Reality Check!

I would make the assumption that all my friends and acquaintances who are reading this blog post have an ample amount of common sense. I would like to expound on the principal optics of the present political theater.

  1. I sincerely believe that every elected president of these United States wants what he deems is good for this country. Not one of them has set out to disrupt or destroy our country. They have immense egos, all of them, and they think they are doing what they deem necessary to protect and improve this country. This is a general opinion but never the less, a truism. Some presidents have been more successful than others.

  2. We can argue issues all day long and most of these issues are party oriented. You are either democrat, republican or independent. You can also say you are liberal, progressive or conservative. It all comes down to your set of beliefs and tenants. The way you were raised, your occupation or job, the people you associate with and where you live determine your politics.

  3. The media puts out a lot of information, so do the political parties and their talking heads and talking points. It is up to the individual to unencumber the ambiguities of the information and arrive at a logical conclusion.

  4. America is presently the greatest country on earth. That is why thousands of people want to immigrate here. There are jobs and a higher standard of living and political freedom unfettered by despots, dictators or tyrants. But rest assured there is graft and corruption in our midst. There is greed and avarice and self-interested people who are only concerned with their status, power and wealth. These people are of course our politicians and they are slimy creatures who occupy our nation’s Washington DC Swamp. Do not deceive yourself, they are not concerned about you no matter what they say, their world is power and prestige and notoriety.

  5. America became this great nation thru Capitalism, Giving people an opportunity to proceed and succeed. With nothing more than ambition and the will to succeed, they did exactly that. People are not all equal. There are people who are more intelligent, people with more drive and ambition, there are people who inherit wealth and prestige and others make their own. Some are lazy and slothful and some are suppressed by religion, race, creed or circumstance.

  6. The sum total is: no government or society can mandate equality. We hear this shouted from the roof tops by our current political aspirants. The fact here is: They have to offer you something to get elected. They always play the class warfare strategy which is: There are people better off than you which isn’t fair. They stole their wealth from you. We need to pull them down and take their wealth and share it among ourselves. We need to make everyone equal so there are no classes or income levels. In short, Socialism and communism verses the evil capitalism.

  7. Today’s political aspirants are all promoting this. A fundamental change to America as was voiced by our former president, Barrack Hussein Obama. This is also touted by Bernie Sanders, a confirmed Socialist who spent his honeymoon in Russia and supports the Cuban Castro’s and Venezuela’s Chavez and Madura. All the presidential aspirants are voicing the same tenants, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, etc. etc. etc. Free everything and unions and a livable wage and guaranteed employment and salaries. Medicare for all, free education, forgiving student debt, no enforced borders, undocumented immigrants voting in our elections, sanctuary cities, etc. etc. etc. etc.. Immigration reform and prison reform and legal drug reform use: like cocaine, pot, etc. etc. etc. About the only practical reform I would endorse is a crackdown on big Pharma. It is ridiculous that a drug costing pennies overseas cost us Americans tons of dollars. Again, our corrupt politicians being coerced by the pharmacy lobbyists. Putting money in their pockets and that is how all the politicians become rich while in office. Doing favors for money, it is their only commodity.

  8. There are the other issues like the LBGTQ society, the hate organizations like Neo Nazis, Black Lives Matter, The Nation of Islam, The KKK, Occupy Wall Street and the uptick of Antisemitism or Hate Jews and Israel as touted by Ilhan Omar and the other Muslim Representatives. The Muslims in our government hate Israel as do all Muslims and they can’t hide that.

  9. This president is not a politician. He is not the glib spokesman or satin statesman emblematic of our normal politicians. He is different, he is a businessman. He builds things on time and under budget. He is “too the point and coarse”. He is a counter puncher and relishes the turmoil and conflict, it is his arena and he is good at it. You can’t hurt his feelings or change his mind. He is a leader and one I would follow if I were in battle. Soldiers follow leaders who they trust, who are confident and doers. No straddling the fence, be decisive. Move forward, never retreat get-er-done, can do attitude.

  10. Personally I don’t like Trump but I am and would follow him because of his decisiveness, not his divisiveness. He accomplishes what he sets out to do. He is trying to keep his campaign promises unlike most presidents after elected. Please listen to all the presidential candidates. They all say they want to “Fundamentally Change America” Change America into what? They want social welfare like Europe; Norway, Sweden, Finland. Those countries pay in excess of 50% income taxes plus these countries have a VAT Tax (Value Added Tax) on everything. Imagine you make $1000.00 a week but the government takes 75% of your pay. You also pay $6 to $7 a gallon for gas and ride a scooter but hey! Your drugs are cheap! You are also guaranteed a bed in a nursing home but no hip or knee replacements for the old nor heart surgery, those are for young people. All of your doctors have left your country to come to America where they can make money and drive a new Mercedes. America is not perfect but we arrive where we want to be slowly, not with fundamental radical change, but you guys will vote for the Socialist in the Democratic Party. You will deserve what you get. He doesn’t want to destroy America either, he just has a gigantic ego and wants the power to rule and leave his legacy. I will be dead and not see what America becomes but assuredly there will be revolution and the beheading of our slimy politicians only to be replaced by some more. Just Saying!