I Wish I were a Cloud

I peruse poetry every day via my allpoetry.com. Peruse is just another fancy word for reading, but of course, all of you know that. I was scolded as of late for using too many big words. Drats! Being “The Wordsmith”(thomasgmoore.com) I am inclined to experiment with words. I have an affinity for words! I delight in reading and I express myself with my words. My words tell you who I am and what I believe. You don’t have to agree with me and I realize I will not change anyone’s point of view or their political orientation (pun)


I have both liberal and leftist friends, I suppose I might have some progressive friends but I doubt it since I find the progressive ideology offensive. I have Democratic and Republican friends and a lot of friends who like me, are malleable and independent of “written in stone” party dogma and ideology. I guess I should divide my Facebook into classes or categories and post my opinions appropriately to keep from offending some sensibilities

I was ruminating (fancy word for thinking) about something to write about being it’s a new month. I look about in search for some iota of inspiration to get my literary juices motivated. The news media injects us daily with their mass sensationalism trying to improve their ratings. Watch 30 minutes of it a day and after that, it is on a continuous loop like some mystic Buddhist mantra reiterated continuously and monotonously until our very souls become saturated and impregnated with political intrigue(rhetoric).

I was driving this past week and noticed all the American flags in my community flying at half-mast. I became saddened and I guess I am somewhat depressed (I like to use melancholy) by all the diatribe (hysteria) of the current events. I shrugged off the three hurricanes as being acts of God (Mother Nature). I think our country’s response to these catastrophes has been ample and valiant, if not heroic. My heart goes out to those affected by these storms and I am confident that we, as humans and Americans, will rebuild bigger and better


The mass killings in Las Vegas is just another in the long list of human tragedies inflicted on us by evil and mentally disturbed individuals. Almost immediately it turned into a political dialogue between political parties like hyenas in a feeding frenzy, snapping and snarling at each other over a bloody carcass. Everyone baring their teeth and claws and feigning mortal combat. It is a constant “pain-in-the-ass” to endure the haranguing over gun control. Again I can’t change your mind or make you understand. I can only present my point of view. It is not the gun! It’s the person firing the gun! The French didn’t blame the truck that killed 86 people in France. We didn’t blame the bomb that Timothy McVeigh detonated in Oklahoma City.

That pencil or pen doesn’t make you misspell words, it’s you, the individual. We get better and better and enact laws to prevent or lessen these occurrences (atrocities). I am sure “Bump Stocks” will become regulated now. Automatic weapons and machine guns aren’t allowed by law. We evolve! I think we might enact laws that require your weapons to be secured under lock and key if there are children and or teenagers in the home. You can’t punish millions and I mean millions and millions of gun owners for what a few do. I heard a statistic that around 60 % of the homes in America have firearms. Nevada alone probably has several million hunters and firearm enthusiasts who own and handle guns responsibly. It causes me to grit my teeth as my head ticks uncontrollably, to have to endure all the Gun Phobia Controversy. The left ideologues say they don’t want to take our guns away, but that is a lie! They want us to ape Great Briton and Australia. Most of you have read the articles. It’s about control, government control of its populace. Healthcare is another form of control that the government wants. Single Payer is their Holy Grail. It’s about control, control, control of the populace but they disguise it.

The opening sentence and title are related to this poem by William Wordsworth titled (I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud)

I wandered lonely as a Cloud

That floats on high o’er Vales and Hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host of golden daffodils;

Beside the Lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine

And twinkle on the Milky Way,

They stretched in never-ending line

Along the margin of a bay:

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,

Tossing their heads in spritely dance.

The waves beside them danced, but they

Out-did the sparkling waves in glee;-

A poet could not but be gay

In such a jocund company:

I gazed-and gazed- but little thought

What wealth the shew to me had brought:

For oft when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude,

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the Daffodils.

Poetry is just a song singing what the inner eye sees and tries to comprehend. Words are used and configured to rhyme in some sort of cadence or meter. When I become melancholy as I am now, poetry finds me and soothes my soul and the angst I feel.

Words are similar in that I never, never ignore a word I come across. When in doubt as to a word's meaning, I will stop and jot it down. Later I look the word up in my thesaurus and use it in a sentence and I then archive it. I am not a nerd but I am studious and obstinate. Some poems I keep in my Email so I can re-read them daily at my convenience. The next poem is one of those.

L’Envoi by Willa Cather

Where are the loves that we have loved before

When once we were alone, and shut the door?

No matter whose the arms that held me fast,

The arms of Darkness hold me at the last.

No matter down what primrose path I tend,

I kiss the lips of Silence in the end.

No matter on what heart I found delight,

I come again unto the breast of Night,

No matter when or how love did befall,

Tis loneliness that loves me best of all,

And in the end she claims me, and I know

That she will stay, though all the rest may go.

No matter whose the eyes that I would keep

Near in the dark, tis in the eyes of Sleep

That I must look and look forever more,

When once I am alone, and shut the door.

I just went and retrieved this word that I had jotted down a few days ago and haven’t addressed as yet. The word is Infotainment. Is it a word you know? I congratulate you if you know it off hand because I didn’t, I had to look it up.

INFOTAINMENT: Unaccountable Noun, (A combination of the words information and entertainment): The practice of presenting serious or instructive subjects in a style disguised primarily for entertainment so as to attract and maintain the consumer interest.

My example: Today’s news infotainment are found lacking in the faintest trace of moral or ethical ideation- their purpose is lost in the noise of the modern age.

Ideation: noun, the process of forming and relating ideas. I think that is what I am doing now. Enjoy!