Nascent Name Calling

  1. Elitism is the slur directed at merit by mediocrity. by Sydney J Harris

2. Nascent: Adj. bursting forth, blossoming, and sprouting.

3. Chinks in American egalitarian armor are not hard to find, democracy is the fig leaf of elitism. By Florence King

4. Elitism means love of excellence and superiority, But America has declared war on both and developed a sick love of the lowest common denominator to make sure no-one becomes too fine for our touted democracy. We are almost at the point of regarding every virtue as elitist. By Florence King

In my previous post I attempted to define Fascism and its corresponding similarity to our president, Donald J Trump. In that post I tried to explain the characteristics of Fascism as they pertain to our president. I explained that although he exhibits numerous fascist traits, he is in actuality, a nationalist. I will now proceed to address its opposite form of government, Socialism. I will ascertain that Socialism’s extreme is Communism as I avowed in my previous post that Fascism is the extreme of nationalism.

We hear a lot of the adherents to socialism, namely, the democratic progressives, taunting the white race of America about white supremacy, elitism and white privilege. Yea! I've seen the video about privilege and found it to be actually correct and informative. I would like to remind folks that there were poor white folk as well and we were left in the rear as readily as were the blacks and Hispanics.

Like most everywhere in the US, the popular kids had two parents, their parents owned businesses and or were professionals but most of the kids I ran with were not privileged. I was dirt poor! But America allowed me to graduate high school, join the Navy, get a good job and work all the hours I wanted. I got married and raised two daughters without a college education. I, nor my family, ever drew benefits from the government or received welfare. We were proud and had solid work ethics.

Even now, my daughters have raised my grandchildren without husbands, one was widowed and the other divorced. They both have jobs and work hard and they relied on family, not the socialism of big government. I am more libertarian or centrist but issues like abortion, gun control, freedom of speech(criminalizing hate speech), LBGT, etc. have cataloged me as a conservative.

Socialism arose after the Industrial revolution against the stark backdrop of inequality and misery where those with property had political voice and those without were open to exploitation and oppression. We should all be familiar with the industrial revolution which employed horrible circumstances such as child labor, unsafe and unhealthy working conditions, the abuse by companies of their labor force, basically slave labor with no wages but simply a company store in which to use their credits instead of actual cash. This brought about riots and the establishment of labor unions and federal laws addressing labor relations, working hours and conditions. I will now describe the characteristics of socialism as furnished by my research.

A socialist believes in the redistribution of wealth (not their own but everyone else’s). Socialism is the Far Left as Fascism is the Far Right. They advocate the abolition of private property and stress social ownership. They advocate that almost all production of goods to be controlled by the state and equally shared with the populace. Their emphasis is directly on equality instead of individual achievement and that community takes precedence over individuality. In other words the GDP of a nation exists for the sake of the people and social good. This is always portrayed as class warfare, the rich getting richer and the poor get poorer. We hear it every day in the USA from the political left. “You didn’t build that”, “America was built on the backs of slaves,” “The Tax break was for the richest 1%,” Let us tax the rich more and increase corporate taxes,” “Pay everyone a living wage, $15.80 an hour. “ Basically, it is loot the “Haves” and give it to the “Have nots”. A Robin Hood scenario; “rob from the rich and give it to the poor”.

Socialism is a Utopian Ideal. I want to clarify that there are almost no pure forms of any form of government. Socialism has the same fallacy as fascism in that it becomes extreme when a dictator assumes power such as in Venezuela. The other examples would be like Greece in which a country goes bankrupt. The people award themselves huge gifts from the treasury such as: a 30 hour work week, three months paid vacation, six months maternity leave for both husband and wife, free health care, free child care, free college tuition, cradle to grave security. Mandatory coffee or tea breaks. Regulations upon regulations hindering industry. Everything is geared for the sake of the people. A country loses its manufacturing and industrial capability and it’s replaced by 70% of the people working for the government. Porto Rico would be an excellent example of this


Good government is described as a narrow bridge and any deviation to the far left or to the far right, you tend to fall off the bridge. I have done the research but my next statement will impinge upon the sensibilities of some of you. My research determined that capitalism was the best form of government and “in closest alignment with the laws of Nature, the Universe and truth. It mirrors openness and freedom. It advocates responsibility and integrity”.

Capitalism is decried by so many on the left nowadays but we must remember that no government exists in its pure form. Mankind tampers with them too much. The best form of government is the Representative Republic that was given to us by our founding fathers. Our present government has some socialist institutions such as welfare, food stamps,WIC, unemployment compensation, Medicaid and public education.

Be very attentive now! I will address the socialism and liberalism advocated by so many today. This is a misnomer in itself, about 30 to 40 % of democrats favor socialism and no republicans and few independents. Today’s millennials are the culprits, advocating for it because they have been reared during the Obama presidency. I can hear the screams of hysteria as I write. Listen very carefully! During the Great depression, people were given stipends by the government to buy basic staples and were given jobs by the government such as the TVA, and road and ditch building. That was then later turned into welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc. That has since turned into entitlements and these millennials have grown to expect free stuff: health care, free tuition, staying on their parents insurance, living at home till thirty or forever. Today’s socialist believes that private property and free market lead to social and economic inequality. They believe the state has a moral and social duty to intervene to protect people’s rights and redistribute wealth.

So! To wrap this up. What makes America the great nation it now is? We took “England’s Culture of Liberty” and broadened it out. America became a “Tribe of Liberty”. You can be a progressive, liberal or social democrat and still believe in all the things that define our Tribe of liberty. You can also be a nationalist, a patriot, or traditionalist and believe in those same attributes, but go too far to the left or right and you fall off the bridge.

It doesn’t matter what form of government you have because history teaches us that most countries will become dictatorial over time. Governments historically last about 200 years. I fear for America! Socialism is making great strides today because of The Obama Presidency. Today’s young adults were 10 when Obama became president. Also America institutions of higher learning are now impregnated with liberal ideology and our academia is primarily composed of progressive liberals.

As much as some of you don’t like the above statement, it’s true! America is headed towards socialism and that will lead to bankrupting our nation or a dictatorial leader assuming power. Socialism is always indicative of a strong man or despot assuming power for the good of the people and nationalizing its corporate industry. Fascism can also become a reality if you have a revolution or a national catastrophe in which a leader assumes dictatorial power and marshal law is proclaimed but then never relinquished.

Please remember the parable: when a nation keeps awarding itself huge gifts from its treasury and ceases to produce goods and create industry and begins importing all they need, they will then go back into slavery. Venezuela is a prime example of this and Greece is the prime example of a country going bankrupt. All of your communist nations are examples of socialism resulting in a leader assuming power for the good of the people and never relinquishing power.

My last piece of knowledge, be aware that it is a slippery slope. What started out as “a hand up” in the thirties went on to become welfare and that has since turned into entitlements. The old maxim “nothing in life is free” Everything that a government gives away is paid for by working Americans. The government doesn’t produce any wealth and has no money of its own. The money they dispense is the money we pay in taxes.

The nugget of wisdom I gleaned from this is: The smaller your government, the better. Massive governments are corrupted by greed and avarice. The leaders of all political parties, be they Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Libertarian, Capitalist, etc. all siphon money off for their own personal wealth. The basic fact that money and fame corrupt is an age old paradigm.