Ho! Hum! Don't Hang Up!

Ho hum! I feel as if I’m a man in a drum being assaulted by the reverberations and echoes from of all this political diatribe and rhetoric. All I hear are the talking points of our political gentry haranguing over the pros and cons of the ACA or the new bill to repeal and replace it with something new. Enough already!

I have been accused of complaining too much by both my daughter and a niece. My wife is silent but I flinch from her glowering looks of exasperation.

Allow me to make a humble observation without offending anyone. That is my desire? Approximately seven years ago, President Obama passed his signature piece of legislation and that was the Affordable Care Act. HOORAH! The Democrats rejoiced and the Republicans were reticent.

I want to remind everyone what it was like before the advent of the ACA. Almost all working Americans were covered under their employer’s insurance programs. All or most of the programs differed slightly but most were closely similar. We (you and I) paid a monthly premium which was matched by our employers. We paid into Social Security and FICA for our retirement and Medicare. It was Reasonable! We paid accordingly for our coverage and for the number of dependents we had. Most policies paid 80 percent and you paid 20 percent after a deductible you could afford. Back then you could get a $250 dollar deductible up to a several thousand. I opted for a $1000 dollar deductible for myself. My wife had a similar policy where she worked. My monthly premium was around $90 dollars (this was matched by my employer) and I had dental and vision coverage. My prescriptions were 80/20 for name brand drugs and zero for generic.

What has happened to America to have arrived at where we are today? What a question! What is the answer? President Obama and the Democrats wanted the 20 percent or about 25 million people who didn’t have employer insurance to be able to buy insurance. Great Idea! Legislatures always mean well but government doesn’t do anything and I mean anything efficiently. Republicans weren’t hard hearted but wanted some dialogue with Democrats in its formation thus we arrived at this hatred of each other by our political parties.

Most of these uninsured were poor and couldn’t afford insurance. People in business for themselves or small business owners could. Our United States Government decided you and I would help these poor people by subsidizing their premiums with our tax dollars. If they could pay say $100 dollars a month then we, the tax payers, could pay the other $400 dollars of their $500 dollar a month premium. Remember these poor people didn’t have employer negotiated policies and had to buy their insurance on the open market or exchanges. The ACA also required insurance companies to insure the critically ill and pre-existing illnesses. The point is, most of these poor didn’t or couldn’t pay their $100 dollars, of their share. The government decided to fine these 25 million people a penalty of a $1000 or more if they didn’t buy the insurance. It was a mandate and Americans hate mandates. The government supposedly can’t make me like and eat liver. That is a mandate.

The ACA also expanded Medicaid. I wish to enlighten everyone on Medicaid. It was a federal program to give medical coverage to women and children and the indigent. It was not designed to cover strong sturdy young men who couldn’t find a job or didn’t want one. It wasn’t designed to cover the lazy and slothful garbage of our liberal progressive all-inclusive society nor the drug dealers on our corners. It was not designed to pay for abortion, sex change operations or gender confused children. Do you understand? I am stating what it was created for.

As in all things you can’t take something back that you have given as an entitlement. That is why we can’t fix Social Security or the Veterans Administration. That’s why we can’t correct the abuse of food stamps and welfare. Someone is always going to roll in a chronically ill person in a wheel chair and accuse someone of shoving them off a cliff. We are accused of denying all sorts of rights such as voter, assembly, freedom of speech, right to assemble, gun rights, the right to dress like a transgender, etc.etc.etc.

There is a Republican President, and Congress and they are attempting to present a different Health Care Program. Remember President Obama and the Democrats gave us the ACA and it’s an entitlement and no one can take it away but in my opinion you can improve it. I like Trump’s approach to things in a business prospective. Everything can be renegotiated and new things arrived at. Nothing is written in stone. The USA can always revisit the Iran deal or renegotiate the Global Warming Treaty or our world trade agreements. Everything and I mean everything is negotiable. I love Winston Churchill when he said” negotiating without leverage is begging”. Let this president make some deals and if they don’t work then we throw it away a do another deal. I literally hate these sacred cows that our government refuses to remodel or change. All legislation should have time limits. After a certain amount of times our laws and legislation should be reviewed. If it isn’t working then modify it or get rid of it, if it’s doing fine then renew it for another term. Simple logic!

The ACA is imploding! The insurances exchanges are crashing! The cheapest deductible you can get is about $6000 dollars. Insurance companies are dropping out of the ACA every day. They can’t remain solvent and pay for terminally ill people for the rest of their lives without money. Doctors are refusing the ACA insured everywhere and also medicaid insured Again simple logic! But we must take care of them you say. Yes! But we must find a way but a reasonable way.

If the Republicans can’t pass this new legislation and the Democrats remain adamantly against helping them, then it will fail. The ACA is dying and this is a fact, a truism, a factoid! The next tirade from the left will be “You can’t let it the ACA die, it’s inhuman!” They will then ask the Republicans to ante up a half trillion dollars to shore the ACA up and call Republicans heartless if they don’t. Throw money at it, is the government’s solution to everything. That my friend is politics at it's supreme arrogant hypocrisy! But of course the government isn’t spending their money, they have no money. It’s you and I, the tax payer, who will foot the bill as always. If you want this fixed then make Congress be part of it. Instead of having their own personal Golden Deal, Better than Most, insurance, they should be in the ACA They, all of Congress, are hypocrites and assholes. Let them drop their special coverage and join us, the everyday people in whatever health care coverage we get.

Did I offend anyone? I believe I speak the truth regardless of political differentiation.