Be Still

Today is the day after Father’s day and I feel a little intimidated. My daughter acquired for me, as a gift for Father’s Day, my own personal blog. I am now to be known as "Wordsmith" and my blog is Aren’t we impressed? Wow! Now if I only knew what to do with it. I am daunted by the prospects of learning something as new as this. I am writing in Word and I chose a “Blog Post” format instead of regular “single spaced document” which for me is a step into the unknown. Of course they wanted me to register my blog and give them all my information, including my password. It scared me to death so I exited and checked will register later. That will give me time to harass my daughter to steer me thru the complexities of this new endeavor. I know she just signed heavily as she read this, such are the duties of a daughter.

I was pondering on what I could write about in this new post. My blog has all my poems and all my inane rantings that I have plagued her with over the years. It seems I will now be publishing them and subjecting myself to the views of everyone who reads my blog, which intimidates me somewhat. I will no longer have a captive audience (my daughter). I have always shared my pieces and comments with my friends and almost all of them are of a like mind so I will now be opening myself to criticism. Heavy Pause!

I live in southwest Texas and its very hot here. We are in the triple digits and will not see anything less unless there is a possible thunderstorm or a hurricane moving inshore. I tell people of the heat here and you can see they don’t quite believe you but it’s true and of course you acclimate if you live here. It’s a desert heat and there is very little humidity so you don’t sweat when you get out of the shower. I grew up on the coast of Northwest Florida with its humidity, lakes, rivers, ponds and of course, the Gulf of Mexico. Alas! I keep nattering around trying to get to what I want to say.

Yesterday I was in my recliner watching Fox News and the program “The Five “which comes on at 4:00 PM. I heard some distant thunder, I then used my cell phone and pulled up “the Weather Channel and then looked at the radar for my area. Sure enough there was an isolated thunder storm coming our way from the southeast. It was bright red and I hoped it would pass over us and give my lawn some well needed water. It was at this point that I turned off my TV and prepared myself a beer with some clamato (clam and tomato juice beverage) and proceeded to my garage. I unfolded my “Academy Sporting Goods” lawn chair and sat down just inside my garage so as not to get wet. My two yellow labs accompanied me so I ordered them to sit so they sat beside my chair and I prepared as if I would for a fireworks display on the Fourth of July. I watched with anticipation as the storm approached. It was dark and ominous and was approaching quickly so I knew there would be some wind in it but such are thunder storms.

To be apprehensive or afraid is not who I am. I revel in the stupendousness of Mother Nature. I am awestruck by the shear magnificence of it all. I glory in the fact that I am in its midst and can feel the grandeur of God. Different strokes for different folks, Right? I have been concerned several times in my life. I once sank in a hurricane in July, 1979. I was caught in a thunder storm out in the bay once and watched everyone’s hair stand up like Buck Wheat on the Little Rascals. Close calls for sure but those were circumstances out of my control. What I am talking about here is the topic of this blog.

I calmed myself to be still and participate or be an observer as Mother Nature expressed herself in the epiphany of the moment. I had to find that word and it’s a good one for what I was experiencing. I watched as the first big wet drops fell and splattered on my drive way and then they came faster and faster until there was a torrent. I watched as the street was washed of all its dirt and dust and as my plants seem to exclaim with thunderous applause as they drank gleefully of the abundance. The storm didn’t last long, about 20 minutes, and then I began to see the clouds thin and pass over and could once again glimpse the blue sky to the south. You might think the story is over, but no!

As I sat there in that dim greenish tint or after thunder storm glow( there is actually a word for that after rain shower smell, its "petrichor" I then I witnessed an amazing thing which I hadn’t really expected. It was so still and so fresh and then I started seeing all the birds in my neighborhood (I know them because I feed them scratch corn every day) performing all these aerobatic maneuvers while in flight. I was fascinated and looked on with curiously. It was then I saw all the nymphs or as science calls them," Alates", filling the air. I wasn’t sure if they were termites or fire ants but they were lifting off and on the wing and fluttering everywhere and the birds were feasting on the bounty that only God provides “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns: yet your heavenly father feedth them.” Matthew 6: vs 26, KJV. I am not a religious man but I am a spiritual and moral one and I believe God to be life and Mother Nature his (her) (its) plan. Whatever blows your skirt up!

There was hardly a breath of air so where were they all coming from? I then noticed the birds gathering on the ground in the vacant lot across the street. God’s creatures are not so dumb, they had found the source of the swarm and were on the ground partaking of the feast before it could get airborne. I sat there with my dogs who stared as intently as I at this phenomena. I finished my beer and as the twilight came, I felt a pang of love for God and all of creation. I can only hope that one day all of you will take the time to “Be still and know that I Am God” Psalms 46: vs 10, KJV

God is that cool drink of water that slakes the thirst of my soul.

By Thomas Gregory Moore