Incensed and Aggravated

  1. Disambiguation: Noun, (dis-am-big-u-a-tion) Refers to the removal of ambiguity by making something clear. It narrows down the meaning of a word and it is a good

  2. Political Carve Out: Refers to a business unit or units that are spun off or carved out of a larger company or entity, usually having existing management and customers, having a service or core that is not core to the overall strategy. Synonymous with cronyism. Unions are given control of their pension funds so as to invest and manage them for a better monetary return than that of Social Security. In return they pledge their allegiance to the Democratic Party.

  3. Note! Our social security is not invested, not even a money market account. It is the sacred cow the Democrats refused to let Bush manage for a better return. Our Social Security is borrowed from continuously like Obama taking a half a trillion dollars to fund the ACA. Our Social Security pays for all the welfare aid like SSI, food stamps and Medicaid while the unions contribute nothing. The unions hoard their money and get better returns on their money and better retirements. We who pay into Social Security take care of the poor, not the unions. It's unfair and that is why unions vote democratic.

Enough is enough! I feel I must vent (rant) in order to save my sanity and keep myself from acquiring some obscene psychological twitch

Why is it “Soooo? Hard! “To convey to someone who and what you are without being labeled with some political affiliation? I am a conservative, A Conservative, By God! I am A God fearing Christian Conservative! What part of that statement don’t people understand? How can I state it more clearly so as to make people understand? I am a moral and fiscal conservative. I think I can repeat it for eternity but people (Democrats) will still view me as some sort of uneducated backwoods rube or a wild eyed, gun wielding, homophobic, Trump loving, berserker(Viking wild man). Let me define what a conservative is.

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization.

“There is no single set of policies that are universally regarded as conservative. Conservatism is not so much a philosophy as an attitude, a constant force performing a timeless function in the development of a free society, and corresponding to a deep and permanent requirement of human nature itself.” Wikipedia

I see myself and my beliefs as being threatened and assaulted. I am desperately trying to win them back somehow. In short I favor tradition. I am an older person and I despise liberal progressivism.

Basically I define liberal progressivism as a socialist state in which a gigantic overbearing government promises you security from the cradle to the grave. No one is accountable for anything, it wasn’t their fault and the government promises you your heart’s desire free without you having to work for it, just because you are some sort of persecuted minority. Damn! That was ab lib! To be fair I will look up progressivism as well.

Progressivism liberalism: the words are synonymous. The quality or state of being liberal in behavior and attitude. A political and social philosophy that advocates freedom, representational government, progress and reform and protection of civil liberties. A nonviolent modification of institutions to permit continued individual and social progress.

Progressive liberals believe that it’s the government’s duty is to actively correct social problems using government money and power to solve the problems (mandate equality).They believe that the government has a duty to regulate private entities and private industry (socialism) to solve social problems. They believe government should subsidize everything such as food, rent, power, tuition, child care, medical care, banks, etc. we can go on forever. Progressive liberalism is skeptical of capitalism. In short, progressive liberals want to regulate society (your lives).In other words “the government knows what’s best for you. Don’t pray to your God but look to your government. People! This is quoted but paraphrased by me to shorten it. Look It Up!

A Masonic Brother of mind accused me of being a “Trump Man “He became angry at me when I stated the Clintons were corrupt as is every politician because they are lawyers (most of them). Like the spy, 007, they are licensed to steal. I thought Trump was equally despicable and I voted for neither. Trump is just another rich guy from New York but he is a businessman. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he may be able to run the nation as a businessman rather than a back rubbing sleazy politician.

I will beat my drum until I die realizing I will change no one’s mind: I can’t abide homosexual men sodomizing young boys. I can’t tolerate full term or partial birth abortions. I believe in God and that God’s plan is Mother Nature (observe). The strong will survive and if you don’t contribute to society then die and I will help you. I believe in death with dignity. I believe in saluting our flag and having God in our Pledge of Allegiance and on our money. I believe history is history and you should learn from it but not try to change it. Taking down historical monuments because they intimidate you-Get Real! All of us have ancestors who were slaves of the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, French or English or maybe indentured servants or serfs to some overlord. Get over yourself!

I can’t abide hate organizations like the KKK, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, The Nation of Islam, The Black Panthers, Skinheads or the LBGT. I want our children reciting the Lord’s Prayer (It’s nonspecific to faiths) I believe the government can’t mandate equality, we are all given different abilities. The poor will always be among us. Charity is the church’s purview and all God fearing people’s duty. I believe in a strong military and leading the world in the Space Race. I want the USA to reach Mars first. I believe in doing something and not sitting on your ass. Build a wall because we don’t want 20 million more illegals in 10 years. Deport criminals who are illegal. Let the USA simply enforce the laws we already have. I don’t believe in Sanctuary Cities. I think I have the right to protect my wife and property with a gun that I have been trained with and carry legally. God! I am going insane listening to all the back and forth political rhetoric. Our government is rift with inept corrupt politicians. Why can’t we fire one person in the VA? Unions- federal, teachers, public service, trade, etc. Do away with their retirement funds and pensions, put all that money into Social Security so that no one has a Carve Out. Put all those damn politicians on Social Security and Medicare so they will fix it.

If you Progressive Liberals want equality then put everyone in the same boat and we will either sink or swim together. If you didn’t earn it you don’t deserve it. All of you Progressive Liberals can kiss my derriere (buttocks)!