Alas! Poor Yorick, I knew him!

“Alas Poor Yorick I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest and most excellent fancy. He hath borne me back a thousand: and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is?” A famous narration from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Just substitute The ACA in the appropriate places above and you will see my point. Alas poor ACA, I know you well, an organization of infinite cost and desired hope. You have inspired me a thousand fold, and now, I abhor thee because you are not what I imagined.

The above is a something or other used to attract the reader’s attention and induce him to read some more. I will think of the term later. I wish to discuss something that most people choose to ignore because of all the media hoopla not to mention the political rhetoric.

I chose to investigate this topic and become versed in the pros and cons of the issue and try to arrive at a subsequent stance or opinion but not necessarily influence anyone or sway them in either direction. The topic I investigated is single payer and or universal single payer health care. I assume everyone has ignored it and have little relative interest or no knowledge about it. I wanted to find out exactly what it is.

Universal Single Payer Health Care is just what it says; one payer pays all the medical expenses of everyone. Medicare and The Veteran’s Administration are examples of this. What are the good points and what are the bad points is the topic of this blog post. I will list the pros of it and then the cons then like a news source says “You Decide”


  1. Everyone is covered and everyone receives adequate health care.

  2. Instead of paying insurance premiums to insurance companies, everyone pays an additional tax to the government.

  3. Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration become one entity.

  4. All medical expenditures will be regulated by this government body. Drugs, doctor visits and doctor fees, lab work, X-rays and all medical procedures. In other words-cheaper!

  5. It is touted as being more affordable and free to the indigent and disabled. It is touted as reducing costs and paperwork and thus more efficient.(?)

  6. It will become a right as in freedom of religion, speech and assembly. Health care will no longer be a privilege for the people who can afford it.

  7. The Canadian and British systems are touted as examples and standards to be copied and implemented. Everyone points at Social Security and Medicare as prime examples of single payer and we ask ourselves why not?

  8. Tort reform and litigation which pushes medical costs up will become less if not non-existent because you can’t sue the government for malpractice.

  9. Costs would be reduced because doctors won’t proscribe a dozen tests to cover their asses from malpractice.

  10. The terminally ill and chronically sick such as kidney failure and dialysis procedures will be covered.

  11. Abortion will be government sanctioned along with trans-gender sex conversions. Social equality will become the new norm.No discrimination towards anyone regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender bias.

  12. I am not sure but do the Insurance Companies go out of business? Those magnates of corruption, those spires of illicit wealth and abusers of mankind?

  13. I still think some sort of supplement will be available to people with means. If you want a private room or a certain doctor then you can pay for the service.

  14. Single payer and universal single payer are slightly different. Single payer still incorporates some insurance whereas universal does not.


  1. Just because everyone pays into a single system doesn’t mean the government will spend your money wisely. They usually don’t! The government will always borrow from it for something else.

  2. When it’s free to everyone; of course everyone uses it, simply because it’s free. Even for a sniffle.Cost has always been an efficient deterrent to going to see a doctor.

  3. Checks and balances are lost, no free market, no competition, government sets the prices. A drug company either accepts the government’s price proposal or takes his drug elsewhere.

  4. You lose doctors because they become government employees along with nurses and all medical staff. I am not sure about the hospitals or staff like administrators, janitors, etc.

  5. We lose doctors to other more lucrative fields but we also lose our choice to choose our doctor. We see whoever doctor is in the Que.

  6. Health care will be rationed. There will be no limits to health care provided but younger get more, the elderly less: IE, A young couple having a baby verses an elderly person getting a hip replacement.

  7. The product won’t be as good because government has no one to compete with. Competition reduces price and of course we seek the better service so you wont have a choice.

  8. There will be longer waits being there will be fewer doctors to see. See Britain and Canadian wait times. Canadians with money still come to America to avoid lengthy waiting periods. Factoid!

  9. This single payer healthcare will create another huge government entitlement bureaucracy. The government does absolutely nothing efficiently.

  10. Just recall your visits to the DMV, Post Office, Social Security Administration and or the Veterans Administration and you will realize the waiting periods involved.

  11. There will be no recourse for incompetent care. You can’t sue a government entity such as a doctor or hospital if they mess up. They will be part of a Federal Employee's Union. No one can collect huge settlements.

  12. Government attains a monopoly. There is nowhere to go except to another country or private provider.

  13. It reduces development and creativity because it removes financial incentive (you can’t get rich). This is also why doctors will leave the profession. They want to drive Mercedes and live in comfort. They don’t want to be government doctors with a ceiling cap of say 150,000. Dollars. Potential doctors will seek more lucrative careers.

  14. I believe and this is my opinion that death with dignity will be encouraged. If you are 75 years old and need an open heart by-pass procedure, I believe they will send you home with some drugs to manage your pain so you can die. The government will not want to expend a lot of money on the elderly.

  15. Corruption has permeated virtually every area of Medicare and Medicaid. Single payer will be no exception.

  16. Of course there will be private doctors and private hospitals so the wealthier clients will still get the service they can pay for. Nothing ever really changes.

Okay! The last statement is where I begin to digress and go off on my own so I will cut this short and wrap it up. There were 14 pros and 16 cons but I am sure your political affiliation will correct this discrepancy. I tried to make this blog anti political but I fear I won’t succeed.

I had a masonic brother tell me last night that"I'm like an old car. As long as I have my hands on the wheel I'm fine, but if I remove my hands for an instant then I veer sharply to the right" Ha! I deem him to be correct but I'm not ashamed. I am a Vietnam Veteran, I am pro 2nd amendment and I carry. I am a practicing Christian and both a fiscal and moral conservative. If I can't spend money I don't have then the government shouldn't either. I support our police and firemen and I disparage the L.B.G.T, Black Lives matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Black panthers, and the Nation of Islam. I generally despise progressives in general. I am blue collar and got my hands dirty. I worked outdoors under a sky and in all the elements, so yea! You know exactly who I am!

I wish America could go back to the era that was before Obama Care (ACA) it was so much simpler. About 90 percent of Americans are covered by employee negotiated health care insurance. It is the 20 to 25 million Americans that are not covered by employer health coverage that we are concerned with. Those people can’t afford to buy insurance from the exchanges without our tax dollars in the way of subsidies. (If they pay $200 then we, the tax payer, pay the other $400 of a $600 a month policy. An employer negotiated policy is about $300 a month so these people have to pay double. Some can’t pay the $200 or even $100 so they have to pay a $700 fine out of their Income tax return. 6 million Americans chose to pay the fine.

I was surprised to read that President Trump is for a Single Payer System like Canada’s or Great Britain but he with a lot of us think the ACA is terrible and that it was a lie. We didn’t get to keep our doctors, our prices have sky rocketed and our deductibles are so high, what’s the point of having insurance.

This whole fiasco has become a conundrum. Obama Care (The ACA) is failing and becoming obscene. Even the Democrats say it needs fixing. Repeal and replace has failed in the Republican Congress because of the row between stout conservatives and more moderates (no middle ground)(no deficit spending)( no rewarding insurance companies) Obama Care is imploding and we will now hear the left start to propose that it needs to be fixed and saved as it is the human thing to do for the 20 million people concerned.

The only thing the left knows how to do is throw money at something. The left will now demand that the USA rescue the exchanges by throwing another half trillion dollars at it. Remember Obama borrowed half a trillion from Social Security to finance the ACA and now the left will want another half trillion dollars to fix it.I deem America is throwing our money down a bottomless hole. Why can't we find something better other than fix something that isn't working?

President Reagan said “The one sure way of imposing socialism on a people is by way of medicine”. It is a distinct possibility that health costs of Americans will consume the entire United States GDP by the year 2050 if we (the USA) go down this path. That means no money for the military, infrastructure or basically anything except our ills. Startling!

President Reagan also noted that “most people” are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests opposing medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it. But single payer health care leads to socialism if not communism and socialized medicine is the left’s Holy Grail. Under the title of liberalism the US will accept Socialistic dictates.” Reagan was a smart man and my hero! I really don’t know a solution for all this, it’s above my pay grade. I didn’t make any of this up, read it for yourself on the internet (web) that is where I got all the info from and it was nonpartisan. I like to think I make informed decisions.

I read another tidbit. Sweden, one of the most liberal progressive nations in the world has had a universal single payer health care system for years and it's beginning to hurt their economy so they are opting to return to something more market oriented. They are having the same argument as the US but in reverse.

It might be that by the time the US gets to single payer then Canada and Great Britian might be trying to get rid of theirs. Democrats mean well but it doesn't always turn out well.