This morning I received my “Word for the Day” via my electronic device (My Phone). Would someone just smack me in the face so we can tie up in a brawl or free-for-all, I need to vent? I am in need of some relief, some sanity, because I am gripped by the seemingly incoherent babble of: Well-meaning Intolerance, Zealous Bigotry and Honest Ignorance. For the life of me I could not figure in what order to place those reprehensible titles of “resistentialism” which is, matter-of-factly, my new word for the day.

Resistentialism- Noun: The theory that inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behavior towards us. In layman’s terms, “don’t ever let a machine know you are in a hurry”. It’s also called “Catch 22” “If it can break down, it will, and at the worse possible moment”. Examples; your car won’t start and you are on your way to an important appointment. Your phone dies right in the middle of a conversation and you drop your call. You are in the checkout line and the person in front of you needs a price check. Yep! Never fails!

We all have endured these instances or rather nuances of frustration and have had the impulse to destroy the said same devices or instruments that are pushing us into fits of psychopathic incoherent outbursts and apparent maniacal dementia.

What is it that’s irking me? It is the current inane dialog of being offended. It seems that everything in our incongruous (inappropriate) world is becoming incongruously offensive to absolutely everyone. I am inclined to put forth some examples but they are so prevalent that I don’t know where to begin. What set me off? The minority students who were touring the Virginia Governor’s Mansion and were given some raw cotton bolls to demonstrate Virginia’s history of rural agriculture of cotton and tobacco crops. They were offended because the cotton reminded them of their ancestral slavery and of all things, the cotton was white and reminded them of White Supremacy”. EXCUSE ME! I garner from this that all minorities are offended by all things white, including me. Nikki is actually considering discontinuing white tennis shoes and sneakers. Really! I guess they will ask Mother Nature to add some color to snow. How about brown or black, Naw! Let’s go with Teal or Pumpkin! I guess a person of color can’t go fishing anymore because the “Snell Knot” he uses to attach his hook will remind him of a racial lynching.

This insanity is being perpetuated by the Democratic Far Left or Socialist autocrats but is basically the same democratic mantra of class warfare we have heard over and over. It is unfair that someone or anyone is richer than you. It is their fault that you are poor. The “haves or elites” stole their wealth from you. They didn’t work or earn it but robbed the minorities. Their wealth was made on the backs of slaves and the people should revolt and loot their wealth, make them pay their fair share and distribute their wealth so that everyone is equal and has the same opportunities that they were so unfairly denied. BULL CRAP!

I too am offended by some things such as the “Kneeling” when the National Anthem is played. I am offended when people who don’t know me, accuse me of White Supremacy. Dang! I was poorer than the poorest of the poor! Outdoor toilet, no shower or tub in which to bath. Hell! No hot water if I could have bathed. I shook roaches out of the bread bag and pinched off the parts they had nibbled on, tin roof, no windows and a concrete floors. I don’t care to listen to that “white privilege” crap! But of course I am not black, brown, yellow or red and haven’t walked in their shoes but I am not a racist! I’m white, which means: a lack of color. Pink when sunburned and olive when tanned and I blush when embarrassed. Insane crap! All of it! Yes! I am prejudiced against some things and I am a bigot in regards to some circumstances, I’m human and so are you: you sniveling, self-righteous, better than you, liberal progressive socialist democrat. ! There! I said it and I am not apologetic!

The minorities in America aren’t poor. The street people I see are what I consider poor. The minorities in America, as well as our welfare people, have air conditioning, cell phones, cars and plasma TVs, meals on wheels, Goodwill and county health centers. Affirmative Action is obsolete. America is the land of opportunity. You are given an opportunity to work and succeed according to your ability. You have to earn your way. Nothing is free, someone pays. Nothing is free! Nothing is Free! Nothing is Free! Nothing is Free! I can repeat that phrase into infinity, but the Democratic Far Left Socialist will not get it. The young people or millennials think America should adopt socialism and be like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. They are not Socialist and they don’t have free education or free health care. Those countries tax their citizens 50 to 60% or more, plus a VAT tax. Cradle to grave security but their citizens pay dearly for it.

That system is okay for young people with children as it is in Great Briton, France, and Canada but old people are put on waiting lists for everything. You can literally die before you can get an organ replacement and wait in excess of a year for hip or a knee replacement. Sweden is reforming their welfare system and soon will Norway and some others because of the influx of the Muslim refugees from Syria. Those immigrants have overburdened their welfare systems and changed the culture of their nation forever. This should be a blatant warming to Americans and what is happening at our southern border. A mass influx of immigrants will dilute and forever change our culture and burden us, the tax payer. Please remember that our government doesn’t create money, the money they have is ours, the taxpayer. All they do is collect it and spend it. Simple lesson here folks! Our government does not create wealth or money, we, the people do, but our government spends it inappropriately most often. By the way; Social Security and Medicare are NOT, are NOT, and are NOT socialism. It is our money, paid in by us and matched by our employers. It is not an entitlement and how dare our government give it away to people who aren’t American citizens nor paid a penny in support of it. There! I Feel Better Now!

Guys, I wrote this almost a week ago and it’s almost Sunday again. I sometimes just write because it’s thinking with my fingers and keeps my OCD occupied. I chewed on what I’d wrote and I have come to the realization that I don’t care for or like people very much. I guess I am a grouchy old curmudgeon. This past week our church had Strove Tuesday in which we serve pancakes, bacon and sausage. It is free but we ask for charitable donations or a love offering. Most of the people were church members or from my masonic lodge and just familiar acquaintances but then there were the "others" Those that showed up first, went back for seconds and thirds and asked for plates to take home without putting one cent in the plate. It's free BUT DAMN! I read a poem this week about a black person bemoaning the deaths of young blacks by the police but it sort of summed up how I feel. The following is a fragment of that poem:

Rashan Charles by Raymond Antrobus

The barista shakes her head

At the banners, says "actually,

Police be killing whites too”

Look how scary it is

To be here and know

If we die someone

Will make a sound

Like her before earth

Is tipped over us

Who hasn’t had enough?

Who is chanting?

Enough! Enough!

Throwing spells

The rebellious

I am kind to the man

Sitting next to me

Even if his breathing

Disturbs me.

Can we disagree graciously?

I am tired of people

Not knowing the volume

Of their power, who doesn’t?


Silence at night?