Mein Weltanschauung

Politicians, like diapers needs to be changed often and for the same reason!

  1. Weltanschauung: (velt-ahn-shou-oong) Noun, World View.

  2. Senectitude: (si-Nek-ti-tood, tyood) Noun, Old Age.

  3. Exeleutherostomize: Verb, to speak freely.

I have a website called “Wordsmith” in which I receive a new word everyday via Email. In my blog post I refer to myself as a “wordsmith” because of my propensity for new words, many of which I share with my subscribers. You may look at the above words and laugh at their absurd outlandishness. The first word is German and is basically useless because I will never use it in any script other than this one. The second word is unique in that it will be recorded in my memory to perhaps impress someone one day when brought to mind. The third word’s spelling is longer than its definition and is an exaggeration of pompous diction. In other words I intend to expound or exeleutherostomize (speak freely) my world view (weltanschauung)

The title of this post is “My Worldview” which is a misnomer to say the least. There is just too much rhetoric on any given topic today to postulate a simplistic solution or insight. The United States is sharply divided politically between liberal and conservative, democrat and republican. There seems to be no middle ground, much less a modicum of independent thought.

This too is a misconception because both positions share certain ideologies with each other: For instance, I know plenty of democrats who are pro second amendment, pro-military, pro-law enforcement and pro-life. Namely they own or carry guns, they support funding and increasing our military (Hawks). They back up our law officers against the perps that accuse them of improper persecution and they abhor abortion and are pro-life.

On the other side, there are conservatives who will agree to the strictest background investigations for gun ownership and proper training to carry or own a firearm and for the proper securement of firearms in the home. There are conservatives that believe that gender diverse individuals should be aided in integrating into society and not be ostracized. There are conservatives who want the DACA kids to remain in the USA because they are in every way Americans. There are conservatives who want comprehensive immigration reform and want a pathway for the 25 million illegals here to gain citizenship. There are conservatives who will concede to the use of abortion for rape, incest, or mal-deformities.

I have observed that most democrats are harnessed to their party. In other words they have always been democratic, their parents were democrats and no matter the topic they will side with the party’s platform. They will support their party’s candidate no matter the circumstance. In other words they are tunnel visional and refuse to consider any alternative other than their party’s platform and candidate or nominee.

On the other hand, conservatives are not so much party oriented. They tend to resist change and liberal thought and progressive ideas. They are more religiously intolerant of change and stand by traditional values. They are apt to quote a Bible verse as their stance on any given topic. They see themselves as victims of oppressive government doctrines or social experimentation. They are practical and common sense people with simple insights such as “if we have to have budgets and live within our means then the government should too. Conservatives are not deep into the philosophy of liberal thought but will cling to a tried and true resolutions rather than experiment with an unknown. This is why you see the Republican Party so often divided on topics such as spending and debt or the DACA controversy. Whereas the Democrats are in lock step like goose stepping troops saluting a despotic leader.

For Instance: The controversy concerning DACA and a border wall. I will attempt to dissect the conundrum of these two topics. I think everyone in the USA has a heart or sympathy for these young people who were brought here as babies. They have attended our schools and been a part of our society since they were preschoolers and elementary students. They know nothing else other than our American culture. These young people are faultless because they were brought here as infants and children. Let’s give them legalization and make them legal Americans. Done Deal! Great! Hoo-rah! Now we must look at the ramifications of doing so.

Their parents came here illegally and broke our immigration laws. The people who hired them and gave them sanctuary also broke the law. They obtained false documents illegally and enrolled their children in our schools illegally. They don’t own property so they don’t pay property taxes and school taxes. 75% are on or use some sort of government assistance especially if they have children, whether it be food stamps or health care, W.I.C. or school lunches. They exist on the fringes without auto or liability insurance and have no rights.

Do we also make their parents citizens or do we deport them leaving their children here in the US? We can’t break up families will be the outcry. We can’t send the children back with their parents to their country of origin because they are American you say. Now instead of having 800,000 Dreamers, we have twenty five million people wanting or shall we say deserving citizenship. In other words this is the “back door” for granting amnesty to all the illegals in the USA.

One might remember that during the last two years of the Obama Presidency, all the children that were brought to our borders by their parents and instructed to seek residency in the USA. We didn’t turn them back did we? The third world is not dumb, they knew about and understood the ramifications of DACA. Now all those thousands of children are in the USA and have become Dreamers or DACA. They are the anchors for the chain migration scenario. They will sponsor their parents and their brothers and sisters. It never ends once you start because it progresses to aunts and uncles and then in-laws. One child can be the anchor or venue for bringing 30 or more people into the USA. The liberal democrats will roll their eyes and exclaim that the conservatives are exaggerating and hard hearted but in the same breath say we are a nation of laws. Unbelievable!

The irony is that it encourages more illegal immigration. President Reagan gave amnesty to 8 million illegals in 1986. The USA said we had fixed our problem and would secure our borders. Alas! Roughly twenty five years later we have 25 million more illegal immigrants. The Reagan amnesty encouraged more illegal immigration into our country. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. It is a conundrum, a catch 22 in that we fail to break the cycle. We are doing nothing to address the upstream problem.

I think most Americans would agree to provide a pathway to citizenship for all those in the USA illegally but we must prohibit an exponentially exorbitant number of new illegals from being encouraged by this amnesty. Eight million illegals in 1986, twenty five million illegals in 2017, using this ratio for an example, the USA will have seventy five million more illegals by 2050. The world is on its way to America and the industrialized western world. They are coming because there are jobs, better health care and basically a better way of life.

How do we prevent this scenario from occurring? Secure our borders! Please understand that if you prevent the cheap labor from coming in then you increase the standard of living for Americans because industry will have to pay higher wages and compete for laborers and give better benefits.

All the Democrats are protesting a wall but they are actually just protesting President Trump. Yes! They hate Trump and will oppose any measure he proposes (politics) The Democrats actually voted for a wall and better security in 2006 with 80 senate votes and again in 2013 during the Obama Presidency. Amazing isn’t it? Like I said, they oppose Trump! A wall is a monument to naivety I must admit. Of course it will not prevent illegal entry 100 percent but it serves as a barrier. There have always been barriers such as the oceans and desserts of the world. The mountain ranges have always been barriers. America could not expand westward because of the Appalachians Mountains. They had to go north into Ohio and Indiana or south thru Georgia and Alabama to get around them until Daniel Boone discovered the Cumberland Gap and opened up Kentucky and the west.

Ask any Border Patrol agent (I challenge you) and they will tell you a wall will work, it is another tool that aids them. Look to the border, when Americans have a wall, they build right up next to it because they feel safe and secure. A wall is a positive thing and it will make America feel better. Barriers are always good because they limit entry and funnel people and cargo thru gates and bridges and entry points. It is a control device and it is not perfect but better than what we have. Like it was suggested, let America make a Solar Wall and contribute to our electrical grid. We are Americans and we can do it! We must remember that a dirty nuclear bomb will probably come in thru our southern border and be detonated in a city such as Houston or Dallas/Fort worth.

The Western world is changing because the world is changing. The EU and open borders was an experiment and has failed. The world is becoming more dangerous with religious zealots wanting to destroy our way of life. Look at Israel, their wall protects their very existence. North Africa Muslims are invading southern Europe thru Italy and Spain. War torn Syrians and Iraqi Muslims are invading Eastern Europe thru Greece and bringing their Islamic philosophy with them. Look what happened to Serbia and Yugoslavia, they were being overrun by Muslim immigration and tried to reaffirm or retake their country and began the ethnic cleansing atrocity. They lost that war and they had their country divided up and given to the Muslim enclaves of Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Christian nations ceded parts of their countries to the Muslims like Greece giving up Macedonia.

Common sense should prevail but it rarely does. Immigrants coming to America strengthens our country with diversity but should we let them cling to the corruption of their former domains. Let their children become Americans with American ideals but so often they seek to change us by instituting their third world environs into America.

Build the wall and make America feel more secure. Americans can deal with the illegals we have but how do we discourage more illegal immigration. There is a flood of humanity pounding at and pouring thru our borders. America must do away with chain migration and anchor babies and resort to a merit or point system like in Canada and Australia or basically like the rest of the world. There is a lot of hoopla about the president using the term “shit hole” countries. Don’t let politics disrupt your reasoning. America would accept a doctor or technically trained person from any country but we must limit the non-producers too our society. We need people who can support themselves and contribute to our GDP (gross national product). We already have enough poor that prefer federal and state assistance rather than working for minimum wage.

Again the democratic liberals roll their eyes and I become insane when I see Democrats deny common sense logic. I see a State like California thumb their noses at our nation’s laws. They uphold the insanely inane “sanctuary cities” and refuse to deport even the criminals. They want no wall, not even a fence, (open borders with Mexico) they legalized marijuana which is against federal law. Their judges issue their injunctions against anything President Trump proposes and the ninth circuit upholds them until overturned by the Supreme Court. Basically California is truly an obstructionist entity to anything this administration proposes.

The State of California is going to go bankrupt and will soon need a bailout as will New York. People are fleeing those states because of the taxes and cost of living. It is run by extreme liberal progressives and Hollywood. They kicked the military recruiting stations out and spurned our military. They uphold every LBGT agenda, even sodomy between consenting individuals. Yea! A grown man can sodomize an young boy if he consents but does that mean an adult male teacher can seduce and have sex with a young girl(12 or 13) if she is consensual? California is a pit of immoral iniquity and perverted in every sense to our national and moral standards. Open the Borders, let everyone in and send no one back, not even criminals and sexual offenders. “Nobody that makes it to America needs to be sent back without due process, America is a nation of laws” that was stated by California’s State District Attorney, Xavier Becerra, today on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday show. Can you actually stomach the hypocrisy? Just saying!