Is the World Listening?

I just finished mowing my front yard and the whole while I was doing it I was ruminating about the sermon I heard at church yesterday.The lay minister said something that struck home. Are you listening? When do we listen for God? When do we listen to God? An intriguing question I thought.

He mentioned how we leave the TV on and just listen to the noise without paying attention to the content. This struck me squarely between the eyes in that I could relate. An epiphany of sorts coming at an inopportune moment.

I worked in the oilfield industry for thirty years. I was accustomed to all the noise and there was a lot of it. Sometimes it was so loud we needed to wear ear protection. I can’t relate what it’s like to be around nitrogen being vented into the air or the draw works of a drilling rig groaning and squealing.

The pastor termed it as wallpaper noise and said it was a real term. We are subjected to it constantly in our everyday world. One of the examples I recalled was hunting. While being still you listen to the woods and they make a lot of noise yet I could hear the faintest twig snap. While working on a work over rig and listening to all the equipment; hydraulics, pumps, draw works, etc. I could hear a screw or nut fall in the midst of all that clamor.

I muse and ponder things of this sort frequently. While on the way home from church we stopped at the Chinese place for some take out. When I exited I was approached by some young girls (8 to 12 yrs. old) asking for money. They said they needed money for medical expenses for their mother who had been run over by a car.

We in Laredo Texas are continually bombarded and assailed by beggars asking for money. We can identify and catalog them by which corners or intersections they frequent. I can attest that I and I know some of you are jaded and annoyed by their frequent petitions.

I arrogantly asked the girls where their father was and if they had insurance like they would know. The girl was carrying a folder and I asked to see some pictures or evidence to her mother’s condition. I was carrying on a dialogue with myself that everyone can get medical aid in the USA via the ER, Medicaid or some semblance of welfare and or charity; churches, advocate centers, etc.

The girls were of course dumbfounded by my inquisition and became a little confused. It was at this point that I listened for once to that tiny voice within me. God had been speaking to me but I hadn’t been listening. I heard him and I abruptly stopped and reprimanded myself and reached into my billfold and surrendered what was due God. Even while I was opening my billfold I thought I only had a five and no one’s and was reticent to surrender a large bill but I was mistaken. There were some ones and my sense of frugality was sated. Shame on me!

God speaks to us every minute of every hour, 24/7, but we rarely listen to his words.” Be still and know that I am god!” Psalms 46:10. I guess its God asking me to share this. You suppose?