Righteous Indignation

Blandishment: Noun, A flattering or pleasing statement or action used to persuade someone gently

to do something. To coax, to cajole, also called wheedling.

This article is definitely not a blandishment!

What a past week end! During Sunday's NFL games, I approximate about 200 hundred black athletes and some whites in solidarity with them, decided to take a knee during the playing of our nation anthem ignoring the time honored American tradition of removing your hat and placing your hand over your heart and if in uniform or covered, salute the flag of United States of America.

I believe President Trump called them all SOB’s. I will do one better and call them all ASS HOLES! How dare they disrespect our country and our flag? They disrespect all our veterans and the sacrifice they shared in creating this, the greatest country on earth. They disrespect everything that is American, our law enforcement, first responders and every single American in the stadium crowd that booed them. Shame on you! The crowds at NASCAR can stand along with The PRCA (rodeo riders) and their supporters and how about Friday Night High School games attendees? I'm talking about “Good Old” American Patriotism. We aren’t perfect but we strive to be! Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys did it appropriately by kneeling together in solidarity but standing for the anthem.

I am incensed at these multi-million dollar black athletes protesting something they have never been party to or victim of. They have never been slaves nor their parents or grandparents. They can’t decry poverty and neglect when I was raised poorer than any of them. All they can do is ape or reiterate something they have heard that happened to some black person they didn’t know. I have looked up the statistics and it's a lie. Blacks are not singled out for persecution and harassment by the police. Look up the facts on line. They are sentenced to longer prison terms because they can't afford better and more substantial representation.(money). I can understand Blacks feeling the way they do because it's the same way I feel when Christians are now disparaged as being haters, bigots, racist and biased. It's inconceivable to me that my church and The Family Research Center are considered Hate Organizations.

This all came about under President Obama when he incited the black race over perceived irregularities and injustices of the police towards blacks. These blacks are outraged because it is unethical for a white police officer to shoot a black person and not vice versa. They seem to care nothing for black on black crime and the murder we see in Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis, and Baltimore. The list is endless, no one wants to live in an urban ghetto occupied by black gangs and generational welfare poverty that continues to produce generational reliance upon government. These people aren’t all black but it’s a segment of our society that have learned to live in this manner.

It’s a smear on America in that one man can father numerous children by numerous different women and not support any of them. It’s a Disgrace! The same is evident when a woman has numerous children by numerous men who don’t support any of their offspring. They are called welfare babies and their welfare checks are their mother’s only source of income. This behavior is learned and imitated by the children and thus becomes generational. This is a slap in the face of good up standing blacks who have married and raised their children with Traditional Christian Family Values, A mother and a father, meals together and going to church and seeing the proper model and the inherent values espoused by their parents. Encouraging and supporting their children to succeed.Blacks ought to take a good look at their own society before condemning the police.

All of these incidents were blown out of proportion by our news media who expounded the hype and rhetoric and feed the flames of racial hatred just so they can reap the rewards of their media blitzkrieg. Shame on those blacks and the media!

I will remind all of you of the crap that was blown out of proportion; Travon Martin assaulting a 5’ Hispanic neighborhood watch guy: Michael Brown and Hands Up, Don’t Shoot. Freddie Grey and his death in the back of a police van; Professor Gates breaking into his own home because he forgot his keys. The convicted felon out of prison on parole selling illegal cigarettes being choked down for resisting arrest and dying, etc., etc., etc. Folks! These guys for the most part, were perps and degenerates and law violators with records and rap sheets. The black race is incensed because they were killed by white police officers, not because they were criminal. There were some bad incidents for sure and those policemen have been imprisoned. Not all of them I admit because the police will protect themselves and their own. It is a brotherhood but with vest and car cameras it becomes harder to hide.

America sees these videos. When a policeman tells you five times not to reach for the gun-Yea! You get shot! When an officer pursues you in a high speed chase endangering hundreds of people including himself, you crash and resist arrest. Yea! You get shot. I can go on and on but it doesn’t change the black narrative. There was an injustice just because the officer was white and not because the perp was criminal. Might I remind you that you don’t give a police officer a bunch of attitude? Yes sir, no sir! That isn’t the case anymore being our blacks deem they are legitimate in confronting a police officer. Hey Dick! You ran the red light- You are in the wrong and the police aren’t picking on you. They didn’t single you out because you are black. Respect them and you will get respect and most probably a ticket.

YEP! I am mad and disheartened by what America has become with all this hoopla about this black solidarity nonsense. These NFL players were protesting President Trump more than anything else. The democratic left and liberal LBGT along with the progressives, communist and socialist are all completely hysterical about President Trump. I didn’t vote for him either and don’t much care for him. He is just a very rich and very crass guy from New York in whom I have nothing in common. I do like what he says about the progressive ideologues. I wish he would attack some of the other deplorables I find disgusting and unpalatable.

I received an Email the other day that explained so eloquently what I feel and how most of America feels about this black enigma that is troubling America at present. I did not forward it because I was reluctant. It would certainly anoint me as being a racist which I am not but I am sick of all this black insinuated trouble exuding from an unhappy black populace. The article was by Anthony Bryan on the American Renaissance website and it’s called “The 10 percent”. It discusses the black race and why they haven’t succeeded in America whereas all the other immigrants coming to America have done well, very well, whereas the black race has not.

All this super sensitivity is driving me absolutely crazy. Can I name a few: Safe zones, white free zones, the name Trump is intimidating. Also words like Lynch (family, town name) is threatening and the removal of historic statues. Again the Civil War wasn’t over slavery. Some lady even petitioned a department store chain to remove a display in which there was some raw cotton balls in a jar because it caused her anguish. Really? GET OVER YOUR DAMN SELF. All of you are ridiculous and asinine, your actions and behaviors are ludicrous.

Like the blacks saying they heard about some injustice perpetuated against an innocent black person, I heard or read that although blacks only comprise less than 13 percent of the population, blacks perform 70 percent of the crime. This is exceedingly strange and not true. I challenged myself and looked up all the statistics from the FBI and several other sources. Blacks perform 49 percent of all violent crime. Hispanics are classified as white, and we have the Asians and Native Americans. Blacks are incarcerated at 4749 per 100,000 verses 487 per 100,000 for Hispanic and White. Yea! look up the damn facts. Crime rates for Black males are unbelievable but these are the actual facts from the FBI. Please read the facts and decide for yourself but I realize this will not change a black person's view. They have the fever of indignation of perceived wrongs.

My last tirade is for the black population and these self-absorbed black athletes to fall in line and become patriotic Americans again and quit disparaging our country. This United States of America is not perfect but we are working on it. If you know a country that is better than the USA then I would encourage you to move there. It is so ironic that these idiots who are taking a knee to express their Right to Freedom of Speech are the very ones rioting and creating chaos and preventing someone from speaking who they don’t agree with. The left attacks vehemently anyone who doesn’t agree with them yet they portray the Christian right as radical and extremists. Go Figure?