At The Water's Edge

In Church this morning I heard a sermon about Jesus Christ at the water’s edge. Jesus was preaching in parables to a throng of people on the shore’s edge from the bow of a boat. I assume he was in the bow, where else would he be? But then again it would depend upon how the boat was anchored and in what direction the wind and tide were. I guess you can see my pragmatic approach to things and yes, I do have some OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders).

I have always been at the water’s edge. The parables were about the distribution of seed sown by a farmer. Some seed fell upon shallow soil, some upon thorny ground and some upon deep soil but only the seed sown on fertile soil produced abundant fruit. The seed sown on shallow and thorny soil was burned up by the sun and overcome by the thorns (worries) of our world.

I assume (probably wrongly) that most people are familiar with these teachings of Jesus Christ. I learned these stories in elementary school when the Bible was actually taught. The stories of Noah and the Ark, Samson and his hair and killing of lions by David and of slewing the giant, Goliath and Samson slaying an army with the jawbone of an ass (jackass). I never attended church as a child but my mother read her Bible every day (her witness) and we children were introduced to God and our faith in school. That is not the case nowadays being our nation has become a God denying secular progressive society. Today’s liberal secular progressives would rather not have any God than favor one over another, God Forbid! To all my Christian democratic friends, these God accursed people belong to your political party, the DNC.

Today I feel a little more spiritual because we survived a horrendous thunderstorm last night. We had ping pong ball size hail. It rained about 3 inches in thirty minutes and the wind tore and buffeted everything. We lost power, my wife and I went to bed in the dark. We lit candles and had our cell phone lights and I had a flashlight of course but I was wondering if people no longer have them (flashlights) I bet the younger generation have never even considered a flashlight or even bought one.

I am prattling somewhat but let me say what I am trying to say or communicate. I was convicted today because I am no longer a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am no longer the brow beating, pray for everyone Christian I used to be. When I first accepted Jesus Christ I wanted to save the world, to tell everyone the good news. I feel ashamed that my seed has been corrupted by the secular progressive liberal views of our world. It seems I am only prepared to give an answer to anyone that asks. I am not ashamed of my God but have been beaten down by news promoting fairness and equality and inclusiveness. To shun no one or no faith, to be inclusive in all things and bully no one. I believe this has come about from the support for the LBGT. God doesn’t agree with their lifestyle so we do away with God. We are not allowed to reject or disagree with the LBGT or we are accused of being racist, homophobic, prejudiced and biased. Basically the Democratic Liberal Progressives want you to accept the LGBT and reject God because God is against their lifestyle. Having sex with someone is not the same as loving them.

You can love people without having sex with them such as motherly love, brotherly love. You love your siblings or should. You love your church family and unrelated people you know. You have compassion and empathy and contribute to the needy and poor. We should not be compelled to acknowledge sodomy and perversion as normal. God (Mother Nature) is about procreation, offspring and progeny. It is not about adult men sodomizing young boys or any other sexual perversion. Love is not lust or a power or dominance trip. It is not about same sex marriage. The institution of marriage is a religious ceremony for the benefit of children. Same sex couples want to be married in church and acknowledged by God but it can’t be so, it just can’t!

I loved the storm! I was enthralled by its magnificence and God’s sovereignty over all things. It’s just Mother Nature doing her thing. I sat outside under the porch and watched it in its entirety. Trees broke, leaves shredded, birds blown down and soaked. I sat protected from the tempest, the maelstrom, but I wanted to step into it and feel it in my face and feel the breath of God rend my clothing. I wanted to but the hail would have hurt like the dickens so I didn’t of course. But are any of you like me and want to step outside again and feel the fury, to embrace God and step from the water’s edge into the sea and be engulfed by the depth of God. To have the courage once again to defend God and his tenets. I’m going swimming!