Innocuous Me? No!

(1) Sententious; (sen-ten-shuhs) Adjective, Abounding in pithy aphorisms and or maxims. Given to excessive moralizing and self-righteousness.

(2) Ultracrepidarian: (uhl-truh-krep-i-darir-ee-uhn), Adjective, noting or pertaining to a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise.

(3) Curmudgeon; (cur-mudg-eon), Noun, a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn opinions.

(4) Polemic; An aggressive attack on the validity of opinions or principals of another

I would suppose the above words describe me somewhat critically as would be deemed appropriate by my more liberal friends who I think are quietly shunning me. It is because I am have grown weary of all the hysterical maniacal hatred by the left for this President and their unending assault against him. Not because I am a Trump guy or in his camp but because I tend sympathize with anyone who I deem is being harshly abused. In my opinion he is doing a superb job with the United States economy. His manner is uncouth and crass but his businesslike approach to the dilemmas that confront us is refreshing. I remember well what it was like before with an inept and do nothing government who lied and idled about at their leisure accomplishing not much of really anything.

I recently wrote a long blog post about the history of the presidents I’ve known since becoming eligible to vote. (21 back in those days.) It was about the four presidents that had reduced taxes; JFK, Reagan, Bush and Clinton and that the tax cuts had all worked and stimulated our economy and national growth. We even had a balanced budget and no national debt at the end of Clinton’s Presidency. The USA actually reformed welfare to boot. That blog post was six pages but I shortened it to the paragraph above.

What is wrong with us today? All the haranguing and dirty party brinkmanship that is debilitating the moral of the USA. I can only observe that the left is miserable and bereaved by Hillary’s loss and unable to cope. They are irritable and vengeful and seeking retribution at ever juncture. How dare him to have won! It dumbfounds me that the left doesn’t want a tax cut and deny that a tax cut will spur the economy. Their endless tirade about the tax cut only benefiting the rich. Hogwash!

They are actually wishing that some catastrophe would befall the USA in order to disparage President Trump. They don’t want Trump to succeed at anything and thus they are determined to bring about his demise. President Trump is an outstanding leader and businessman and our country is rocking along much to the chagrin of Democrats. Rest assured if the Republicans lose the House or Senate in 2018, there will be impeachment articles put forth

Again, I repeat that I do not care for the person of Trump nor his tweeter behavior nor did I vote for him. He is crass and uncouth and a brawler. He isn’t a southerner nor do I have anything in common with him. He is a New Yorker and a counter puncher. I like his wife and children and I feel ashamed for the cruel innuendos leveled at them by the media and late night comedians. Those snotty assholes are worse than dirt, they are slime and filth. I thought a President’s family was off limits.

It is becoming very evident that the investigations of Hillary Clinton were heavily skewed on her behalf. The FBI and DOJ had the "fix in" for Hillary’s exoneration. The same agents that interviewed her about Benghazi, her deleted Emails, her server, her Clinton Foundation Contributions, Pay for Play as Secretary of State, The Uranium One Deal, The Podesta Connection, The DNC Server, Super Delegates, Donna Brazil accusations and just throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus are being exposed. Their nasty Emails and the supposedly “Fix” is coming to light. (I believe this to be the “Collusion” and or the dossier)

We must mention her being interviewed by these same senior FBI agents who didn’t put her under oath so she wouldn’t perjure herself. Let us not forget the changing of “gross negligence” to “extreme carelessness” which took away prosecution. Let us not forget her husband with DOJ, Loretta Lynch, on the tarmac. Why need I go on and on about the corrupt Clinton machine. Such hypocrisy! The Democrats want Trump to resign because he patted a woman’s ass and looked at another one lewdly but the Democrats circled their wagons around Bill Clinton after he forcibly held Anita Broderick down and raped her and forced others to perform oral sex on him. Really? It’s all in those 14 statements submitted against Bill Clinton but that was okay for the Democrats: just accusations! Right?

Things are continually being exposed every day which is pointing an insinuating finger at the left. The lady attorney, Bloom, has been soliciting women to accuse Trump of sexual innuendos. It was revealed that one got a $740,000.00 mortgage paid off and another received $700,000.00 from rich Democratic Trump haters. One said he looked at her lewdly. I do that every day when I see a pretty woman, its called lust. Another said he forcibly tried to kiss her, she was the older grey haired lady. I have no doubt he did exactly what most men do but he didn’t rape anyone. You can get people to say anything for enough money. I wonder if the Republicans paid the 14 women who accused Clinton. We know Monika and a lot of others did it for free because American Presidents are the most powerful men in the world.

If you have enough money and fame you can fill an airplane full of young Haitian women. I have heard the same person mentioned above has an affinity for them. Money can buy you anything and every congressman in Washington is loaded. So why all the current moral outrage? It’s politics! The Left thinks they can use this successfully against Trump and the Republicans in 2018. Politics! Be careful what you wish for because it seems there is an avalanche coming down on both sides.