My Attempt at Writing a Contemporary Poem, Work in Progress, Take IV.

My daughter recently sent me a video of last month's Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is the second full moon of any given month. She had risen early and drove to the top of Pensacola Beach Bay Bridge and viewed the partial eclipse of the moon as it sank beneath the horizon at sunrise.

The moon turns into an ominous red orb during the eclipse because of the Earth's reflection upon it. It is worth the effort as I have seen it several times in my lifetime. Her video captured the event but the video was a tad blurry which made the reflection unique because of the shimmering reflection upon the waters of the bay.

I remarked that there was a poem in there somewhere and I gave a brief poetic description,. I had a word here I wanted to use, phlegethon( a fiery stream of light), but couldn't make it work. There was some dialogue as to whether the reflection looked like silver ribbons, quicksilver or diamonds, etc. A woman suggested I write a real piece of prose and thus this effort.

I am old school and like rhyme but decided to do an impromptu contemporary poem which is frighteningly foreign to me. I was going to upload my daughter's video to this post but she informed me that it had disappeared and she didn't know how to recover it. The photos above are of a regular moon, a Blue moon and a red tinted Moon, but the eclipse was not captured here.


About reflections.

Ought there be a word,

Such as:

Logomachy, enumerated as:

An incorrect use of words.

Oh but I belch!

Hiccupish words!

Inane! Ridiculous! Obtuse!

My moronic attempt at writing

Laconically! To be more concise!

Ought thereto be a better word?

Tis my perverse use of

Such boisterous words!

Twas a shabby endeavor

To offhandedly impress

An innocent of

My provocative Wit,

However diminutive.

Breviloquence! You see!

My excessive hypercathexis

Of Brachylogy!

A Brevity of diction, a discourse!

Be they crystalline or opaque,

Diamonds or diadems?

To narrate, convey or intrude

Upon the naive, my cognizance,

My purview of sublime things.

An artistic license to orate?

Mundane interpretations of

The nuances of the Ethereal!

The Empyrean!

Dreamy images of an inordinate mind.

To enunciate, To articulate:

Tinseled seafoam, silvered threads,

White gems.

Glittering, shimmering, sparkling,

Scattered or strewn afoot,

Or cast luxuriantly upon

The Pensacola Bay Bridge

Amidst a misty aqueous myrrh.

The sensual tidings of the tides.

Celestial sequins sewn upon or

Pinned abreast Mother’s Milk

By the needle pricks of

A million stars.

Undulating and shivering,

Akin to a living, breathing thing.

Sublime nocturnal luminance.

Luna, her Blue Moon’s essence

Revealed and displayed,

In a revelry of dancing Fairies,

Pirouetting faintly in the haze

Of rippling wavelets.