The Entrails of Our deception

The complicity of my thought process to my rationale is often complex even to the point of me being disillusioned and perplexed. I seem to ponder the intricacy of any given topic until I am agitated and fraught with frustration. I wanted to use the word anxiety, but I am seldom anxious about anything. I don’t wring my hands or become over fixated, I just think too long and stew on a subject hoping to arrive at an adequate and amiable conclusion.

Is the word pain an equivalent word for the word sorrow? Does the sorrow I feel equate itself to heart ache or let’s say the sadness one is often seized with? Pain is sharp and acute, externally annoying, as one copes with its persistent intrusion upon ones senses, it assaults your body. Pain is definitive and to the point of being able to localize its source and the whereabouts of its sensitive prick, jab or stab.

Sorrowful sadness is akin to a darkness that envelopes you with a cloak-like heaviness that settles upon you like a fatigue, with its aches and weariness. It lays heavily on you, attacking the introspection of your mind like some burdensome responsibility pleading with your soul. It is an encumbrance to be carried under the preverbal pale of despair, a hopelessness, a prophetic encroaching doom. I equate it with losing a love one or a pet.

I am experiencing a disparity of mixed emotions or torments of the mind, weighing the alternatives and diaspora of views held by friends and acquaintances. There is an intrusion of innumerable thoughts and an associated melancholy that pervades my essence.

I am a senior, far along in years, yet my memory is keen, here in the winter of my life. I am appreciative of the life I have led and of being a citizen of this great nation. I reminisce about a by gone era that encompassed my youth and formative years. I was a star that once shone brightly but now dims and fades in the midst of an ever approaching darkness. Not an earthly doom or apocalypse but a cessation of what I deemed to be a better world.

To the point of this piece, I am saddened and reticent in regards to the people and atmosphere of this country’s political and moral subterfuge of our basic family values and of the moral rectitude of its citizenry. It would seem I have arrived or have been transported to another universe because I don’t recognize this world. My soul, my being, moans in discomfiture and my essence groans as if suspended in a world of nowhere, the in-between, the underside of existence.

My soul is withered by the immorality of and the divergent opinions of our new age populace. I am dumbfounded by the lack of common sense and the adherents of perverse and immoral conduct not to mention the disrespect for our governmental institutions and law enforcement. My mind gasps and struggles to understand the new mentality. The world seems to be repudiating God, spurning faith and maligning traditional family values.

Our nation can no longer defend its borders because of political brinksmanship. New age thought wants us to celebrate what I always deemed as unnatural. The norm is man, woman and children but now we must uphold a woman’s right to kill her offspring and celebrate the nonstandard behavior of the LBGT and Gender Confused. I don’t condemn them but they aren’t the natural order of things. There is a blueprint and it’s called Mother Nature.

There is literally a panacea for what ails this nation. I feel like one of the Biblical prophets in the Old Testament lamenting the falling away from God by Israel. I am lamenting the decline of America. I want to return to that bygone era where children were introduced to God in primary school and were taught to love and respect our parents, teachers and the policeman. We were spanked and disciplined. It was an honor and duty to serve your country. I learned the pledge of allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer in first grade. We were taught morality by Biblical stories like David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah, Noah and the Ark, Adam and Eve, Daniel in the lion’s den. We started 1st grade at 6 years of age, there was no kindergartens, pre-K or pre-K to pre-K. Our nation evolved and did away with segregation but now it seems the minorities, be they brown, black or yellow, want to return to isolating themselves and create their own nation, segregated from the evil whites.

It seems that political power outweighs common sense. The USA cannot encourage amnesty, it only invites millions more to our borders. I am fine with immigration but it must be legal. We have laws but why our political parties won’t let us enforce them is a conundrum. Common sense tells me we should communicate with all the world’s leaders. Common sense tells me we need fair trade, China sells everything to us but we can’t sell anything there. It is unconscionable to me that you would harass a person in a restaurant because of their political party. I am stressed that our law enforcement officers and military have been demeaned and portrayed as evil. Common sense states emphatically that you negotiate from a position of strength. Negotiating without leverage is begging. Common sense truth is: with a gun I am a citizen, without a gun I am a subject. Common sense tells me a nation needs a budget just like families, you can’t spend more than you make otherwise you will become bankrupt. Common sense tells me you can’t mandate equality, that ambition and getting ahead and making money is a good thing. Common sense tells me we need law enforcement like ICE to round up and deport drug dealers and bad illegals like the drug cartels and MS-13

I want an America that can build a solar wall along our southern border or beat china and Russia to Mars. America built the Hoover Dam and the Empire State Building on time and under budget. Our industry was the envy of the world as well as the guarantees in our constitution. America is a country of laws where you can’t be arrested and put in a gulag without due process. America was a great nation but our deviation from morality and the rule of law is fast leading us away from being the leading country of the world. It is predicted that China will assume that role by 2030 and maybe the world currency will change from the dollar to the yen. They are fast building a bigger Navy than ours, they already have the largest army in the world and have satellites orbiting earth that just have to be detonated. Maybe God will turn from us and allow the United States to fall into captivity like Israel. Why? Because of our depravity and abandonment of our innate Godly values. America needs a REVIVAL! An urgent propriety to propitiate God!