Despicable Politics

It has been a quite a while since I have opined on the political atmosphere in America and it is with hesitation that I do so even now.

I have read that after you write a political tirade or diatribe or just basically howl in print, then you should edit it several times, ponder it, re-write it and again edit it and finally, press delete. I can’t do that! Too much effort went into writing this piece of verbiage!

I have grown so tired of the political talking points from both political parties and I am especially weary of all the Trump hatred that is continually spewed forth every day from the early morning wake up shows to late night comedy. I am saddened and disheartened by all the vitriol and filth issuing forth from both our opposing parties. Politics are politics and they are a robust foundation of any democracy. The governments and institutions of the entire world are determined by politics and the egregious pursuit of power even if they are dictatorial or theocratic. Politics and politicians rule the world, one-up-man-ship or brinkmanship is the game that is played, all in pursuit of power.

How can I pre-requisite this post so that I sound neutral and unbiased (I am neither!). I know who I am and what I believe. I have spent a lifetime determining my values and ethical perimeters. Why do I have to be labeled as a democratic, republican or independent? Why are there classifications of liberal, progressive, conservative and socialist? How does your education determine who you are? Is an academic more wise or astute than a blue collar worker with good common sense? I find it ridiculous that Hollywood actors, academia, politicians, Californians, New Yorkers, and their ilk think they are brighter and more enlightened than normal everyday people such as myself?

Sadly I have arrived at the conclusion that it is party identity that determines most people’s stance on any given subject and not the pros or cons of the issue. I am aware that what I write in this post will change no one’s opinion. If you despise Trump then nothing I say here will persuade you otherwise. All of the democrats and liberals I know will not veer from their party’s platform.

I live in Laredo, Texas which is 99% Catholic. Practically everyone in this area owns guns and lots of them. There is a lot of ranch land and numerous law enforcement agencies, especially The US Border Patrol managing our border with Mexico. I have liberal democratic friends in my church and in my masonic lodge, friends with whom I avoid topics like abortion, gun control, gay rights, LBGT, gender bias issues, illegal immigration, military sequestration and welfare issues and the list goes on and on. I know they want a secure border and a deterrent to illegal immigration but yet stand with their party in opposition to literally anything the other party proposes. If their party was in power and their party’s president proposed it, then they would be for it. It is totally true but inane, which means incomprehensibly absurd!

It is basically the same with all the other subjects. They won’t say killing an unborn is evil but just genuflect and say they are for abortion because it is the law and yet take communion every Sunday unrequited of the actual horror of the procedure. They are veterans and law enforcement and if their party managed to make the US like Great Briton and Australia, would be fine with taking away America’s weapons. If their political party is for gays in the military or having separate bathrooms for gender confused kids or letting them use the bathroom of their choice, then my liberal friends are for it. They will not stand by an opinion of their own but always stand with their political party. Obama was the greatest thing since sliced bread and Trump is the consummate evil overlord.

I will try to point out a few of the blaring contrary positions our political parties take without arguing the minute differences.

Our present president is talking to North Korea and its leader about nuclear disarmament and the end of the Korean War. Reunification of the Korean Peninsula and addressing the consternation of our allies in the region. Negotiating! What part of that don’t you understand?

All I hear from the other party is disparagement. How dare he do this! No American president has ever met with this tyrant. He is unprepared and inexperienced and is going to herald in an apocalypse. Ridiculous!

None of us know what the future holds, Trump has brought our hostages home, got numb nuts to destroy two nuclear sites and got him to the table and got China on board to help us. He has paid no one 165 billion dollars. He is wheeling and dealing which is his forte. A McDonalds in Pyongyang and a stop to our military drills. Give the Koreans a taste of the West. What is wrong with that? The left would rather he fail and have a war occur, just anything to discredit Trump. The left is insane!

Ah! Let us take a tour into American history. Nixon met with communist China, Wow! Clinton enabled Korea’s nuclear ambitions, Wow! Obama made a deal with the evil ayatollahs of Iran and Obama and Hillary had a reset with Putin. Obama reopened relations with the cruel dictatorship of communist Cuba.

Our present president is criticized continually for talking to Russia’s Putin but every president of the US has talked to Putin since he gained power. Wouldn’t we rather talk? Or would you rather go to war over Russia’s annexation of Crimea or its incursion into Ukraine or into the Baltic's? Again, Ridiculous!

It is outrageous that we, as Americans can’t agree on a secure border and a solution to illegal immigration. It is so simple but yet I want to punch those someone’s who are opposed to solutions by this president just because of party politics. Clinton, Obama, Bush and congress all voted for a wall but this president seems to want to fulfill those previous commitments, but it is opposed by the other party and some in his own caucus just because of their prissy stubbornness and vitriolic hatred.

Everyone and I mean everyone knows or should agree that amnesty is not a solution, it only encourages more illegal immigration. (See Reagan Amnesty) This president has a decent solution but is dramatically opposed. American will not deport the DACA kids (dreamers) nor their parents. Instead of 800,000 kids he has agree to let 1.8 million of them stay (family intact) but no amnesty. They fill out a petition for citizenship and get in line, no chain migration or lottery, we won’t deport you. In return he wants a wall which the Border Patrol agrees will help tremendously. Part of the wall has already been built in California and illegal immigration and drug smuggling is down by 89% in that sector (check it out). This is what is wrong with America, party politics, obstinate opposition because of party identity.

The present dilemma at the border is another conundrum. Separating minor children from their parents. The law has always been there since 1997 and was passed by a Democratic congress. Obama and Bush chose to ignore it, the present president is only enforcing it. Both parties are using these children as pawns for their political strategy. Trump is forcing the issue to make congress and the democrats come up with a solution now instead of using it as a political weapon in the fall. He wants a bill passed and made into law and does not want to do an Executive Order. That is a simple truth my friends. It is all smoke and mirrors by both parties. Democrats want the issue to use against Trump in the fall and Trump said he doesn’t like what he is doing but is calling out the democrats and congress to do something now, pass a law and correct it. As for the crazy stuff at the border, it is just another angle to get into the US.

Ask a Border Patrol agent, you can apply for asylum at any American embassy anywhere in the world so you don’t need to show up at our border. Bringing children along helps because of the sympathy it generates. The Border Patrol states that a lot of these children are used by people who aren’t even related to them and are borrowed or forced to come along with them. All this is just another scheme to get admission into the US. We will not send an unaccompanied child back to his home of origin that is why they are being abandoned.

To wrap all of this up, I will state that I am a little of all the talking points of both parties. I can listen and arrive at my own conclusions and keep my party identity out of the picture. I didn’t vote for the president in the last election because I thought they were both deplorable. I have voted across party lines which is an impossibility for most of my democratic acquaintances. I voted for Reagan the second time, Jimmy Carter, Ross Perot and Clinton the second time. I voted for Bush, McCain and Romney. I probably would have voted for O’Malley if he had gotten the democratic nomination. I wasn’t upset when Obama won two terms, Hope and change was a wait and see thing. I became disillusioned after six years eventually and grew tired of his social experimentation and the debasement of our law enforcement and military sequestration and the promotion of the LBGT agenda and of course the gender bias issue.

I will exasperatedly howl my frustration! If you are speeding down the highway and get pulled over, it is your fault! If you were really going fast, you get a reckless driving ticket and skyrocketing insurance premiums. You willfully broke the law of the land on purpose. If you are smuggling illegals or in possession of drugs then you are arrested and carried to jail. You appear before a judge and usually have to use your home as security to post bail. Then you have a court date or go to trial and maybe go to jail. You don’t skip bail because you or your family will lose the house or the money put up as a bail bond. If you go to jail then your children are given to family or put in foster care.

Pretty simple and clear but yet you slobbering, weeping haranguers are wringing your hands and saying we should be lenient and compassionate to these illegals who are breaking our laws and abandoning their children at the border. They are gaming our system with the full intent of abusing the U.S. and our social welfare. They come here knowing you idiots will collapse in a blubbering heap and petition our government to offer preferment to these illegals over our own sick and needy, not to mention our veterans. Now an illegal shows up with a minor, is arrested and the child separated. You can’t keep a child detained but for 20 days so now we are going to reunite the children with their supposed parent and release them into the US.

So all you have to do now is come to America with a child, spend 20 days in detention and then get released with a court date. Only 3% come back for their court date, the rest disappear into the countryside. Thank You! You Trump hating idiots! Open Borders! That is what you wanted!

I was a father and the parent of children. It was my duty to rear them correctly and instill in them our traditional American values. We made rules and we set perimeters and gave our children guidelines and limitations and raised them in Godly faith. I can only conclude that the left wants open borders and more poor people because they will eventually vote Democratic and don’t give a damn about bankrupting our nation! The democrats just say print more money! I say "Build the Wall! Secure our Borders!" Then we can address the illegals here.

A real parent who can abandon their child at the border is no genuine parent. It is absolutely unconscionable to me to think a parent can walk away from their child or give it to a stranger or relative to use to gain access into the US. There are 20 to 25 million illegals in the US and they didn’t come here seeking asylum, it’s just a new wrinkle.

Gad! I want to literally pull out my hair and scream like a maniacal screeching banshee at the literal gullibility of the populace of the US. Charity and compassion are the churches and relief agencies forte. Our compassion is the biblical salt applied sparingly and with plenty of forethought. Enforcement of our laws and protection of our borders are our government’s duty. In Masonry we have a directive: to help, aid and assist the poor and penniless, widows and orphans, So far as their necessities may require and my ability will permit, they applying to me as such and I deeming them worthy. This is all political! This separation thing for illegal alien children has been around since 1997 and has just now become an issue and political tool of both parties. The democrats and liberals are screaming “we are better than this.” Then do something! You asinine democrats and republicans, put a bill on the floor and get it passed into law now. No temporary executive order fix, fix it, it’s your job and quit this deplorable rhetoric.