Name Calling


(1) Incongruity, Noun; Ridiculous behavior, BS, Bull Crap, Hot Air, Inappropriateness.

Our present day political arena is one of uproarious incongruity in which one hears specific names alluding to the political fight arena such as Democrat verses Republican or liberal verses conservative. These proponents are

the main bout contenders but we also have the other germane tiers such as: independents, libertarians and green party. These same parties are referred to as the "Far Right and Far Left" or inappropriately "capitalist verses socialist"

We also hear a lot of dyslexic misnomers such as Communism, Maoism, Bolshevism, Theocracy, Monarchy, Caliphs, Isis, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah.We often hear about our local denizens such as ANTI-FA, Nation of Islam, KKK, Skin Heads, Neo Nazi, Occupy Wall Street and so on and so forth.We might as well mention the LBGT which has bloomed into a non specific list of gender confused synonyms; LBGTQIA- REALLY!

The principal term I am hearing espoused repeatedly is the term Fascist or Fascism, applied endearingly to our President, Donald J Trump. I knew this was incorrect being I am a avid student of history. I can aptly name the notable fascist in recent history: Mussolini of Italy, Franco of Spain, Tito of Yugoslavia, Hitler of Germany and Togo of Japan. There are more but these were the most famous. I might add at this point that almost all these radical forms of government are initiated in by a strong man, dictator, despot, caliph or theocracy.

I will address Fascism first which everyone on the left is proclaiming President Trump to be its inherent icon. I will state that this is not true! President Trump has some fascist characteristics certainly, of that we have no doubt, but he is not a fascist nor are we becoming a fascist nation. This is political rhetoric. President Trump is at this time a nationalist or populist and we are still a representative republic. Nationalism and fascism are similar in several ways but it is a matter of degree being whether a strongman or dictator asserts himself. A dictator is also the common derivative/denominator of socialism, which I will address later.

Fascism comes from the Latin word fasces, which means"a bundle of sticks", used by Rome to symbolize their empire and strength. Fascism is also called "Belligerent Nationalism", in short,"our country is exceptional and don't try to tell me otherwise." It is also called "Corporatism" or "the Far Right." It is a merging of corporate and government and is sometimes called an"Oligarchy" which means the corporations control the government. In short, the production of goods by corporations is the most vital part of the economy and the government works with corporations to make them better and more productive. Fascism believes in the"Primacy of Nation" verses the "Protection of Rights." It advocates private ownership verse public or social ownership. Fascism is characterized by strong nationalistic and moral values. Fascism advocates morality and patriotism and the work ethic( They cling to their guns and Bibles). Fascism is conservative which emphasizes a "Natural Order" based on tradition and slow evolutionary change. Institutions adapt gradually with the times. It resists radical change.

A fascist economy aims at strengthening the nation, the propagation of nationalistic and moral principals and a national superiority. Fascism promotes economic growth which they believe all segments of society benefit.

Fascist are usually "anti-immigration and tout the glory and superiority of the state. All of this sounds familiar doesn't it? "Make America Great Again," extreme vetting and some bans on certain Muslim countries. How about a border wall and securing our southern border. How about reinventing our steel industries and using our abundant coal resources. Releasing government lands to oil and gas exploration.Privatizing some of the Space Exploration and the curtailing of regulations that hinder production.This certainly pertains to our present president in iridescent neon lights

Fascism repudiates that the "Majority Rules" by the mere fact that it is the majority. It affirms the immutable beneficial and fruitful inequality of mankind can never be permanently leveled- The poor will always be with us"-you cannot mandate equality. I might add that some people refer to us as a "democracy" which is idiotic misnomer because it means one man, one vote. So a democracy means the majority rules and by doing so, 51% of the populace disenfranchises the other 49% of the populace. Let that sink in!

I will close by saying Fascism is an acronym for Nationalism. President Trump is a nationalist and populist and displays most of the attributes of fascism but he has not seized power and become a dictator, nor will he ever. That is just the rhetoric of the left. Fascism is not a bad thing in that it builds a nation up with pride and puts her people to work producing goods and raising the nation's GDP. The problem is when they become dictatorial and get so full of themselves that they go to war with their neighbors to instill "our way is the best way" Just like religions saying "our way is the only way" Just look at Germany, after its defeat in WWI, it came back to become the strongest country in the world and the most technically advanced but was led by a crazed dictator who led Germany to ruin. What if they had never gone to war and had had good strong leadership instead? Now Japan was different, it went to war for resources because it was an island nation. Tito and Franco emerged from revolutions as strong men with an iron fist that subjugated all the factions in their nation and brought about a modicum of peace. Mussolini installed pride and tried to reformulate Italy into the New Roman Empire but came to ruin by allying itself with Germany and the stronger Germany took control.

I will not discuss Socialism in this blog because its definition would be as lengthy as this one. I will state that socialism is the opposite of fascism and it advocates the community, village, for the sake of the people type of government. There is no individuality nor is achievement and ambition propagated and there is no real incentives, it is all about communal sharing and equality. I will state that is has never worked for any length of time in any country in the history of the world but that will be another blog post.