WOW! Meat for Thought

I was doing my usual empirical reading of a scientific journal produced at last year’s meeting of the Royal Society. It was a discourse basically between science and faith, Darwinism and Symbiogenesis, God and evolutionary theory. I will not even attempt to explain the information because it was far above my pay grade but as always I do digest and retain tomes of disconnected information. Basically I understand it but I would be at a loss in attempting to convey in layman’s terms what I had read. A lot of genetic stuff: Modern Synthesis, Neo Darwinism, The Selfish Gene, Accept nothing on authority, Horizontal DNA transfer, hybridization, etc.

What grabbed my attention was a lot of simplistic assumptions. One scientist remarked or asked “When do you think Global Warming began? The resounding answer was: “At the end of the last Ice Age.” Yea! Duh! Whoopee! I am ecstatic with in ironical mirth. Dang me! I love it. Of course the earth is warming and I am sure humans contribute. The insanity of it all! It will not occur in my lifetime or in my children’s or grandchildren's lifetimes. It will be gradual and mankind will adapt. The democrats screaming the world is coming to an end and we will be inundated by our oceans in the next 10 years. Get a Life! The Polar bear will learn to live on land and mate with a Grizzly and make a baby bear that will be a hybrid we haven't yet named. Besides what will it matter if the USA abides by drastic environmental measures but the rest of the world doesn't comply? We have a global atmosphere that covers the whole of the earth, not just America.

There was talk about all these LBGTQXYZ etc., etc., etc. individuals evolving spontaneously and the debunking of all forms of faith. This was mainly by Dawkins, a world renowned atheist and the discussion was whether we can evolve quickly or does it take millions of years. Basically if a niche opens then something fills it but these hybrids are usually sterile but it only takes one fertile one to invent a new species.Simply put,are men being reared by single mothers and test tube babies and gays having surrogate mothers inventing a new breed of non-virile/masculine men? Are we humans eliminating the neolithic neanderthal warrior beast, "The Strongest Survive" scenario. How did an amoeba become a whale and where was the dog in its evolutionary rise. I told you I couldn’t explain it. In short, a virus is still a virus after a billion years or so, the same with blue green algae. Go figure! We don’t have a fossil record to illustrate our evolution nor most of the earth’s species so were we genetically engineered by aliens? My theory is as good as yours or theirs.

I will continue to believe in God as “maker” and “creator” but my God is not human and he is bigger than Jesus Christ, Buddha or Mohamed. Nothing! Absolutely nothing is written in stone and these things too shall pass. What was and was before will come again. As long as this Earth has an atmosphere then life will exist here though mankind may destroy themselves and pass away and become extinct but life (God) will go on as it has been for billions of years. LIGHT! It goes on forever and has no mass! I was made at creation, I am eternal! The secret to the Kingdom of God! We Are Spirit!