Wake Up call

Why do I write? I would deem it to be an effort in futility being I think most of you readers will note the article and author and immediately delete or send it scurrying into the trash bin or deleted file. I think with my fingers and this gives me ample time to read and re-read, reflect and ponder the aforementioned text, editing it as I proceed.

I have two topics that have been worrisome to me of late and I wish to expound. I am an acutely pragmatic person who is rife with loads of common sense and prophetic wisdom. My first topic is about America’s academia leanings towards “Socialism” My second topic is the diluting, if not dissolution, of a country’s culture by the influx of foreign immigrants. I will leave the first for a later post and address the second.

I imagine some of my liberals friends just raised their eyebrows and signed off because they see this as just another tirade about our southern border but it is not, so please read it thru and you may learn something. I will simply state a few facts and examples and let you decide.

The Middle East and Levant were once Christian with other religious entities scattered about after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Greek and Roman Gods were supplanted by a new faith, Christianity, even Turkey and Egypt. Along came Mohammed and the Muslim faith and most of the western Mediterranean and North Africa was converted by the Islamic sword, confess Allah or die. A simple yet proven evangelistic technique. The Muslim European advance was stemmed at Vienna both in 1529 and in 1683. Spain’s Isabel and Ferdinand drove the Moors out of Spain in 1492, after 800 years of occupation. Turkey and the Ottomans and Islam were again defeated at great costs during World War One.

Okay you say! What are you implying? Please look at today’s world. Greece was once a larger nation but has now had to cede part of its nation, Macedonia, the birth place of Alexander the Great. Let us look on the other side of Greece at Albania, a Muslim enclave left over after The Ottomans. From Albania the Muslims spread outward into Yugoslavia but the communist leader, Tito, ruled all the people of his country with the crushing iron fist of communism. After Tito’s death, Yugoslavia fragmented into factious territories. Civil War broke out and the Muslims seized cities and districts which had always been Christian such as Kosovo. Serbia went to reclaim its previous territory and instituted Ethnic Cleansing. The murder and displacement of the Muslims who had seized what they deemed as their country. This horrendous genocide spurred the United Nations to intervene and the Bosnian War resulted.

The Croats and Serbs hate each other regardless of religion. Yugoslavia is now divided into eight enclaves or countries: Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. The countries are divided between Muslim, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. There is no love amongst anyone but the Muslims are slowly encroaching and spreading out. Why? Because the Ayatollahs of Iran and Palestinians have issued a Fatwas to every Muslim to have as many children as you can and thus overcome Israel and the world by sheer number.

We see the same thing in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. Those countries have had huge influxes of Muslim immigrants from Syria who will never return to their home country. France and Italy are awash with North African immigrants. France will soon lose its French identity because France is over a third Islamic. There are more mosques in France now than churches. These immigrants don’t want to become French, they want their own Moroccan or Algerian culture and enclaves in France. They want Halal food and Sharia law in their neighborhoods plus Islamic schools.

Italy is trying to get tough, Germany’s Merkel regrets her decision, Sweden and the Baltic States are changing their laws. These immigrants will never return home and they seek to make your country into an image of their own country. It is a mass wave of humanity assaulting Europe, breaking down Europe’s borders. It resembles a ravenous zombie apocalypse devouring and infecting their hosts with the virulent disease of their previous culture. And all of us know that Al Qaeda and Hamas and a slew of other terrorist came right along with those immigrants. After a couple of years of unemployment and living on the dole with no respect and certainly prejudiced bias by the locals, they will become disenchanted and discouraged and start to side with their Islamic Zealots and foment chaos in their host country.

You laugh but you shouldn’t. Quebec has threatened to secede from Canada to form its own French enclave or nation. Great Briton has had Ireland form their own country because of Protestant and Catholic rifts. Scotland has always had enmity towards England. To beat all, in all of the United States you have to press two for Spanish and some of our highway signs are now in both English and Spanish. Gads! The next time we elect a liberal progressive president or socialist, you might see Texas try to secede from the union again.

To wrap this up. Borders are always changing especially after wars but please be extremely aware of the Islamic wave that is spreading outwards all over the world. Indonesia, a very populous nation, is Muslim, The Pakistani are fighting the Hindus and Buddhist of India. The old soviet nations, Khalistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and all the other “stans” are Muslim and at odds with Russia. Of course we have the dialog with Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. Islam is spreading like wildfire and wants to consume the world and convert the world to Islam. Already in Michigan and Minnesota the Muslims have petitioned for and got Halal food in the restaurants asking us to eat their ritually prepared food. Enough said! I beg you to Wake Up!