I Beseech Thee! Don’t Eat the Seed Corn

I read an article many long years ago that had an image of this gaunt, withered old woman pleading, arms out stretched,with the above mentioned phrase captioned. I don’t remember much about the article but the image of that woman has lingered. It was a pin and ink drawing with simple lines but depicted this frail old woman with her hands held out, not begging but pleading. The smooth open lines of the pin and ink image captured an emptiness, a loss of hope and the prophetic sequence of consequential events that would eventually lead to starvation. Who she was pleading to, was left in the abstract.

I was surprised when this image and phrase was recalled and impertinently placed in my dream. I have wrestled with this inordinate poetry sprite for years. An impish scoundrel who inappropriately annoys me with prose and rhyming pentameter, especially the Old English words that I have to research as to their diction.

I spent a morning searching for the same said article and picture but with no results. It would seem my search engine was as frustrated as myself. What I found had no bearing on what I was seeking to convey. All the references were to money management and not spending your principal. In other words; leave your savings alone and let the account accrue interest thus building your portfolio.

This was not the purport on which I deemed to expound. I am such an easy mark and an obedient one. The nexus of the thought was tasked to me thus I submited to my sprite’s impromptu urging. I suppose it is noble of me not to simply ignore it and forget about the whole thing. This trait is peculiar to me because I will invariably call someone who comes to mind because I think I have been nudged to do so. Some examples would be; I thought of a former pastor the other day so I called him to see how he was doing. I had a friend message me on "Messenger", asking me to pray for him. I did so but it bothered me for several days until I finally called to see if I could help him in any manner but not wanting to pry.

I would deem it as sort of a command to act. When someone comes to mind, then I think God has put that person’s name into my conscious so it is my duty to call and see “What’s Up.” I guess I am like that because of the stories I’ve read. Such as this man who was in a destitute circumstance and feeling hopeless, sitting at his kitchen table holding a butcher knife. He was thinking of killing his wife and children to keep them from starving and suffering and then killing himself. It was in the wee hours of the morning and no lights, only moonlight. At the exact moment he decided to carry out his murderous deed, a bag of money came thru an open window and landed on the table in front of him. Someone had acted on an irrational impulse and obeyed God thus saving this man and his family unbeknownst as to their circumstance. There you go, I will leave you with that. I hope you have read the same story.

“Please don’t eat the seed corn” is a farmer’s parable. A farmer always lays aside seed from the bounty of the harvest to plant next year’s crop. When things are good, people tend not to think about the future and invariably eat and enjoy the good life. When things are bad and you become hungry, then you are tempted to eat the seed corn but with that act you ensure starvation the next year when you have no seed to plant. A conundrum of far-reaching events that ensure starvation and destruction.

So what is the point of this post? It is certainly not to obfuscate which means to confuse or bewilder nor to obscure and make unclear. Maybe it’s just to make you think. Are we, as Americans, expending our resources as well as our political capital unwarranted?

What about our energy resources which is really pertinent. America is booming and we are expending energy at a phenomenal rate. There is now more demand both nationally and worldwide. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, literally everyone who has oil reserves are increasing production of an already dwindling reserve of crude oil. What happens when you can no longer increase production? I must foretell a for-certain prophecy, the price of gas will sky rocket in the future and it will not be one president’s fault. It is us, the guzzlers, of what seems to be unlimited resource but it is not. The world will consume it and unlike corn, we can’t replace or regrow it.

What about the USA and our cities? We can’t continue to expand and gobble up our arable farm land with urban sprawl. We must start building up instead of out in order to save our arable land from development.

There is just so much that we use and expend wastefully with no thought of our future. Water will be the biggest problem. Clean, potable water for human use. I would bet you haven’t thought about it. Some of our rivers no longer reach the ocean, their water is siphoned off upstream. One day you will have to decide; Do I drink it? Do I shower with it? Do I flush the toilet with it? Do I irrigate cropland to grow food? Fresh water is a diminishing quantity and wars will be fought over this commodity, another prophetic prophecy.

I envision a lot of adaptations to our human population. I see desalination plants in our future but then again, they are dependent upon oil and gas to run them thus we come full circle. I see people living more moderately by living in high rises, two bedroom flats and mass transportation instead of individual cars. I predict water will be rationed in most parts of the world. Wasting water will become a crime thus we can imagine the dire parched landscapes we see in the science fiction movies.

Don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have enough worries of its own. I like the term used in the miniseries, Game Of thrones, “winter is coming” Mankind must find some wisdom and there are hard choices to be made. I think population control is the primary one. The world must cease to overpopulate the world. There are just too many people for the world's resources. Mankind is depleting our oceans and without healthy oceans mankind will assuredly die off.

Mother Nature generally takes care of mankind's arrogance with a huge die off or kill off. I will now be prophetic again. With a certainty there will be future cataclysmic disasters. There will be wars of a certain, plagues and famine. I can predict racial unrest and class warfare and the overthrow of governments. These situations are common to mankind but there are those others, like meteorites and volcanic eruptions, droughts or even possibly alien contact that can decimate mankind.

I am sad because of what I see. I see foreign populations flooding our borders wanting to benefit from our resources. I see the third world breaching our walls like a zombie apocalypse wanting to loot what the first world has. I see politicians haggling over what I deem as silly and unwarranted brinkmanship as they wrestle for power. It is all about political and party identity and the power to govern. I look at our politicians and I can see no wisdom, only guile and corruption.

It is never one man's leadership but the greed of an unscrupulous society. A competition for power and party identity. Global Warming is but a hiccup, the earth will do what it wants. Please research "The Younger Dryas". The world will warm to a certain point until there is enough snow melt and fresh water to interfere with the ocean's overturn and then the earth will enter another Ice Age. The earth is cyclic my friends. In my lifetime, probably not, but say there was a huge volcanic eruption under Iceland, then yes, it would be almost overnight. What was and was before, will be again. So yea! let we humans continue to argue over alternative facts and illicit affairs and point our fingers in accusation. Let us pretend God belongs to a political party and is on our side. Let us continue to murder our young instead of simple contraception and moral attributes. The latest study or theory is that mankind is alone in the universe and there is no other sentient lifeforms out there. Why? Because civilizations destroy themselves internally from within or are exterminated from without, you decide!