Angst and Discomfiture

I am presently in a state of severe discomfiture and lonely angst, nay say anxiety. Why? It's because of the present state of affairs in this, my beloved America. One has but to take a glance, in an objective askance, at the political landscape, in what could be termed as a political war between obstinate opponents. A Democratic verses Republican wrestling match as worthy as any UFC, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage bout, winner take all, leave no survivors, one-up-man-ship rival brinkmanship. It has reached an incivility that astounds me, it is separating every family, church, lodge or club. We were once civil and able to employ our own tenets and beliefs, the ones we were reared with. We weren’t chastised or demeaned for having an opinion.

That is not the case today. You can’t speechify your beliefs without condemnation or rude reprisals from your political opposite. You are accused vehemently of being prejudicial, racist, homophobic, ignorant, and misogynistic. That doesn’t include being called an elitist or for just being white and male, white supremacy is being broadcast from the rooftops along with police brutality, unfair criminal codes and wrongful arrest. We can’t arrest illegals or deport illegal felons. We can’t defend our borders without being accused of being prejudicial against Hispanics. Even the successful of our society are being accused of graft and corruption. No-one can become successful without being accused of depriving someone else of their wealth or livelihood.

This obnoxious bent for destruction is because of our hell bent race to socialism and the Utopian ideal of mandated equality. Ambition and virtue are decried as evil along with every other malady your political opponent detests.

This is not a recent thing but has been building for years especially in the last eight years of the Obama Presidency. What has brought it to the forefront is the Bret Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. The nomination of Neil Gorsuch was troubling to most Democrats but the Bret Kavanaugh nomination has lit the fuse that could lead to outright civil war. Let me be clear, The Democrats will not vote for a conservative. Their ultimatum is that the nominee must be “Pro Choice” A person is not evil if they detest abortion.

This bitter opposition is not unusual for the Democratic left. We would have to go all the way back to Lyndon B. Johnson to see a justice opposed and animatedly stopped by the Republicans. Since Nixon there have been a bunch of Republican nominees chided and rebuked by the Democrats; Miers, Bork, Carswell, and Haynsworth. All of these nominees were rejected because they were southerners, accused of stances on women’s rights and alleged racial prejudices and one had let her license to practice law lapse for a month. The latest was Merrick Garland but he wasn’t so much opposed but not voted on. Does anyone think we would be here at this juncture if Hillary had been elected? No! She would have canned Merrick Garland for a more progressive liberal judge instead of a centrist. I seriously doubt the Republicans would have been this obstinate and debilitating to the American culture of fairness if Hillary was doing the nominating.

Basically it all boils down to abortion and a woman’s right to choose. Personally I think it should never have been ruled upon by the Supreme Court. Let the decision of abortion stay within the states. Let the states vote on whether they want abortion. That way a woman could go to a neighboring state if her state didn’t provide for abortion and there would be no federal subsidizing of abortion. No-one wants to kill the unborn, it’s sacrilegious, it is an anathema, and reasonable women would elect to practice birth control. A woman has a right not to get pregnant. Birth control, diaphragms, IUD, morning after pill, make a man wear a prophylactic or condom, etc. What I really hate is the abortion advocates insisting on the right to full term abortions. Aborting a full term child is murder. The federal government will lock you up for destroying a sea turtle’s eggs or the Humane Society will prosecute you for destroying a litter of puppies or kittens but the left thinks it is permissible to destroy humans. My mind cannot grasp this concept!

I am reminded of retiring Justice Kennedy’s remark in Newsweek this week concerning the fiasco of the Bret Kavanaugh nomination. Bret Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Kennedy and Justice Kennedy states that Bret Kavanaugh is a decent, just and honorable judge and would be a superb justice. A justice who will interpret existing Constitutional Law and not legislate from the bench. Kennedy stated that the USA is fast losing its touted democracy and freedom due to a loss of civil discourse. Justice Kennedy also stated that most of the Democrats on the committee were an embarrassment to the United States Senate.

I saw two TV programs this week that brought a lot of this into focus. The first was a Netflix movie called “The Class of 1861”, A Civil War movie about the 1861 class of West Point graduates. They were the best of friends but the turmoil of war separated them. Some returned home to the states of their birth, some remained loyal to the Union but they themselves owned slaves. Some families split, brother against brother. Medical doctors, tending the sick, were executed, wives executed for aiding their relatives. That slaves fled to Canada by the Underground Railroad because the northern states were just as prejudicial and racist as the south. Not all slave owners were cruel and some abolitionist were even crueler. A nation split down its middle, the same as we see today.

Another program was a TV sit com that was discontinued for political reasons but its new premiere was last night” Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen. A really funny sit com about a normal Colorado family. Mother and father conservative and republican, youngest daughter in the Air Force Academy and republican. Next daughter married to a very liberal Canadian and they have a child whom the grandparents love dearly but clearly attempt to persuade. Another scatter brained daughter married to another naive scatter brain but with no political ideology. A boss who is a Vietnam Veteran and hoo-rah patriotic and a black man and his wife who are retired Marines and add the black democratic element but half conservative ideology. A complete menagerie of different opinions and beliefs but they all live in the same house. The Canadian was going to take his wife and son to Canada to get away from Trump but were breaking the grandparent’s heart in the bargain. Watch the show, they came to a compromise. Why can’t America do that today?