Speculative Speculation

1) Crepuscular Ray: Adj. (cre-pus-cu-lar), a sunbeam or ray of sunlight, caused by sunlight illuminating dust particles. Crespuscular, Anything doing with twilight.

2) Gloriole: Noun, (glawr-ee-ohl), the ring around the moon caused by suspended ice particles in the atmosphere.

3) Petrichor: Noun, (pet-ri-chor), the scent of rain caused by oil released by the Earth before the rain begins to fall on parched earth.

I have been following the TV miniseries “Genius” on the Nat. Geo. channel about Albert Einstein. I have always been intrigued by the man and his incredible intellect (genius). Most people know of his famous equation, E= MC squared, but do not know its definition or application nor its theory.

Basically, in layman terms, it means that both your future and your past exist in the present but in a different dimension. It is speculation about the space time continuum and the curvature of space. I am recalling this from memory so I will not give the specifics nor quantify them. There is something newer today called The String Theory, a new theory of everything.

I realize I am somewhat of a nerd when it comes to this sort of stuff. It’s hard to find people who will converse with you in such matters. People are afraid of being labeled in some derogatory way as if you are on the edge of sanity or paranoid. Some people think you are just showing off or bragging about your intellect.

I am an avid watcher of the TV show, Ancient Aliens, because I am curious and I contemplate those early mysteries of mankind’s evolvement and development. Some things are just not explainable such as how ancient man could cut, transport, lift and place into a wall, a 1242 “ton “stone (Baalbek, Lebanon). That’s 2000 LBS times 1242 equals 2,484,000 pounds (2 ½ million Lbs.) Mankind can’t do it today so how did the ancients do it? It just isn’t logical that they could have, thus my speculative speculation.

Another instance are the stones in Puma Punku, Bolivia. These stones have been cut so precisely that it would appear to have been cut by lasers or diamond tipped saws. Ancient man didn’t cut these stones with chisels. The Incas had no bronze or iron tipped tools much less the wheel. Again I dismiss modern man’s dismissal of these events as hogwash, their denial of the possibility of extra-terrestrials aiding mankind is offensive.

I am writing this article because of a recent revelation or hypothesis of mine. The great minds (visionaries) in mankind’s history such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, Kepler, Planck, Nicholas Kessler, Steve Jobs and such, all stated that they received their inspirations in a mesmerized state or in meditation or thru prayer. In these ethereal states they thought someone or something communicated with them and they received their revelation and insight. What I am attempting to say is that these visionaries tapped into something. This is not heretical because most of us do this daily in our prayers to God. This month’s National Geographic Magazine contains a large article “What is Genius?”

Why would it be obscene to consider that there is a Cosmic Knowledge out there? Some ethereal force like gravity, or sunlight (radiation) that has no mass but exists nonetheless.

Mankind can now listen to millions of phone calls and find a single conversation. All the noise of the universe has made is still out there in the form of NORM, the residual remnants of the Big Bang. This would sound ridiculous except for what we would call “The Cloud”. All the knowledge of the world is on The Web and it’s all in “The Cloud” which is nowhere and everywhere, located in millions and millions of networks (computer storage) around the world. It can now be accessed by logging onto the Net or Web. Is this any different than tapping into a Cosmic Data Frame and somehow downloading it into your consciousness? Of course, this can’t be performed by everyday human beings like you and I. Did these exceptional men, throughout history, do this by tapping into an unknown? Did they have a mutation in their DNA sequences that enabled them? (It’s the way we evolve!)

Here is the rub! (cliché) Gods do not speak to mankind in my opinion. The Holy texts of the world were not written by God, they were written by men inspired by their God. Can you imagine Abraham, after he spared Isaac, standing there and God saying” Oh by the way, this is how you purify water and build an internal combustion engine. I know some of you just muttered and called me blasphemous.

As always I am always intrigued by nature. How do trees communicate (they do). How can a salmon after several years in the Pacific Gyre, find its way back to the stream and gravel bed where it was born so as to spawn and die, thus completing the cycle of life. How can an Arctic Tern (a tiny bird) navigate from the North Pole to the South Pole and vice versa? I am enthralled by GOD, Mother Nature, The Universe and The Cosmos. Enjoy and contemplate your world, be speculative!