The Myth of Socialism

In my last blog post, “Wake Up Call,” I mentioned two topics on which I wished to opine, which means I wish to grip about or impugn the seemingly uneducated or uninformed millennials. This post addresses the second topic that has increasingly becoming acutely alarming and disturbs me to no end. The first blog post was about the spread of Islam by seemly innocent migration. This second blog post is the seemly innocent but uninformed leanings of our millennials towards Socialism. This naivety on their part, I can only assume, is their lack of historical study or they have just drank too much of the liberal progressive cool aid.

I am going to state emphatically that Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world or at any time in the history of the world. It has been implemented numerous times and usually by a strong man /dictator who installs himself as a despotic ruler with absolute power. The institution of socialism fails very quickly in terms of longevity. The old adage is true: “that socialism only works until they run out of other people’s money".

The object of socialism is the promise of mandated equality for all its citizens. The taxes they impose are outrageous and burdensome but they cry “it’s for the good of the people and it’s your duty.” They plunder the rich and seize their money and assets. Their motto is “the rich aren’t paying their fair share” They seize control of industry such as petroleum and electricity and water facilities. They decry anyone or anything that is successful and promise they will stop them from taking advantage of the citizenry. They promise the utopia or celestial heavenly image of everyone being equal and regarded with equality, regardless of wealth or status. Basically they promise heaven on earth. To the poor and disadvantaged it is a ray of hope and cure to their plight.

Socialism is the big lie of the twentieth century. While it promises prosperity, equality and security, it delivers poverty, misery and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery.

I am usually ambivalent to the opinions of other people because I rely upon my own common sense. A common sense that is tried and true and most times very reliable. I was recently instructing some young new masons in the masonic ritual and discovered this phenomena. I was basically asked “what’s wrong with socialism” I was then informed by them that both Canada and Mexico, our neighbors, both practice socialism and that most of Europe and the EU practiced some form of socialism. I was quick to remind them that Canada has a socialistic welfare system but otherwise is a capitalistic country as is most of the European Union. You are forced to pay higher income and sales taxes to pay for this system but basically they promise you government care from the cradle to the grave.

We Americans pay approximately $2.50 a gallon for gasoline and about 10 to 20 % income tax according to your income. The Europeans pay upwards to $7.00/ 8.00 a gallon and 40 to 60 % income taxes. I will submit that if you are born and raised in that sort of system it would seem normal to you. We Americans fought The Revolutionary War over “Taxation without representation.”

Now our southern neighbor, Mexico, has gone farther down the road of socialism in that they have socialized welfare but also have seized some industry such as their petroleum industry. They kicked out all the foreign oil companies and nationalized their petroleum industry and it is called Pemex. Their welfare system is not a model to be copied. We had a friend who shattered her ankle and needed to be treated but she was in a bed in the hallway of their welfare hospital for three days waiting for a room. We and her friends chipped in and had her put in a private facility.

You will find that Mexicans with some money and wisdom come to the USA to be treated for the more serious maladies. It is the same with Canadians, if you need a by-pass or hip or knee replacement, you come to the USA to get it done quickly.

In Europe, their socialistic welfare system is good for young people and young families with children. It is horrendous for the elderly in some ways. Sure, you get put in a retirement home and provided care and supervision until you die but if you need a heart by-pass at 70 or 80, they give you an aspirin and tell you to go home to your assisted living facility and die. They will not spend the money on a 70 or 80 year old. Now if you need a knee or hip replacement then you are put on a waiting list for sometimes a year or more. Again they don’t want to spend money on the elderly.

If you are young and have young children then it is a pretty good system because you are the future. Wages, child care, preventive medicine, paid maternity leave and all the perks you are entitled to. If you are elderly then they are compassionate but frugal in that they don’t wish to spend good socialistic dollars on people awaiting their appointed hour to die. Even in America, the Obama ACA wanted you to attend “end of life seminars” for the elderly.

Also one of the maladies of socialism is the lack of skilled and talented doctors. Doctors who have spent a dozen or more years in medical school want to be rewarded. Socialism doesn’t reward anyone and only ask for sacrifice. The doctors are allocated a salary and asked to donate their services for the good of the state. Wrong! These talented individuals immigrate to places like the USA where they can make real money and build wealth. They want a palatial house and drive a Mercedes or Jaguar and play golf at the country club. They don’t want humble gratitude, they want money.

Socialism offers a pernicious seductive appeal, but in the long run, socialism has proven to be a formula for tyranny and misery. Socialism fails because it ignores incentives, profit and wealth. Socialism fails because it kills the human spirit, just ask the people fleeing socialist countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. The human spirit wants to excel and be recognized, to develop wealth and esteem. We want a compliment on how well we’ve done.

Capitalism, though not perfect, provides a powerful system of incentives that promote thrift, hard work and efficiency, capitalism creates wealth. The main difference between capitalism and socialism is this; Capitalism Works!

In history, the Socialist always present an imperfect choice. They always present a perfect idea or utopian image of socialism and compare it to an imperfect Capitalism. Historical evidence overwhelmingly favors Capitalism. One must keep in mind that Socialism is the vanguard or road to Communism.

These young millennials must remember that it is hard work, ambition and talent that will get you where you want to be. The promise of security is always a compromise of your freedoms. They must remember that the government doesn’t create wealth and that nothing, absolutely nothing is free, and someone pays for it. They consider this idealist socialism while still being fostered by their parents throughout their college careers. Eventually they will see what the government withholds from their pay checks, provided they get jobs and work, to aid those that don’t work and they will suddenly realize that they are actually conservatives. It is a humbling learning experience. Enjoy!