Elderly Man Assaulted by Vicious Women

(1) Polemic: Noun, An aggressive attack on or refutation of opinion or principals of another.

(2) Curmudgeon: Noun, A crusty, ill-tempered and usually old man. A stubborn, grouchy and cantankerous person (I would add opinionated)

I generally look at Facebook during the day to see “What’s Up”. Unfailingly, Facebook asks me what’s on my mind. That in and of itself is the “fly in the ointment” due to some erroneous bit of liberal ideology I happened to have overheard. It usually causes me to develop a tick in which I spasm in uncontrollable polemic contortions. Thus I invariably “feel the need” to express myself overtly. My daughter gave me this blog to do exactly that, to avoid arguing with people with alternate or opposing views. It was a preventative measure to reduce my blood pressure and the grinding of my teeth.

I was invited to dinner last Thursday night by my financial manager to meet with other prospective investors and listen to a presentation about the Market and some investment opportunities. I know I pay that man a fee but damn if I know how much, so yes, he should buy me dinner at least once a year. I attend one or two of these presentations yearly. In attendance were some friends I used to work with. One friend was a lady and conservative like myself, the other gentleman is a declared socialist and borderline communist and very proud of it but we have been friends for years.

Last year I met a lady friend of my former lady coworker who was an exasperating liberal who ended up wagging her finger at me during our meal. I saw that she was present again on this occasion and I admonished myself to be courteous and non-confrontational. My lady friend had also invited two other ladies I hadn’t met. Little did I know they were die hard Trump Haters as well as Republican Haters? Slap me! I should have known better than to engage or unerringly admit that I was a Christian Conservative.

The evening began in good jest between me and my socialist friend. The first thing he said was “that he would never admit to being a republican after all the antics President Trump was pulling.” I jokingly told him I was no longer a Republican. I told him I was sick of the Republican’s inability to accomplish anything even with all three branches of government in their control. He asked what I was calling myself and I told him “I was officially an anarchist” We both laughed but my two liberal ladies were paying attention. My former colleague and her friend were sedate because I think my friend had also admonished her not to digress into any political rhetoric as was the case in the previous year.

That was not to deter the other two ladies as they began their campaign against me and challenge me on my beliefs. I told them I was a Christian Conservative and they should know or decipher where I stood on almost all the issues. This seemed to rally them into a frontal assault against me. The ladies became Medusa like, venomous snakes and hissing vipers in their utter disdain of me and how dare I call myself a Christian.

I calmly told them I didn’t care for Trump and that I had neither voted for him nor Hillary. It seemed that my every utterance was like gasoline on their fiery tirade against me. I told them calmly that they needed to visit some other part of the USA other than Laredo, Texas because half of America believed as I did and had elected Trump.

They enumerated every Democratic talking point in their arsenal and my socialist friend abruptly claimed that there were 279 Republican millionaires in congress. I laughed again and told him every Democrat in congress was also a millionaire. This retort quelled his attack but I was then re-engaged by the two ladies in a blathering crescendo of slobbering hysteria.

The lady from the previous year could not contain her liberal self and joined in the feeding frenzy of the other two. One of the ladies was a gushy California type. I noted she only put three shrimp on her plate, I at least added some guacamole. This woman was upper-end and certainly used a tanning salon but wasn’t too uppity. She lauded over the next woman’s jewelry which seemed to be several carats hanging from her ears and an even larger one on her finger. I thought her coke bottle glasses obscured her jewelry though. She remarked she was a former city council woman and certainly had an uppity or snooty demeanor. These ladies were certainly upper-end social elitist and above my pay grade.

The conversation and my digestion deteriorated quickly. I should have excused myself and fled but obstinate me thought I could weather their onslaught. I mentioned my inalienable right to disagree with them and that I hated abortion and Planned Parenthood. I proffered the same services were offered by County Health Clinics except abortion. I told them I would agree to some abortions and I named them and that they should be performed before the third trimester or 26 weeks. I blatantly told them that partial birth abortion was murder in my opinion. “How dare you judge a woman?” They railed. I quietly murmured that I wasn’t judging her and that that was between her and her God but what I said was I didn’t approve taking the lives of millions of babies.

These women were becoming rabid in their hatred of me simply because I didn’t agree with their Democratic progressive liberal ideology. They accused me of actually being ignorant( Really!), uninformed and misguided, not to mention listening to too much fake news on Fox.

I was actually beginning to cringe and seek an escape and my lady friend asked me if I was sun burned and I told her no. I laughed and stated that my face was flushed from the blistering tirade from across the table. I think she attempted to somewhat deflate the rhetoric and give me some needed respite but like the Republican Party she seemed intimidated by confrontation and the thought of bad press.

I timidly think what it would have been like if I had mentioned Obama or Hillary. The LBGT topic did come up and again I was accused of being a non-Christian because I judged the LBGT. I mentioned I had God given right to not approve of their lifestyle. My socialist friend then asked me if one of my daughters or grandchildren turned out to be gay, what would I do.? I simply stated I would love them no less but that I still wouldn’t approve. I wouldn’t expect them to bring their same sex partner with them when they visit nor would I stay at their house when visiting them but I would be polite. I would never snort or huff, much less act uncivilly or harass them.

I stood in the breech and held the line in the defense of my beliefs but I was sorely wounded. There is such a venomous disdain for Trump that exceeds all levels of decency and civil discourse. It somewhat intimidates me and causes me to reflect on just how much hate there is. I was bewildered to see such blind hate foam and bubble over and touch everything on the table. I am too sheltered and I should get out more. I am sort of a recluse now that I’ve retired. I am thunderstruck at this vicious assault on yours truly. I am not a bad person but I am an opinionated one and also an obstinate one.

The liberal lady’s tirade was almost comical at times such as when they proposed balancing the budget and not letting Trump spend money the government didn’t have such as on the border wall. I literally harangued and snorted my disbelief. I then engaged them with solid facts such as Obama having never proposed one budget in 8 years not to mention his trillion dollar stimulus and 3 trillion dollar health care bill and his social welfare experiments that gave us a 20 trillion dollar deficit. Of course it was all Bush’s fault and Obama had inherited all of it. God! They even stated Trump should bow down and thank Obama for giving him a thriving economy and roaring stock market. You can imagine that I was totally exasperated and speechless from this tyrannical if not illogical onslaught.

My only ally sat meekly beside me with her head bowed and refused to offer any assistance or succor. This is exactly what is wrong with conservatives. We have been constantly accused of being haters, racists and bigots because we don’t agree with the LBGT or Black Lives Matter. We are accused of not caring for the poor because we resist all the social welfare experimentation and the mandating of equality. We just basically object to all the free stuff the left proposes but are screamed at and accused of hating the elderly, poor, youth, illegals, etc., etc., etc. Basically the left accuses us of being heartless. I am not heartless! I am pragmatic! I observe the natural order of things. Mother Nature is God’s Plan in my opinion. The poor will always be with us. The government nor anyone can mandate equality. Lord! Why can’t the left see that but they accuse me of being blind to suffering in their counter points.

Hey Guys! I survived and I’m writing this article and I still consider myself a God fearing, Bible toting, gun carrying, Christian Conservative. I have a heavy dose of common sense and a pragmatic practicality. I have no allies here in Laredo, Texas, this city is 99.999999999% liberal Democrats and Hispanic.

Upon leaving the restaurant my socialist friend looked at me with pity and stated “Greg, I just don’t understand how the Republicans and people like yourself can hate and ignore the poor” I just stared and remained silent knowing that nothing I could say would change his mind or alter his political party’s talking points and progressive view of the right. To him we are evil! Only his political party has the right idea and the rest of the world is wrong. It’s called narrow mindedness and supremely arrogant and prejudiced.

Next time I will brazenly ask the room if there are any conservatives I can sit with. Alas! They will all probably remain silent being we are in Laredo and they will be too intimidated to speak up.