I am forever amused by the quotes, parables and anecdotes that I exhume from the archival unearthing of my unremarkable readings, being they are a veritable ensemble of anonymous magazines, news articles and tidbits of frivolous innuendos that I find on line. Some of these tend to adhere or cling to me and beg to be emphasized by my somewhat satirical and ironic wit.

Recently I read a couple of items that ended with the preverbal “Thought for the Day” quote which usually stirs me to reflection. The first was and I paraphrase; “Why is it so common to hear stories of courageous valor in our nation but rarely do we hear about moral courage?” It seems that we have become a nation of whimpering reticent naysayers that shy away from anything controversial. Are we in fear of being stigmatized or accused of being radical or somehow bigoted or biased? Are we afraid of being in the spotlight and being scrutinized and ostracized by our peers for our unenlightened attitudes and opinions? I object! This jostled my memory about another nascent quote that I had inadvertently filed away in my subconscious.

Again I paraphrase because I don’t write these quotes down nor make note of the authors but I do italicize them because I don’t own them; “It is odd that when I conform to the status quo of our society, everyone begins to like me, but deep down inside, I don’t like myself because I haven’t taken a stand or stood up for nor avowed for what I believe.” The quote is indicative of an everyday song title I am certain you have heard: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything! “By Aaron Tippan

I fear for the morality of this, our nation, and the direction of its leaning. It’s leaning towards a more Leftist- liberal ideology, endeavoring to institute a more progressive government. I will not burden you with my extemporaneous rendition of morals and virtues because most of you are of an age where we were reared with these said same conservative principals.

I was not raised in a church environment being my dad was a mean drunk whose shadow rarely crossed the threshold of a church. I only came to the realization of God and faith in my adulthood. God broke me down and showed me I couldn’t achieve it all by myself and hence I came to the realization that I needed God. I can only praise my Mom for planting that seed that I saw in her and her witness.

I now attend church regularly and have most of my adult life. There is just something special and right about faith and fellowship when worshiping with people of like minds. Like the hymn; “There is just something in that name” Indeed! There is something special when I sit in church and raise my voice to sing hymns of praise to God. To abide in faith and realize our God is neither Republican nor Democrat and neither party can claim “he is on their side”. Ah! But they do! “What would Jesus do”? I can with certainty aver that God is conservative. God gave mankind a blueprint and that is Mother Nature, the Nature of the Universe! Thus it goes without saying, that mankind has attempted to put a human face on God’s omnipresence nature by writing tomes of Sacred Laws about what they think about God and how God should act and behave. All these books are only renditions for how mankind can live a righteous and honorable life. Remember! “They were written by men of faith inspired by God” God did not dictate to a stenographer or tell someone to “Take this Down!

It is time for me to start re-posting some of my past work and one that comes to mind is:

My Essence!

By Greg Moore, March, 2015

I bow my head in devotion and seek the light,

That minuscule ember that burns so deep within.

I gaze at my fingertips, touching, sensing the epiphany.

What is this thing that pulses within me?

An awareness that is heedless and knows no bounds.

This thing that reaches beyond the senses of self,

That travels unheeded into the far reaches of the cosmos.

Diving into the fathomless recesses of the quantum’s mystery.

Reveling in the grandest exhilarations, cringing in timid incriminations.

This thing that communes unhindered with God thru prayer.

This nameless thing that is unknowable and unfathomable,

Explicitly undefinable and immeasurable,

My Essence.

That thing that is me, which shall survive the grave,

Eternal and splendid, timelessly bathing in ethereal light,

Infinite and eternal, I exist, I am forever!

What shall we tell you? Tales, Marvelous tales of ships and stars and Isles where good men rest? Where nevermore the rose of sunset pales and winds and shadows fall toward the west. We who with songs beguile your pilgrimage and swear that beauty lives, though lilies die, we poets of the proud old lineage. Who sing to find your hearts, we know not why.

The Golden Road to Samarkand

By James Elroy Flecker

I am forever the romantic but hard and as mean as a Blue Crab out of water. I forgot to take my pills yesterday so I was confronted with all of them last night at bedtime. Gad! Crap! Dang It! I shouldn’t be taking so many just to stay alive. There were 3 prescription pills for my heart, 1 pill for gout and kidney stones, 1 for memory, 2 pills for arthritis, 2 for sinus and sleeping, 1 for heart burn and re-flux, then a number of over-the-counter generics like a garlic pill and baby aspirin, a COQ-10 for statins. Plus I have some 800 mg Ibuprofen for my knee pain when the knee replacements act up not to mention several more like Melatonin and Aleve. Let us not forget the chewy fiber pill and bariatric vitamin and a variety of creams and ointments. At least I’m not constipated which would really make me grouchy. Ah! The protestations of an old person. The next time I visit the doctor I may just ask for a good drug that will put me down. It’s time!

I helped a member of my church this past Sunday to get from the Worship Service to the potluck dinner. He is 94 years old I think and as skinny as a reed and hollow looking. He has palsy and can barely get to his feet, to get into his stroller, to be rolled around. He has out lived his children and his grandson drops him off and leaves it up to the church to get him home. I DO NOT WISH TO GET THAT OLD!

I have asked God to give me a quick death at an early age and I would rather do it gloriously but dying in my sleep is acceptable. I am selfish I presume but being cared for as an invalid and having my diapers changed is not a viable option for me. I might imagine I might become senile or have Alzheimer’s and not know or be cognizant of the difference which really frightens me. I do not want to die in a sick bed!

Sorry about this guys, I just wanted to vent a little, we old people do that from time to time. I believe I am going to Home Depot and but a tool and build something or tear something apart just so long as it’s not sharp. Enjoy Your Day!