Feeling Somewhat Neglected

  1. Erudition: Noun, The quality of having or showing great or profound knowledge. Synonym: eruditeness

“I now sit me down to write” is as good a colloquial term as I deem reasonably accurate to describe this piece-meal endeavor at eruditeness.

I have a little anxiety about certain developments as of late. My daughter has completed her second book and it has now gone to the publisher and I can feel her excitement. Her book is about an esteemed gentleman, Captain Allen Brady, a naval aviator that served his country admirably. Captain Brady is her step father, i.e. married to my ex-wife.

My daughter has chosen to ghost write his biography and I am pleased. The exploits of Captain Brady are phenomenal and I am glad she has taken it upon herself to put into print his history and recount the exploits of his life. Captain Brady is a hero in my eyes being he was the elite, the upper crust of the young men of his generation. He served 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down over Vietnam and thus endured severe hardship for his country. I respect and admire this man.

Why am I writing this article? Captain Brady’s father was an admiral. Captain Brady was a teenager at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese bombed it. He didn’t graduate high school but went straight into the Naval Academy. He observed our first nuclear tests from the jet aircraft he flew. He was flying around Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis with nuclear bombs under his wings. He was shot down over Vietnam and was captured, etc. etc. etc.

My daughter’s infatuation and endearment of this man is evident and I am glad she has chronicled his life. The name of her book is “Where Did We Find Such Men?”

In one of my previous post I talked about Nature versus Nurture. I would pose the question: is it privilege that is the enabler for greatness? I would not suggest that its intelligence or IQ but drive and determination that are the principal factors along with privilege, class and wealth.

I was average in high school, I made A & B’s with little or no effort but really didn’t apply myself nor was I part of the In Crowd, I was not pressured to excel nor was I expected to. My dad wasn’t an admiral, he was a backwoods rube with a third grade education and my mother was just a little more educated. We lived in a tin shanty with no indoor bathrooms. Circumstance made me poor and underprivileged but I won’t make excuses. It was what it was.

I guess what I’m saying is “Nobody wanted to find me or was it I was nowhere to be found?” in contrast to “Where did we find a man like Captain Allen Brady” I fought in the same Vietnam War. I worked hard, real hard, my whole life. I accomplished an ordinary life of marrying, building a home, raising children, giving them a boost as best I could to develop into respectable adults. I hope I did something correct to instill in them a work ethic and a moral compass. My life was an average life and something no one would care to write about.

In short it’s the nobility, the cadre or officers that receive recognition. It's very seldom the enlisted or normal citizenry that receive the accolades of the populace. Politicians rise to heights by subterfuge, deception and oratory skill.

I never flew a jet but I sank in a hurricane once and it's evident I survived. I never dropped a bomb but I have killed trophy whitetails and once killed a wild boar with my bare hands a pocket knife. I am a skilled hunter, woodsman and survivalist. I have traversed the world and the unknown, spearfished in the ocean’s depths. I am an adventurer and naturalist and great observer of our natural world. I have an abiding faith in the God of this Universe. I am an A. F. & A. M. Mason and church member and practitioner. I can name my credentials but they quail compared to the achievements of Captain Allen Brady. His life was certainly different and more noted than mine but no less colorful or was it? I guess so because my daughter is writing a book about him and not her father.

What am I trying to emphasize here? My daughter is all wrapped up with him and their book and she will not answer my phone calls and I feel neglected I know she has caller ID and she knows it’s me calling but declines to converse with me. Poor old me you say? I only call once a week and it’s on Sunday, rain or shine! Poor neglected me! Oh Woe is me!

Ha! Don’t worry about me, I have walking around sense, I am corn bread and turnip greens and every bit a warrior too and I refuse to be a victim. I’ll just delete her from the will if that’s all right with all of you! I hope none of your children grow up to ignore you! Enjoy!