Sunday Afternoon Dithering

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am sort of melancholic and bored. To say the least, I am not my usual persnickety opinionated self. I have been wanting to use that word for a while, ever since it first appeared in my cerebral cloud (cortex/whatever). Words just come to me from what seems to be nowhere. In my last blog were the words obfuscate and anoxia which were absolutely foreign to me but none the less were rattling around in my head.

I have no idea about what to write about so I will just prattle and see what emerges. This morning I awoke to a beautiful day. Before going to church I noticed the sage brush across the street in its resplendent bloom so I paused and took a picture. For your edification, sage does not bloom annually but only when the humidity remains high for a week or so. Our recent rains this week are the cause. The Purple Sage was absolutely weighed down by its blossoms which will produce sage honey if worked by honey bees.

Last Tuesday one of my Bantam hens (small chickens) went missing. There can only be two reasons: one, she was taken by some predator, of which there are many. Secondly: She has laid a clutch of eggs that my Labrador can’t find and has taken the fever, became broody and will hatch the eggs. I thought the latter so I diligently searched every corner of my back yard and under every bush and shrub looking for her and her nest but to no avail.

I spotted her Saturday morning being harassed by my roosters wanting a little action but she was too involved in eating and drinking to accommodate their needs. Females are females no matter the species. I proceeded to turn off my TV and perch myself in a chair in the back yard to watch. I knew she would go back to her nest shortly after feeding and watering

I mused on how delightful it was to just stop and observe. To be still(chill) and let the sun warm your face. To attune one’s ears to all the sounds around you. To be at peace and commune with Mother Nature (God). I might add that my yellow Labrador was not so amiable to this endeavor because she dropped a large pile next to my chair requiring me to get up and hose it down. My two labs just don’t appreciate the finer points of meditation but I love them but the smell was awful and wouldn’t allow me to concentrate

It wasn’t long before I saw the hen hiss and run at the roosters, to drive them off. They took the hint and remained away as she went quietly back to her nest. The roosters understand that it is their job to keep predators away from the nest so she somehow told them and they understood. This is Mother Nature in all her mysteriousness. These animals know what to do without instruction or language. This morning I looked in the same bushes I had looked in before and after a few moments I spotted her as still and as frozen as a stone statue. She will remain on that nest for 21 days (incubation period) except to eat and drink about every three days. An absolute wonderful mother who is doing everything in her power to bring into this world some new baby chicks. After they hatch, I will catch the hen and chicks and put them in the chicken house to prevent the house cats from eating them. My stewardship in aiding Mother Nature and this mother to accomplish their end.

I am watching a TV Swedish Murder Mystery series on Netflix called “Wallander”. I was stupefied when it was mentioned that if you attend church in Sweden you are considered immoral. I will say that again: If you attend church in Sweden you are considered immoral. WHAT? Sweden has become so liberal and politically correct that Christians are considered God Freaks. Christians are seen as bigots, racist, biased, ignorant, intolerant, and homophobic anti societal outcasts. Christians are now to be equated with degenerate persons of irreparable psychopathic repute.

It would seem that the world has slid so far down that slippery slope that we now celebrate homosexuality (the sodomization of boys by grown men).

The killing (abortion) of millions upon millions of babies? Killing a full term nine month old baby is murder! It’s a world I would rather not be a part of.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a Christian and Muslim parable but Sweden embraces Islam and spurns Christianity. Hollywood does too! Go Figure!

To embrace a people and culture that will not assimilate into western culture because their faith (sharia law) is diametrically opposed to western ideology. Islamic people aren’t bad but their faith and theology are incompatible with western ideals. The west isn’t ruled by Caliphs, Imams, and Sharia Law. The west is largely a group of democratic representative governments. It’s such a simple truth, Muslims want to immigrate to the west for a better life but they want to bring their theology with them and subjugate (evangelize) the west. Christians did the same thing to the world but Islam converts people by the sword, Confess Allah or Die!

Shouldn’t we be afraid? Yet we welcome them and their theology under the auspice of all-inclusiveness. Female genital mutilation, honor killings, arranged marriages, sharia law, etc. are not part of western culture but these people insist on bringing that culture to America and living their old third world lifestyle in America.

American Catholics aren’t ruled by the Pope in the Vatican nor do they practice fundamental Catholic canon. They are American and most use birth control and belong to contemporary Catholic Churches that are conducted in English. The Asians, Irish, Scots, Polish, Italian and even the new ones from Slovenia and Croatia have assimilated but the Muslims cling to their third world theology. Take heed!

I found a new thing in my back yard garden, a volunteer vine. I noticed it last year but this year it has grown and is producing fruit. I took the leaves and fruit and was asking around and showing it off. Finally a Masonic brother of mind, who taught Ag, called me with a definitive name for it, a passion vine. I researched it on line and found its picture and whether or not it was eatable and how to eat it. The fruit is bright red and about the size of a ping pong ball. I am a little tentative to try it because it is so red and usually bright colors in nature are dangerous such as frogs and caterpillars along with some flowers and mushrooms.

I have a bowl full of them so I plan to prepare them and drink it as a tea or make a martini out of the juice. If you fail to receive another blog post from me then you will know my endeavor went a muck. Cheers!