(1) Drool, verb, to salivate; produce excessive saliva in the mouth. An extravagant show of appreciation or desire

(2) Dribble, verb, synonymous with drool, also called drivel or driveling, to talk nonsense, senseless talk

(3) Slobber, verb, synonymous with drool, drivel or dribble

I will probably change the title of this post being it's such a crude and obscene word. I suppose you might view it in the terms of lusting for something. I have often observed my dogs doing this while observing me eat and it's called salivating, I call it dripping or having icicles hanging from their jowls. I give them a quick reprimand and they take care of the problem with a hearty, round the mouth, all-engulfing lick, then smile at me in their amusing way. Gads! Why am I talking about dog slobber?

I should be writing this in Word Documents being I have spell check, synonyms. etc. I was going to look up Gads! but was unable to do so. I digress! Back to the subject. This morning or yesterday morning I tossed a little in bed and fluffed my pillow and I found a damp spot on the pillow. I dare not say wet spot for fear of its connotations. There you go, another word, connotations, that I would like to look up but can't. These words just pop up and I don't know where they come from so I go to synonyms and check myself as to their meanings.

So I found a damp spot on my pillow and it discourages me in that it appears I have begun to drool in my old age. Crap! If it's not my growing prostate making me pee in the middle of the night then it's me slobbering or dribbling on my pillow. Honestly! Can anyone use a pillow the following night knowing that you have slobbered all over it? I would have liked to have remained in blissful ignorance and changed my bed linens weekly as is usual. But then again it's only a pillow case. I suppose I could buy some sort of vinyl pillow cover like we did in the old days with our car seats and sofas. Just imagine your face sticking to the vinyl like our legs did when getting out of your car after swimming at the beach.That was the reason we got them(vinyl seat covers) to keep from ruining our car upholstery after swimming at the beach. Maybe it was a Florida thing?


Oh the plagues of growing old. There have been tomes of books written on the subject but it irritates me to arrive at the revelation of these, my slowly encroaching tottering ways. My only absolution is the fact that everyone reading this will one day be where I am and invariably mimic me. Such a dread thought isn't it?( an ironic grin from me!)

As I aged I became a little near sighted and was unable to read properly so I got eyeglasses. Now I have problems seeing the TV clearly and I have one of those 65 inch, curved, surround sound, HD Smart TVs. Thank God I can still hear okay and it seems it's smarter than me because I raise holy hell when I can't watch Netflix because I or one of my dog has pressed the wrong button on the remote. I need to hire a personal IT guy and put him on retainer. I almost had a heart attack last week trying to program my new thermostat for my new AC unit. The AC guy finally accomplished the task as I was chagrined and chewing on a 16 penny nail in frustration. My wife and dogs all seem to disappear when I crescendo into one of these moods.

I was watching a TV advertisement for Lasik Eye Surgery and there may be some hope. I have astigmatism(your eyeball isn't round but sort of oval) so it wasn't applicable to me. My wife and the commercial stated there are new procedures. I guess I will call and see if I can get a free examination. Hey! I'm frugal but I haven't started cutting and collecting coupons yet. Besides it is something new to do, get another doctor and some more meds. Laugh, laugh! I am also considering Tai Chi exercising class. I went once to the Senior Citizen Circle Tai Chi program but those were all old people. I thought I'd find one with some women under fifty and park myself behind them while I exercise. Hey! my wife doesn't read these posts, I think? I Hope! Hey! there is no more fire in my furnace but I still have a few dying embers. Enjoy!