Ragnarok ( Doomsday)

(1) Trope: A figure of speech, a word, phrase or image, figurative language.

(2) Catachresis: noun, misuse or strained use of words as in a mixed metaphor, occurring either in error or for rhetorical effect.(I think I do alot of this)

(3) Gramarye: Noun, Occult learning, magic,

(4) Mulled: To heat, sweeten and or spice wine or cider, mull over , to ponder or reflect upon.

I awoke this morning with this word, "Glenpier", whispering its presence in my subconscious. Where these words come from is often a mystery to me. I have often ascribed them to my mythical poetry sprite invoking its annoying subterfuge into my ever scrambled sub consciousness. It’s more like age has initiated a programmed demolition of the neural synapses of my mind. In short, ambiguity!

Upon reflection I remembered some research I had performed while composing a piece of prose about a wolf. The prose and blog post is called “The Mendenhall Requiem” and can be found on my web page thomasgmoore.com

Usually when I receive an input such as this, I proceed to follow it and create something, such as a blog post or a piece of prose. Not all of these inferences are addressed. The other morning as I laid awake staring out my bedroom window, an inspiration took form in this sentence: “Time came in thru my window this morning” I mused and pondered the phrase and added this: “with the realization that there wasn’t much of it left ” I jotted the phrase down and have been mulling over it for over a week with no other hints as to what to do with it. You see, I like words such as mulling which just popped up and reminds me of spiced mulled wine. I could have used the words “pondered” or “stewed” as well. Words are inspirational to me and I seem to think thru my fingers as I type.

Getting back on topic. The word, Glenpier, is actually Glenpnir. It is Old Norse for a mythical binding or tether created by Dwarves to bind a mythical nordic wolf called Fenrir. The wolf, Fenrir, was the child of the demonic Norse God Loki and the giantess, Angerboda. Loki was a cunning and clever trickster and provoked chaos. He was a companion to the great Norse Gods, Odin and Thor and was a member of the Asgard or Aesir (Tribe of Gods).

Loki had three offspring; Hel, Jormungand and Fenrir. Of these, two were banished by the Gods to the underworld. Hel became the Goddess of Death and Jormungand became the serpent or God of the Underworld. The Gods kept Fenrir because he was basically a puppy and they thought they could manage and train him and prevent him from wreaking havoc in the Nine Worlds. As Fenrir grew, the Gods came to fear him because of his size and fierceness. The Gods fashioned two mythical tethers but Fenrir broke both easily. The Gods then called upon the subterranean Dwarves to create another mythical tether made of mythical or occult things (gramaryes) and I found these things to be intriguing.

The third mythical tether was called the Glenpnir and was made of this stuff: The roots of mountains. The spittle of a bird. The sinew of a bear. The breath of a fish. The sound of cat steps. The beard of a woman and the sound of butterfly wings. This magical tether bound Fenrir forever and in his distress he howled unmercifully so the Gods gagged him with a sword keeping his jaws open forever and from the froth that he spewed forth, the river Van was formed. The cord of the Glenpnir was threaded thru a large stone called Gjoll which in Old Norse means scream. How utterly horrible is the image of this, invoking in me some angst or twitch of remorse.

In summation, when the End of the World is upon us (Doomsday- Ragnarok) Fenrir will be loosed and he will swallow the sun and moon and will devour the Earth with his bottom jaw upon the Earth and his upper jaw in the heavens. He will also devour the Gods and thus herald in the End of the World. I guess every culture has its own End of Time scenario.

Why did I write this? Because its expression of a thought or idea, it's knowledge. I will give you some quotes as to why I write.

"To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about but the inner music words make" Truman Capote

"Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation, they deepen and widen and expand our sense of life, and they feed the soul". Anne Lamott

"Writers are not here to conform. We are here to challenge, we’re not here to be comfortable- We’re here really, to shake things up, that’s our job". Jeanette Winterson

The last quote is certainly applicable to me being I am inclined to write about political stuff that I deem to be hilariously outrageous. This is not a political diatribe so maybe my daughter might approve. But as always I am too old to be apologetic.

"Raise your words and not your voice, it is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder." Jalaluddin Rumi

I wrote this piece back in early September and it has sat here unpublished because it seems to lack something. I have read and re-read it , edited it and just mused as to what else I could say. I went to church yesterday and we sang that old favorite, How Great Thou Are and I am touched by its words' Then sings my soul" Yes! That describes my temperament as I worship my God with my shouts of acclamation. I am for God and traditional Christian family values. I am weary of Black Lives Matter and their disparaging our country and its flag. I am troubled by the LBGT agenda being in my face wanting me to celebrate what I consider a perversion. I am discouraged by the liberal progressives seeking to disrupt, change or nullify all that I have known and held sacred. I am an old man seeing a great nation destroyed by self absorbed politicians and political activists. I won't argue with you about beliefs or if there is a heaven or hell but I will acknowledge my God, The Creator.

This article is about the Viking's visualizations of their End of World scenario. Not much difference than ours or any number of other religious beliefs is it? Mother Nature is synonymous with God and I believe a correction is coming just like in the stock market, a collapse, a crash. My Bible tells me there will be no differences in an after life, no male nor female, no gentile or Jew, no Muslim or Hindu and most of all no black or white skin tones, we will all be spirit and that my friend is the Secret to the Kingdom of Heaven; We are spirits having a human experience