The Sky is Falling

Said Chicken Little! I suppose most people are familiar with this snippet of a childhood fable and its absurdity. The sky cannot fall which I suppose is an oxymoron in and of itself. I can hear the snide retorts of political correctness being echoed by those discomfiting literates. Yes! There is rain and snow and of course the sun sets in the glorious pastel hues, be it over West Texas or The Gulf of Mexico.

In short, Chicken Little was struck in the head by a falling acorn and thought the sky was falling. He then ran around whipping up the farmyard into a mass hysteria and then the unscrupulous Willy Fox, manipulated all of it to his advantage. I digress, which brings me to the point of this narrative. I acquired a new word, of which I wish to share, catastrophize.

Catastrophize: Verb, (kuh-tas-truh-fahyz), to talk about or emphasize an event or situation as worse than it actually is. To speak of ordinary occurrences as a catastrophes. As in; “today’s media will catastrophize anything they can.” The political parties; “Don’t let a disaster go to waste, exaggerate it and blame it on your opponent and use it for political advantage”

There are so many things being exponentially exaggerated in today’s current events, mostly political one-upmanship. I will name a few and then extemporize; Climate change / global warming; the border crisis / illegal immigration; environmental protection; water management; urban sprawl; the preservation of our oceans / marine life. The overhaul of our nation’s infrastructure; virulent diseases / pan epidemics; nuclear proliferation of third world countries; famine in war torn countries; a crippling of our nation’s electrical grid by an EMP or solar flare; identity politics / class warfare erupting into civil war and chaos; the rise of gangs / anarchy; the rise of secular societies / the elimination of faith in the public arena. I can continue but these are enough for this post. All of these topics tend to cause a timorous sensation in our society. Timorous is another word I came across that is defined as: causing a person to fear or being full of fear, “fear mongering

Let’s address climate change, global warming and the purported rise of sea levels. Stop It! The earth is in a continual state of change. None of us will see a notable rise in sea levels in our life time. The earth’s temperature has only risen less than degree since we started recording. Storms and droughts are no more prevalent than they have been throughout the history of the earth. I can hypothesize that if there were to be a major volcanic eruption in Iceland or Antarctica and the snow and ice melt were large enough to disrupt the ocean gyres, then that would herald in another Ice Age for which the earth is long overdue. But it won’t happen in your life time. Nothing geological happens overnight, The Earth is cyclic! I can show you oyster shells down the street that attests Texas was once under an inland ocean.

The border crisis and illegal immigration is paramount in the current news as of late. Peoples have always migrated but not usually in mass, rather gradually, due to drought, war, pastures, etc. Ask the European countries of Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden, basically all of Western Europe. Those countries are in crisis as is our southern border. President Reagan gave amnesty to 8 million illegals in 1986. A little over 30 years later, the USA has approximately 15 to 25 million illegals residing within our borders (no one knows exactly how many). This is unsustainable! They change a culture and burden a nation’s taxpayers. Simply put; we build a wall and control access to our nation thru ports of entry, gates, and portals. We manage and have order instead of chaos. It is a sovereign right of a nation to have control of its borders.

Environmental protection is absolutely needed but is to be tempered by common sense and wisdom. You can’t ignore a resource like coal which brought the world into the Industrial Revolution. Learn to burn it cleaner and recycle the waste. Management of our resources is the key, through conservation, the USA has more deer, ducks and fish than ever. Oversight and limits are essential. Convert to natural gas, solar and wind as they become economically feasible. You can’t shove things down a nation’s throat. Activism is good but needs to be consensual to the masses. We have cleaner air, cleaner rivers and lakes, we reforest and renew our resources but it is sad that a lot of the world’s 3rd world countries don’t practice it or have an environmental ethic. Stopping million dollar projects because of a snail, minnow or cricket is ridiculous! 99 % of all the fauna that has lived on this planet is now extinct. Things come and go and evolve

At some point soon the USA must stop spreading out, which is called Urban Sprawl. The USA must start building upwards and quit covering the earth with concrete and asphalt. The earth must breathe as all living things must. Rainfall and snow melt must be allowed to reach the aquifers instead of running off. The American dream of a 3 bedroom, two bath, two cars, and two children Utopian dream must be curbed. The world must adapt to population control and mass transit. It is our future!

Infrastructure? There is certainly need, but does America have the political will to get it accomplished? I would suggest a federal gas tax of several cents leveled per gallon of gasoline. This would provide plenty of money but ALAS! Our nation has corrupt and unscrupulous politicians that can’t keep their hands out of the coffers. Put the money in a separate fund instead of the general fund and don’t let congress borrow from it. Obama passed a trillion dollar “stimulus” exactly for Infrastructure. But America was later informed there were no shovel ready jobs so the money was siphoned off to pay for federal and state employee pension and insurance liabilities, NOTHING WAS BUILT! SHAME!

Disease and pandemics, this is really scary and foreboding. If I were to fear anything, it would be this. With world transportation and globalism, a pathogen can spread quickly throughout the world in several days. If it is an airborne contagion and has a gestation period of a few days then it can become worldwide overnight and the supply and manufacture of antivirus inoculation serums would prove insufficient and the world will have a mass die off. For the life of me, I can’t understand the new craze of parents not getting children immunized. Smallpox, polio, bubonic plague, anthrax, and new ones like Dengue Fever, Adenovirus, Nile Fever, Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola, are all out there looking for a host and a ride into another country. I just don’t see a remedy on the horizon. Developed nations might curb the die off, being they could manufacture serums but as always, our nation first!

Are we timorous yet? I am of the mind that I don’t worry about much because there is nothing I can do about any of it. I wish there was some sort of punishment for our news networks for sensationalizing every iota of

news. Those that are susceptible to being afraid, I am sympathetic. It is hard being bombarded by incessant 24/7 news loops of every possible scenario of catastrophic doom. I am attentive and I do opine religiously but it is an outlet for my frustration. I view everything thru the prism of Mother Nature, I observe and conclude that what I see is God’s blueprint. Cheer Up! I can predict the end of the world, it’s the day you die!