge bureaucratic government. Just think EU (European Union) England is getting out because they are tired of being dictated to by Belgian bureaucrats. Another Democratic Dream “A World Government, Socialist Utopia!” Also, socialist are usually secular when it comes to God and faith. They want you to rely on government; pray for government assistance instead of aid from God. At least the Day of Prayer is again in the White House. Pray unceasingly! 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV