Are You a racist?

(1)Iconoclastic, (ahy-kon-uh-klas-tic) Adjective: Attacking cherished beliefs and long held tradition. The breaking or destroying of images; statues, religious icons, historical monuments.

(2)Comstockery, (kom-stok-uh-ree) Noun: Overzealous moral censorship. Mistaking honest works for salacious (scandalous) ones.

(3)Deterge, (di-tuhrg) Verb, to cleanse, to wipe, to erase or wash as in detergent. To deterge or sanitize our history as in this example. An attempt to disinfect human history.

Here we go again my friends. I am assuming most people watch the daily news or read a newspaper and are thus subsequently appraised of all the mud-slinging that is being espoused by our major news outlets; CNN, MSNNBC, FOX, ABC and CBS. I suppose the only place you might find some unbiased news would be the BBC. Does anyone actually watch Al Jazeera? I digress!

I would assume by all the hoopla that only Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, The Arian Brotherhood, The KKK, biker gangs or any of a seemingly multitude of End of Times militias are racists, not to mention every white person in the Southern United States and of course most especially the White House. Of course every white person is the benefactor of white privilege. If you only knew how poor I was. Please read the article I published called” The Only Father I Ever Had” on my website, and you will realize how ridiculous White Privilege sounds. I snort with laughter!

The two things that have garnered all the attention are the incidents that occurred in Charlottesville, NC and the subsequent removal of monuments representing southern aristocracy and the history and heritage of the south. It being the supposition by people of color that these monuments are insulting and demeaning to their heritage and cause them mental anguish. I am not sure I can even use people of color anymore, I believe we must use brown people now to be politically correct. The liberal progressives are so sensitive nowadays.

Recently a masonic brother of mind was bidding us all adeau as he and his wife were moving to another local to be closer to their children and grandchildren. He became quite emotional and expressed his sincere belief that what was presently happening around our country was destroying the very fabric of our nation and I regretfully agree.

Our nation is being torn apart and rendered asunder by so many divisive political talking heads, each pointing their self-righteous fingers at each other. It’s not just Democrat verses Republican, but black against white, the haves against the have-nots. It’s called class warfare and its chaos! Its socialist and communists fomenting rebellion. It’s the Muslim faith wanting to destroy our western culture. It’s the news media sensationalizing every iota of discord and making it paramount and in your face.I might add that the SPLC(Southern Poverty Law center) has labeled all Christians as racist, haters and our churches are now hate organizations simply because we adhere to a Christian ideology being we don't agree with same sex marriage or the LGBT agenda. Sad!There is something else out there called ANTIFA and these are the black clothed hooded idiots with black face masks assaulting anyone who doesn't agree with them. They decry Fascism and white supremacy while using the very same tactic of fascism. They are reminiscent of the Nazi Brown Shirts. Utterly unbelievably!

There is something called ying and yang. It is also called duality. For everything there is an equal and opposite. As above so below. Its black and white, male and female, democrat and republican, liberal and conservative. Its opposition, whatever one party says, the other party is against it. This president can say absolutely nothing that will appease the left. They stand opposed and it would be in reverse if Hillary was in the office instead. Its politics plain and simple and you should understand it and quit being a victim of the sensationalism.

I go to church, I pray out loud and unashamedly, I tithe, I support the poor thru my church and The Salvation Army and The Bethany House, which feeds the indigent. I support innocent children thru The Shrine Hospitals and St Jude Hospital. I am a Veteran. I have a concealed weapon carry permit and carry, I support our police against the scum they have to deal with. I am educated and well read, plus I have an overwhelming amount of walking around common sense. I am Pro Life and was born and raised in the deep south, so you should call me a Southern Christian Conservative.

I am also pragmatic and have an ample dose of good old plain common sense. I will give several examples of my pragmatism as well as that of duality.

David Duke of the KKK is a deplorable person and racist but so is Reverend Al Sharpton and The Black Lives Matter. You have the Neo Nazis but you also have the Black Panthers. You have the Arian Brotherhood but you also have the Nation of Islam. They are all hate organizations.

You have about 300 hundred idiots and white supremacists show up at Charlottesville, NC to demonstrate. Ignore them and give them no media coverage and they go away disheartened but no! We get 1500 liberal progressives idiots and activists that want to brawl and we have a confrontation. What pisses me off is the police were instructed to stand down and let this happen. To prove what point might I ask? I agree with the president that both sides were intent on an incident of discord and brutality. It was almost programmed for sensationalism and world media coverage. I despise those white supremacists and racist but I also despise those tearing down the historical monuments, they are the black racist and yes it's duality.

The wall will cost America between 50 and 100 billion dollars. The wall is a positive thing and will make Americans feel more secure and prevent another mass influx of illegals. President Reagan gave 8 million illegals amnesty. Not 20 years later we have 12 million more. If we don’t secure the border then we will have 20 million more in 20 years. I have talked to our Border Patrol, when you secure the border and make it safe then Americans will build houses right next to it. It’s about feeling safe and confident. Not to mention that a dirty bomb or pandemic will come across our border. This is common sense. The left will complain about the cost and obstruct of course but 100 billion is a drop in a bucket. The Stimulus Bill was a trillion dollars which is 10 one hundred thousand billion dollars and that money just disappeared thru graft and the bailing out the public service unions (no shovel ready jobs remember) Please remember that 500 billion was borrowed from our Social Security to fund the exchanges of another trillion dollar ACA fiasco. Wise up friends, its party politics and its one party obstructing the other. Let us stop throwing our money at things that don’t work, the ACA, or any number of other corrupt federal bureaucracies.

Do any of you realize that if we slow down or stop the influx of illegals and cheap labor then American contractors and producers will have to pay higher wages to get workers for their industry? A contractor pays an illegal (example $8.00) an hour with no benefits, to be a carpenter or roofer. If he can’t get the cheap labor then he has to offer higher and higher wages to get labor to keep his business afloat. The contractor has to have the worker so he has to compete and thus the same carpenter or roofer could get $15 to $25.00 an hour. The employer even has to provide insurance as a perk. The illegals are illegal and have no rights and can’t speak up. It is so sensible and I just don’t understand anyone’s opposition. You don’t need a college degree to earn $100 to $150 thousand dollars a year as a carpenter, plumber, pouring concrete, roofing, etc. Americans win and get higher wages.

Finally, why are the blacks and liberal progressives so estranged from reality? Slavery has been an institution of mankind since time immemorial. The Sumerians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Gaul’s (German and French) and Celtic cultures (Great Britain) and basically every culture in the history of the world has had slaves but it is history, mankind has evolved. Are the Egyptians going to tear down the pyramids or the French destroy the Arch of the Triumph. Do the Mexicans destroy their pyramids? Is America going to tear down the Jefferson Memorial and blow up Mount Rushmore? Idiots! Idiots!

The black race needs to get a handle on their outrageous behavior and get a little common sense. No black person in the USA today has been a slave. Neither were your parents nor your grandparents. The police are not out to get you anymore than anyone else who breaks the law. If you want respect then clean up your act. Get married! 70% of black children are illegitimate. Quit relying on the federal government and break that cycle of dependency. You don’t deserve anything you haven't earn. The duality of this is poor ignorant whites, Hispanics, and or Asians. We have lower class citizens and that is a fact and you fix that by education and reading. I recoil every time I hear the ghetto gutter slang that comes out of any ignorant person’s mouth regardless of skin color. I am not a racist, I am a pragmatist.

Oh! By the way! The Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery. Again! Uneducated idiots talking about their ignorance. The Revolutionary War was fought by Americans when they succeeded from England, the colonist fought for their new country and the English also freed the slaves hoping they would rise up against the colonist. Robert E Lee and all those West Point Generals sided with their State of Virginia and fought for their new country, The Confederacy of Southern States. Lincoln freed the slaves hoping they would rise up against the southerners and aid in his victory over the south. Lincoln actually thought the former slaves couldn’t care for themselves. Read your history! Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson were great men and leaders. It was a different era and mindset than what we have today. Its history and in the past. The USA and world has evolved. Learn from history least you repeat it. The blacks and progressives need to get over yourselves.

Oh! One more idiomatic note. Why do we want Muslims coming to America? They are of a different ideology and really don’t want to assimilate or acclimate to our culture. Some Arab nations still have slaves. They still have female gentile mutilation and honor killings. They shun other religions and are non-tolerant of non-Muslims. They insist on their own Sharia law and form Muslim enclaves or neighborhoods and protect their own and shield the radicals in their society. I realize they want a new and better life but they bring their third world ideology with them. They want their country and customs in America instead of becoming American. Where is their alligance?

The above is problematical of several cultures. I don’t believe in sanctuary cities. I don’t believe Hispanics report anyone to the police unless they are being threatened and not then because they are afraid of being deported. I believe in getting the illegal criminals out. If a DACA(Dreamer) child has gang tattoos from his neck to his ankle or is a drop out or drug offender then send him back to his country of origin. Why does the left oppose that? Party Politics of course! I read profusely and I even read and write poetry and I am an ardent student of history and I am not oblivious to or an adherent to any radical ideology. The following is an extract from a contemporary poem called Deux de Machina by Thomas Bracken.

While yet the die is being cast

Before the battle had begun

All hope for tranquil peace was lost

We’d pit our pride against our shame

Like Gods in love and dogs at war

As we played that familiar game

There you go, another diatribe! I believe the greatest country in the world is in dramatic decline. Why? An unsustainable debt, uncontrolled spending, progressive liberal anarchy, the demeaning of our moral ethics and tenants. The degradation of our society by secular moral decay. The absolute disillusionment by minorities wanting what the successful have without earning it(class warfare). The absolute division between political parties wanting power at the expense of our government crumbling under this liberal progressive politically correct onslaught. There is a disease, a fever, that has infected the USA. You could call it Helter Skelter( Charles Manson's Prophecy) What do the demonstrators want? Civil discussions addressing their grievances and peaceful protest. No! They want chaos and destruction and the pillaging of the elites and wealth of our nation Oh Well! I am honest and you can call me anything you wish. Oprah Winfrey said " she was just too old to be apologetic. My thought exactly. She also said "what America needs is for all old white people to die" Now isn't that racist?